Bedford-Conrad Family Outline

The following was submitted by Donald L. Hendrix, email: 

   Nancy Harpster CONRAD dau. Samuel and Elzabeth HARPSTER, Centre co., PA b. 1822 d. 1902 managed her father’s family after Margaret, from 1833 until 12 Nov 1840 when she m. Daniel CONRAD, b. Centre co., PA 8 May 1820, who became a local minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  They emigrated to Scott co., IA in 1844, and after 14 y removed to Clinton co., IA.  Daniel Conrad and his family was listed in “Portrait and Biographical Album of Clinton County, Iowa (p. 591-592), which was printed in 1886.  Their farm, called the Keystone Stock farm, was in section 35 of Deep Creek township.  The couple had twelve children, plus an adopted son:   

1.  Elizabeth Conrad BEDFORD m. Alfred BEDFORD, res. Hamilton co., IA

2. Mary CONRAD m. Amos Hunt, res. Storey co.

3. Martin L. CONRAD b. 17 Jan 1848 d. 7 Sep 1907 m. Marcia L. COTING,  

                       a.  Lowell Edwin CONRAD b. 24 Jun 1879 m. Ada A. NOYES.  Children: Ralph Martin CONRAD, Marcia Noyes CONRAD, Mary Martha CONRAD.

                  b. Anna Mary CONRAD b. 3 Feb 1875 (never married)

                  c.  Martha Christabel CONRAD b. 19 Aug 1893 m. Glenn H. Rogers (four children)   

4. Margaret Jane Conrad NORTHROP, m. R. W. Northrup, res. Hamilton co.

5.  Samuel H. Conrad, res. CO

6.  John CONRAD killed in battle of Iuka Springs, MS during Civil War

              7.  Anna E. Conrad CURTIS b. 1856 d. 1935 Monroe, Snohomish co., WA m. George Washington CURTIS, b. 4 Jul 1852 Cleveland, OH d. 11 Jun 1930  

              a.  Ida L. Curtis PEPPARD b. 1875     

b.  Claude E. CURTIS

              c.  George W. Curtis, Jr. b. 13 Jun 1877

                   d.  Mary CURTIS b. 8 Mar 1882 d. 2 Apr 1952 Snohomish co., WA m. (1) Walt SPILLERS, Dallas co., IA (2) Charles A. OLSON, Pierce co., WA

              e.  F. Willard CURTIS b. 19 Dec 1897 d. 19 Jan 1972 Golden, CO

8.  Wilbur F. CONRAD (twin with Alice).  Two children: Hazel Conrad WETHERELL and Raymond E. CONRAD

9.  Alice C. CONRAD (twin with Wilbur)

10.  Mary Conrad HURST

11.  Alice Conrad SMITH

12.  Samuel CONRAD (no children)

13.  August Meyer (adopted at 5 mo. of age)


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