Paul Kruse Family Outline


Paul Kruse b. 1802 Kiel Province of Holstein Germany was wed to Margaretha Shombarger b. 1812 and together they had the following children:

1. Hans Kruse

2. Jochim Kruse In 1853 Jochin Kruse arrived. He was known as Uncle Joe and with continued satisfaction here.  

In 1854 Great Grandfather Paul Kruse and the remainder of the family, Anna, Catherine, Claus, Peter and Margaretha followed. One older son, Paul, who was married and more or less crippled, and for that reason not eligible for military service, remained in the old country until 1865, when he too followed over here. Thus, this entire family came to this country at a rather early date and they continued a spirit of independence and they prospered. They were at all times thoughtful for the future and the future of coming generations. They practiced conservation from the start, and they were no small factor in the development of a substantial community.

3. Anna Kruse wed Paul Wiese.  All of the original immigrant Kruses settled within a relatively close community with the exception of Anna, who married Paul Wiese, a brother to Grandmother Kruse. They located in western Iowa, around Atlantic. Grandfather Louis Kruse, being one of the older children in the first generation born here, after getting to school so he could speak and understand English, went along as interpreter for his parents and uncles when they were making real estate deals or consulting about leagan matters, although he had little opportunity for school. Only in the winter months was there time for school, and even grain hauling and bringing up wood for fuel or building came first often.

4. Catherine Kruse wed Carl Heneke

5. Peter Kruse wed (PETER KRUSE, farmer, Section 15; P. 0. Goose Lake; owns 170 acres of land; he was born in Holstein, in Germany, Dec. 25, 1842, where he was educated; in 1852, he emigrated to the United States and located in Scott Co., Iowa, where he lived one year, when he removed to Deep Creek Township, in Clinton Co., where he has lived since. He married Lena Geise in Clinton Co., Iowa, in 1867; had six children, four living—Paul, Amanda, Bertha and Lena. He was raised in the German Lutheran faith. He is a Republican. He has held the positions of School Director and Road Supervisor. He was a very poor man when he started, and is now worth from $8,000 to $10,000.)

6. Margaretha Kruse

7. Abel Kruse b. 2-26-1824 wed Peter Lamp

8. Heinrich Kruse b. 3-3-1829 wed Catherine Wiese 5-3-1853 


Louis b.6-6-185; Henry b. 10-30-1855; Frederick b. 10-23-1858

Marguerite b. 10-17-1860

Josephine b. 3-14-1864

Ogunato b. 4-11-1866

Otto b. 3-3-1868

Emma b. 2-21-1870

Flora Mathilda b. 1-1-1872

9. Claus Kruse b. 8-30-1835 wed Catherina Margaretha Petersen (See the biography taken from Wolfe's History of Clinton Co., Iowa Volume II at our Biographies message board.)

10. Frederick Kruse b.1838

11. Avice Pauline b. 2-10-1901 wed Robert Ray Taylor


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