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Clayton co. Iowa - American Legion & VFW Posts
... includes some Auxiliary & Service Star Legion records


Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
Founded September 29, 1899 in Columbus, OH. Veterans of the Spanish-American War, and the Philippine Insurrection founded local organizations to secure rights and benefits due to their service-many came home wounded and had no medical care, or veterans' pension. Those eligible for membership in the VFW are those that have received a campaign medal for overseas service; have served 30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days in Korea; or have ever received hostile fire or imminent danger pay. The VFW Auxiliary supports the VFW and is active in civic affairs.

American Legion
Conceived in France at the close of the World War as a means of providing diversion and recreation for soldiers no longer needed in military service, the tentative organization of the American Legion quickly spread to America and the Legion became outstanding as a peace-time organization of ex-service men. During the early history of the Legion its major interest was in the work of rehabilitation. In recent years the interest of the Legion has centered around a program of community service, which has come to be known as the "Iowa Idea"...... The American Legion Auxiliary is closely associated with the Legion. Its program has been progressive and always in support of Legion activities.......
~excerpt from the 'Author's Preface' in the book The American Legion in Iowa 1919-1929; by Jacob Armstrong Swisher, 1929.

Service Star Legion
Organized in Baltimore, Maryland in 1919. The group's purpose was to bring comfort and aid to servicemen and their families, and to support the U. S. government.

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American Legion Posts in Clayton county, Iowa 1919-1929

512* Edgewood Edgewood
106 Elkader Lemka Stendel
501* Elkport Kottke
373 Guttenberg Prairie La Port
11 Jefferson Floyd W. Brown
305 Marquette Marquette
519 Monona Leslie H. Smith
218 Strawberry Point Strawberry Point
327 Volga City Volga City

*Indicates that the post charter has been cancelled
~source: The American Legion in Iowa 1919-1929; by Jacob Armstrong Swisher, 1929
~transcribed for Clayton co. IAGenWeb by Roseanna Zehner, November 2003 & updated with the excerpts from the 'Author's Preface' by S. Ferrall

Note: Pocket City Post #267, located in McGregor did not appear on the above list although it was chartered prior to 1929.


Miscellaneous Records


At a regular meeting of Lemka-Stendel Post, No. 106, American Legion, Elkader, Iowa, held last evening at the K.C. hall, the following officers were elected for the year 1925:
Wm. G. Allen, Post Commander
Dr. E. S. Stong, Vice Post Commander
H. L. Meyer, Finance Officer
Edw. Hahn, Adjutant
Ed Aronson, Chaplain
Albert Holden, Sergeant-At-Arms

Executive Committee:
Ben Leonard
Ernest F. Seifert
G. H. Schmidt
L. L. Sickel
Dr. P. R. V. Hommel
~source: Elkader Register, Thur., November 27, 1924 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

Earl B. Becker, local clothier, was elected commander of the local post of the American Legion at the annual meeting held in the basement of the opera house evening. He succeeds Geo. H. Schmidt, who was commander of the post for the last two years. Other officers elected Thursday evening were:
Vice-Commander - Harold Downey
Adjutant - H. L. Meyer
Finance Officer - Norbert Niemeyer
Sergeant-at-arms - Ben Leonard
Historian - M. E. Passmore
Executive Committee - Walter Bink, Dr. P. R. V. Hommel, D. L. Smith, Leigh
Mathews, and Wm. G. Allen
~source: Clayton County Register, Thur., 19 Sept. 1935. Condensed from a longer article ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

A most attractive setting opened the American Legion Auxiliary 1935-1936 year at a luncheon at the country home of Miss Louise Liers on Thursday, October 3. Assistant hostesses were Mrs. M. E. Passmore and Mrs. Dwight Smith. Among the thirty guests were a Gold Star mother, Mrs. Ina Matthews, and Mrs. Thomas Thompson. The meeting opened with County Chairman Davidson installing the following officers:
President - Mrs. Wm. Allen
Vice-President - Mrs. L. A. Meder
Secretary - Mrs. M. E. Passmore
Treasurer - Mrs. H. L. Meyer
Historian - Mrs. Elmer Bente
Chaplain - Mrs. Orlando Bailey
Sergeant-at-Arms - Mrs. James Corkery
~source: Clayton County Register, Thur., 10 Oct. 1935. Society column ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

Clarence Moser, former county commander of the American Legion, installed the officers of the local post at a meeting held in the opera house last Thursday evening. Officers installed at this time were:
Commander - Earl B. Becker
Vice-Commander - Harold Downey
Adjutant - H. L. Meyer
Finance Officer - N. H. Niemeyer
Sergeant-At-Arms - Ben Leonard
Chaplain - Rev. M. J. Harder
Historian - M. E. Passmore
~source: Clayton County Register, Thur., 7 Nov. 1935 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

