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History For Sale

The Clinton County Historical Society Museum has the following publications for sale.  For more information, please contact the historical society. Shipping and Handling for each order is $5.00.  If you need more details or make arrangements, please email 

1976 History

History of Clinton County, Iowa 1976

There is only four of these books left.

Estelle LeProvost Youle History of Clinton County

History of Clinton County, Iowa, 1946 by Estelle LeProvost Youle

There is only one of these books left. It is in good shape.

Illustrated Atlas of Iowa by A T Andreas book

Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa, 1875 by A T Andreas

This is a reprint done by the State Historical Society of Iowa. It is in very good shape and wrapped to protect it. Only one copy left!

Clinton - A Pictorial History

Clinton - A Pictorial History, 1983 by Katherine Long & Melvin Ericksen

There is only one book available.

Lyons - 150 Years North of the Big Tree

LYONS - 150 Years North of the Big Tree, 1985 by Connie K Heckert

Images of America: Clinton Iowa

Images of America: Clinton Iowa, 2003 by the Clinton County Historical Society

Images of America: Clinton County Iowa

Images of America: Clinton County, 2004 by the Clinton County Historical Society




Discovering Historic Iowa, 1975 by LeRoy G Pratt (Soft cover) 8.00
Clinton, Iowa - An Architectural Heritage, 1980 by Ronald E Schmitt 20.00
City of Clinton - City Directories - 1970s & 1980s 40.00
Timber Connections - The Joyce Family History 15.00
Images of America - Clinton, IA 20.00
Images of America - Clinton County, IA 20.00
Lyons High School Fooball - set of 3 cds - 1950-54 10.00
The Flood of 1965 5.00
Mississippi Blue - Between Minneapolis and St Louis, 1883-1891 by Charles Wehrenberg 8.00
Climbing the Mississippi River - Bridge by Bridge by Mary Charlotte Aubry Costello


Early Memories of the Lyons & Clinton Area from the Frank Keiser Collection 15.00
Five Catholic Churches of Clinton, IA by Mary Ellen Eckelberg 5.00
From the Clinton Sugar Refining Company to ADM 15.00
Historical Sketch of Clinton, Iowa, 1871 by Geo W Allen 7.50
Plugtown Special - The 1932 School Year Newsletters by Plugtown School 10.00

We have the following photos for sale.  They are scanned photos, printed on photo paper.  They vary in size, most being about 5x7 inches.  If you would like to purchase a photo, please send $6.00 for each picture to:  

Clinton County Historical Society
PO Box 2435
Clinton, IA 52733


  • Clinton Police Officers: 1940 This 8x10 inch picture has oval portraits of the following people--Dr. Kurt Jaenick, Com.; Harry F. Pape, Mayor; E. J. Curtis, Com.; Martin P. Duffy, Chief; M. E. Bales, Com., Ray Lego; Christie Danielsen; Magnus Jurgensen; Chris Hansen, Serg.; T. R. Long; C. J. Robb; H. W. Thomsen, Capt.; E. J. Clancy; Wm. Hurlburt; Henry Todtz; W. H. Barber; Jens Kair; John Melendy; Fred Kuchel; Kermit Holm; Robert Lazonby; Arthur Peters; Wm. Keister; and John P. Geltz
  • CNW Wreck, Apr. 23, 1908
  • 1904 Whittier School
  • 1927 President Harding's Funeral Train going through Clarence, IA - CNW engine #1652
  • West End Baseball Club: ca 1900 The following people are in the photo--S. Delaney, Ed Keeley, Earl Fahr, Ed Leonard, J. Wentworth (mascot), Tom Leonard, John Leonard, Earl Baker, E. K. Cooke & Frank Heenan
  • YMCA 
  • Our Lady of Angels Seminary, Lyons (before 1928)
  • Fire Team with Bonnie & Beauty Fire tournament July 27-1, 1908.  Compliments of International Correspondence Schools, Clinton IA.
  • 1908: Main St., Lost Nation 
  • 1913: Main St., Oxford Jct.
  • Flannery School built 1935 north of DeWitt.  The last rural school in Clinton County.
  • Clinton Citizens: The are portraits of people with the following surnames on this one: Nissen, Jacobsen,  Walsh,  McGinn, Lietz, Smith, Churcher, Lyon, Domann, Dailey, Oates, Fay, Winget, ? Tiesse, Anderson, Ha?heim, Buell, Scott, Childs, Pethybridge, Hfelin, & Hines.
  • Water Works Reservoir
  • The Old Stone House
  • Labor Day Parade, Lyons Studio
  • St. Patrick Church & Parsonage Elm & 3rd st.  before 1928
  • 1908: The New St. Boniface Church, Lyons
  • Cedar Creek: A Beauty spot along the Mississippi
  • Hart's Mill
  • A December sunset, Fulton IL -- drawing/paint, very pretty 


The Historical Society has many, many photos of homes in Clinton and around the county.  

  • Nebling Home: 500 4th Ave. S - 1871
  • Max Pettit house built in 1856, north of Clinton
  • Baldwin/Ward house corner of 5th Ave S. & 4th St.
  • Ballein/Weston house, 538 10th Ave S.
  • Sylvia Lindmeier Cottral house, Main Ave., Lyons: 1884
  • Geo. Thorn, Toronto
  • Residence of Rev. Father McLaughlin- 1896
  • A. C. Root home, 300 block 6th Ave (Porch)