Grace Church Vested Choir 1869-1929

This wonderful book was sent to us by Bob Chada.  After being typed up and put online, it was donated to the Clinton County Historical Society.  Thank you so much Mr. Chada.

One of the best things about this information, from a genealogical standpoint, is the Members information which includes quite a bit of information.

Those sections or portions of sections that did not have names or other data were not put online.

Table of Contents

A Reminiscence and a Blessing 5
A Message from the Bishop Coadjutor 7
A Chorister's Mission 8
The Choirmother 31
The Honor Boys 33
The Honor Roll 35
The Organist 37
The Choirmaster 39
A Tribute 45
The Choir Club 49
Incidents 51
The Choir Boy 54
After Twenty-five Years 55
The St. Louis Trip 57
Looking Backward 61
Some Recollections of Grace Church and its Choir 63
Our Girls 64
A Prophecy 65
The Chorister 67
Questionnaire 68
The Members:  List of all who have been identified with the Choir during the forty years from Easter, 1889 to Easter, 1929

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Miscellaneous 93
Introduction 3






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Clinton County History Books

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