From Elysa Wallingford

Photo taken by D. J. Gue, Lyons, IA      
Born March 5, 1820 in South Kingston, RI -- Died June 27, 1912 in Clinton IA

Mary Louisa Pearce Buell

G Q Gardner mentions Aunt Betsey; this is Elizabeth Gardner Larkin, born 1794   

I have a huge family tree that was put together in 1915 by Mary Easton Gaston King and then reproduced by Roy Miller in 1977, my 2nd cousin.  When Mary Easton did this she had Mary as Elizabeth.  At the bottom of the attachment G Q mentions his sister Lizzie, which I think in Mary E.  

Hopefully this will help us find some one with more info. I think  this might be the only family that dropped the I in Gardiner. Sure makes in confusing though.

Here is a letter from Maria's brother that leads me to think that Mary is her aunt.