1910 Clintonian

This was the very first Clintonian Year book. Previous "Clintonian" books/booklets seem to have been collections of writings of students with few or no pictures.


W. S. Mitchell, Principal Miss Eldora White, History
L. M. Michelsen, Physics and Chemistry Miss Ardella Bills, Mathematics
Miss Tyler, English Miss Mabel Lea, Mathematics and English
Miss Nelle Kennedy, Latin C. A. Buckner, Mathematics and Civics
Miss Flora G. Parsons, English Miss Mignon Maynard, Latin and English
B. V. Murphy, History and Political Economy Miss Helen M. Walker, German
Miss Yule, Science  

Senior Class 1910

Leavitt Barker Edith Bather Hazel Beall
Myra Biel John Carlson George Corson
Ida Doherty Emmett Delaney Carol Flanagan
Olive Gast Eugene Grant Effie Grumstrup
Will Hansen Helen Harrison Mildred Hicks
Walter Hill Esther Howes Charles Jackson
Lucille Howes Geraldine Kelly Gerald McMullen
Florence McNeil Oliver Messer Lillian Meyers
Glenna Nichols Mona Mathers Sarah Mathews
Marie McGraw Will McLaughin Bessie McMahon
Harriet Nortbaar Will O'Donnell Gardie Paulson
Ruth Phelps Mabel Richardson Irene Rixon
Effie Shambaugh Effie Spaulding Snow Spivey
Maude Stebbins Ione Whisler Gladys Wilcox
Lyra Wirth Nellie Wright Margaret Young
Chauncey Stormes Earl Stukas Hubert Sullivan
Ida Taylor Charlotte Waters