Elysa Wallingford has been helping to fill us in a bit about Maria and her family.  Here is what she has sent us:

I found Mary E. Gardiner and Sarah Gardiner living together in the IA 1880 census for Lyons as follows 

Mary E. Gardiner    self  F  S  W  60  RI  Kindergarten Teacher   MA  RI

Sarah Gardiner       sister  F  S  W  43  MA  at home                  MA  CT

Elysa has sent us copies of a letter written by Maria's brother.  In it he states that Maria was born 07 Apr 1820 and died 19 May 1898.  He writes, "Pity some one could not erect some kind of a tomb stone [sic] to her memory.  She was worthy."  I think he would be glad to know that someone did.

He also tells us that Mary Easton Gardner was Maria's aunt.  Mary was born 14 Mar 1790 and died in Lyons 04 Jul 1879.  She was married to Jonathan Langworthy Pearce who was born 16 Sep 1784 and died 05 Jan 1858 in Lyons.

To read the letter of Maria's brother, please click on the small images below.