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Biographies can provide useful genealogical information along with wonderful details to add to your family history. Keep in mind that many of the books mentioned here are available through an LDS Family History Center and possibly via inter-library loan.  

If you have copies of biographies from any of these books and would like to send them to me, I'd be glad to put them online. Most of our biographies have been entered onto the Clinton County Message Board to make searching through them easy and you can post any additional info you may have.

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Other sources for Biographies

An index to over 44,000 early pioneers named in 120 Iowa county histories is:

Morford, Charles.  Biographical Index to the County Histories of Iowa. Baltimore, Md.: Gateway Press, 1979. (FHL book 977.7 D32m; computer number 14288.)

A similar index with about 8,000 names is:

Foresman, Sherry.  Iowa Biography Index. Menlo, Iowa: State of Iowa Lending and Research Library, 1986. (FHL book 977.7 D22i; fiche 6125666; computer number 465444.)

The State Historical Society of Iowa in Des Moines and the Family History Library have three important biography collections about Iowa residents: 

Citizens Historical Association (Indianapolis, IN). Biographical Sketches of Iowans. Salt Lake City: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1976. (FHL films 985407-409; computer number 313104.)  These sketches are alphabetical and were compiled between 1938 and the 1940's.

Iowa. State Department of History and Archives. Biographical Data Collection. Salt Lake City: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1978.  (FHL films 1023885-89 and 1023620; computer number 190897.) This collection consists of alphabetical personal-history surveys.

Iowa. State Department of History and Archives. Biography Files. Salt Lake City: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1978.  (FHL films 1023616 item 2 and 1023617-19; computer number 190898.) These files are alphabetized folders of newspaper clippings and correspondence.

What is available online for Clinton County:

We would like to thank the Clinton County Historical Society for letting us use their books to make copies from so this information may be included here for you.

History of Clinton Co., 1976


Two representative biographical encyclopedias are:

A Memorial and Biographical Record of Iowa, 2 vols. Reprint of 1896 edition, Marceline, Mo.: Walsworth Publishing Co., 1978. (FHL book 977.7 D3m; film 1033791 items 2-3; fiche 6051365; computer number 71632; also film 934926 item 6; computer number 279337.)

Gue, Benjamin F. and Benjamin Franklin Shambaugh.  Biographies and Portaits of the Progressive Men of Iowa: Leaders in Business, Politics and the Professions, Together with an Original and Authentic History of the State. 2 vols. Des Moines: Conaway and Shaw, 1899. (FHL book 977.7 D3b; film 934927 items 2-3; fiche 6051353; computer number 241525.) This book is also available at the Clinton Public Library.

The following gazetteer contains biographical information:

Hair, James T., Iowa State Gazetteer. Chicago: Bailey & Hair, 1865. (FHL book 977.7 E4h; film 1024846)


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