1945 Clinton Herald List of those who died in Europe

SOURCE: The Clinton Herald 07 May 1945.  The photo and story of Sgt. William Lamberton was on the same page.  You can click on it to see it better.

136 From Clinton Area Have Died in Europe

County has 5, 418 Men and Women Now Serving in Armed Forces

One hundred thirty-six men from Clinton and other counties in this area served by The Herald made the supreme sacrifice in combat against the Nazis in Europe and Africa, according to files kept by The Herald.  This total includes only those men for whom reports already have been received, and may be even higher when final lists from Europe are received.

The roll of dead from this area in the Eropean campaign includes 62 Clinton county men, 21 from Jackson county, 14 from Jones county and two each from Scott and Cedar counties in Iowa; 13 from Whiteside, 18 from Carroll and 4 from Jo Davies county in Illinois.

According to records kept by John Carsen, a total of 115 Clinton county men have given their lives in the service of their country in both theaters of war.  He also reports 41 Clinton county men taken prisoner, with reports already received on liberation of six of those.  Of 52 persons reported missing in action, 38 have returned to duty.

Sgt. William Lamberton 

5418 In Service

Clinton county's contribution of man and woman power to the armed forces has grown from 1,500 on July, 1942, to 5,418 on May 1, 1945, Carlson reported.  Of this total, approximately 2,000 are oversears and 515 have received discharges.  The city of Clinton has supplied 3,970 of the total while 1,448 have come from rural districts and other towns in the county, Carlsen's compilation reveals.

Clinton county selective service board reported today that approximately 3,500 men have been assigned to induction camps from the Clinton area.  This figure does not include those who have volunteered for navy, coast guard, merchant marine and marine duty, it was pointed out.

Carlsen's report list 4,087 in the army and 1,331 in the navy, marine, coast guard and merchant marine.  His list shows that Andover has given 20 persons to military service; Bryant, 20; Calamus 94; Camanche, 141; Charlotte, 88; Delmar, 135; Elwood, 24; Goose Lake, 22; Grand Mound, 104; Lost Nation, 136; Low Moor, 36; Teeds Grove, 6; Toronto, 35; Welton, 28; Wheatland, 78; and DeWitt, 481.

The Roll of Dead

The Roll of the Dead from this area for the European theater includes:

Allender, Maurice, Clinton, in Italy, May 23, 1944
Anderson, Victor, Clinton, Germany, March 13, 1945
Berding, Alvin, Clinton, Italy, Feb. 14, 1944
Bittker, Melvin C., Clinton, North Africa, June 11, 1943
Bloom, Frank, DeWitt, Belgium, Jan. 3, 1945
Brough, Marcus S., Clinton, Germany, March 4, 1945
Brown, Darrell E., Clinton, France, Oct. 9, 1944
Brown, Donald J., Clinton, Italy, Sept. 14, 1944
Bruhn, Arnold (civil service), England
Bunce, Clyde C., Calamus, North Africa, (no date given)
Burlingame, Donald James, Clinton, Aug. 17, 1943, (no area given)
Burke, Donald T., Charlotte, Germany, Nov. 26, 1944
Carr, George E., Clinton, Italy, June 16, 1944
Chase, Theodore, Clinton, France, July 17, 1944
Clark, Marvin, Clinton, Italy, April 13, 1944
Cook, Keith, Clinton, France, Nov. 22, 1944
Dann, Eugene, Clinton, France, Dec. 30, 1944
Dolan, Francis, France, Aug. 18, 1944
Dreyer, LeRoy, Delmar, North Africa, Nov. 8, 1943
Dunmore, Roy, Clinton, France, March 27, 1945
Ehlers, Irvin F., Calamus, Germany, Dec. 2, 1944
fromang, Lyle, Clinton, Italy, Nov. 8, 1943
Fugate, Carl (Curly), Clinton, Germany, Dec. 11, 1944
Fuller, Dean E., Clinton, France, Jan. 7, 1945
Grandick, Norbert, Charlotte, France, July 24, 1944
Gustavison, Cyril, Clinton, Luxembourg, Dec. 17, 1944
Holle, Edward W., Jr., Clinton, France, Nov. 19, 1944
Janiga, Robert L., Clinton, France, July 14, 1944
Johnson, Charles M., Camanche, Jan. 19, 1944
Knapp, Rudolph H., Clinton, Italy, June 9, 1944
Koch, Herbert, Wheatland, France, June 13, 1944
Lass, Donald W., Clinton, Italy, Feb. 3, 1945
Lenson, Raymond, Clinton, France, Nov. 20, 1944
Leonard, Dale R., Clinton, France, Dec. 1, 1944
Magin, Ray W., Wheatland, over Germany, July 28, 1943
Mangelsen, Henry E., Clinton, France, July 6, 1944
Meader, John R., Jr., Clinton, Germany, Nov. 23, 1944
Mull, Roger, Clinton, Germany, March 27, 1945
Munson, Marcin, Clinton, Cassino, Italy, April 24, 1944
Moehl, Frederic, Clinton, France, Dec. 13, 1944
Naeve, Lawrence, Clinton, France, Dec. 3, 1944
Nelson, William A., Clinton, France, Dec. 5, 1944
Otto, Harold H., Clinton, Germany, March 5, 1945
Paulson, Roy, Clinton, Europe, Dec. 25, 1944
Platt, James B., Clinton, France, June 25, 1944
Pool, Louis, DeWitt, France, Sept. 25, 1945
Raap, Henry, Wheatland, Germany, Nov. 30, 1944
Rands, William, DeWitt, France, Sept. 16, 1944
Rehr, Raymond, Clinton, France, June 29, 1944
Reisinger, Herbert L., Clinton, North Africa, Dec. 6, 1942
Ryner, Robert B., Camanche, Germany, Jan. 5, 1945
Schmidt, Earl E., Clinton, France, Aug. 9, 1944
Schmidt, Roy P., DeWitt, France, Feb. 7, 1945
Schnack, John, Camanche, Germany, Aug. 29, 1943
Sirvid, Frank, Jr., Clinton, Europe, June 10, 1944
Stahl, Elmer, Charlotte, Italy, Oct. 14, 1944
Stamp, Ernie E., Clinton, Italy, Nov. 3, 1943
Stowie, Charl, Clinton, France, Aug. 10, 1944
Swan, John W., Clinton, July 16, 1944
Thomas, Cleo E., DeWitt, France, July 23, 1944
Wampfler, Winston, DeWitt, Belgium, Dec. 21, 1944
Wray, Bert, Clinton, Oct 8, 1943
Wussow, Allen, Clinton.

Jackson County

Bowling, Kermitt, Maquoketa, Germany, March 2, 1945
Broderson, Walter, Maquoketa, Italy, Jan. 15, 1945
Budde, Melvin, Springbrook, Germany, Feb. 5, 1945
Cavanaugh, Robert J., Bellevue, Italy, April 1, 1944
Clark, Robert W., Sabula, Germany, Dec. 17, 1944
Crawford, James, Maquoketa
Gombert, Floyd, Maquoketa
Haight, Gene S., Maquoketa, Italy, June 1, 1944
Heath, Albert LeRoy, Monmouth, France, July 16, 1944
Heiarn, Richard, Bellevue, Belgium, Sept. 8, 1944
Kettmann, John, Bellevue, Jan. 27, 1944
Krolick, Franklin, Maquoketa, Belgium, Jan. 3, 1945
Kueter, Cletus Merlin, Bellevue
Marvin, Wayne, Preston, France, July 19, 1944
Meier, Lester W., Bellevue
Rogers, Henry B., Sabula, Italy, Jan. 9, 1945
Robinson, Clifton, Sabula, Feb., 1943
Roeder, Marvin P., Spragueville, Belgium, Dec. 3, 1944
Schroeder, Edward, Sabula, Germany, Nov. 30, 1944
Taylor, Robert Denzil, Sabula
Thomas, Harry, Maquoketa, Italy, Oct. 25, 1944

Jones County

Blair, Robert Alan, Anamosa
Blohm, Ernie, Center Junction, Italy, June 19, 1944
Bohlken, Ernest, Anamosa, France, Dec. 4, 1944
Duffy, John L., Wyoming, Italy, April 24, 1944
Edwards, Gale, Anamosa
Edwards, Thomas, Wyoming, European area, Nov. 10, 1944
Gorious, W. T., Anamosa, Italy, Nov. 12, 1944
Hughs, Edward, Oxford Junction
Jensen, Charles A., Onslow, Italy, March 12, 1945
Juilfs, Raymond, Onslow, European area, March, 1945
Magruder, Junior Evard, Oxford Junction, May 8, 1944
Pond, Eugene, Oxford Junction
Seeley, Robert Dale, Anamosa
Warren, Leo, Onslow, Italy, Jan. 6, 1944

Scott County

Boltz, Elvin, McCausland, Italy, April 24, 1944
Claeys, Louis, Long Grove, 1944

Cedar County

Ruchotzke, Walter, Lowden, France, Sept. 17, 1944
Scheeper, Oscar, Lowden, Italy, Jan. 3, 1943