The American Legion Auxiliary elected and installed officers for the coming year at a meeting at the Vets club last Monday evening. The officers elect were: President - Mrs. Gertrude Colvin
Vice President - Mrs. Anna Saur
Chaplain - Mrs. Helen Taylor
Sergeant-At-Arms - Mrs. Roma Eischeid
Asst. Sergeant-At-Arms - Mrs. Ruby Frye
Secretary - Mrs. Elaine Syverson
Treasurer - Mrs. Greta Freitag
Historian - Mrs. Ann Johns
Poppy Chairman - Mrs. Clara I. Leonard
After the election the installation took place with Mrs. Ann Johns, a past president, as installing officer.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 21 July 1949 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



The following are the new officers for the American Legion Post No. 305:
Commander - D. J. Herron
1st Vice-Commander - L. Hakeman
2nd Vice-Commander - J. Geraghty
Adjutant - L. Schott
Finance Officer - C. W. Waltz
Chaplain - A. W. Henthorn
Sgt.-at-Arms - John Loetz

D. J. Herron was appointed delegate to the National Convention at St. Louis.
~source: Clayton County Register, Thur., 26 Sept. 1935. (Marquette column) ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

The new officers of the Marquette Legion Auxiliary were installed at the home of Mrs. A. W. Henthorne Wednesday. They are as follows:
President - Miss Hazel Barr
Vice-President - Mrs. M. R. Dykeman
Sec./Treas. - Mrs. Ernest Nicholsen
Chaplain - Mrs. Emmet O'Rourke
Sergt.-at-Arms - Mrs. A. W. Henthorne
Historian - Mrs. Donald Herron
Executive Committee - Mrs. E. L. Langlie, Mrs. M. C. Young, and Mrs. Thomas Barr, Jr.
~source: Clayton County Register, Thur., 17 Oct. 1935. McGregor column ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



The local American Legion Post No. 267 elected the following officers at their last meeting:
Commander - William R. Stone
Vice-Commander - A. J. Cords
Adjutant - H. F. Haltmeyer
Finance Officer - F. L. O'Brien
Sergeant at Arms - Marvin Hagensick
Chaplain - David Olmstead
Executive Committee - W. R. Zweig, Homer Minney, Dr. J. F. Walter, W. W. Phelps, R. T. O'Brien
~source: Clayton County Register, Thur., 26 Sept. 1935. McGregor column ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


-St. Olaf-

St. Olaf: The St. Olaf unit of the American Legion Auxiliary met last Thursday evening at the Legion Hall. The hostesses were Mrs. C. Schmidt and Mrs. A. Knuth. Officers who will serve the unit for the coming year were elected as follows:
President - Mrs. Blaine Johnson
Vice-President - Miss Elsie Fuelling
2nd Vice-President - Helga Torsrud
Secretary/Treasurer - Miss Francis Johnson
Historian - Mrs. Fred Rugland
Chaplain - Mrs. Elmer Knutson
Sergeant At Arms - Mrs. K. Stearns
Executive Board - Mrs. F. Vogt, Miss Laura Fuelling, Mrs. Art Knuth
~source: Clayton County Register, Thur., 10 Oct. 1935 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

St. Olaf: St. Olaf Legion Post, No. 388, held its annual meeting on Tuesday evening, Oct. 8th at the Legion hall. New officers were elected as follows:
Commander - Ewald H. Hart
Vice-Commander - Philmon Embretson
Adjutant - Ben Schmidt
Sergeant-at-Arms - Harrison Wold
Historian - Fred Rugland
Chaplain - Blaine Johnson
Executive Committee - Floyd Orvis, Oscar Thompson, Robert Hulverson
~source: Clayton County Register, Thur., 17 Oct. 1935 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

The St. Olaf American Legion held its regular meeting Thursday evening. Russell Leeman, World War II veteran, was elected Commander of the post. Other officers were:
Adjutant - Arthur Wiker
Finance Officer - Oscar Thompson
1st Vice Commander - Tov Torsrud
2nd Vice Commander - Fred Rugland
Chaplain - Philmon Embretson
Sergeant-At-Arms - O. V. Embretson
Color Guards - Robert Hulverson, LeRoy Larson
Service Officer - Don Houg
Historian - Tov Torsrud
Executive Committee - Harvey Busch, Walter Rugland, Harry Wold.

The St. Olaf American Legion Auxiliary held its regular meeting Thursday evening at the Legion hall. The following officers were installed by Elsie Fuelling, past president:
President - Miss Hilda Fuelling
1st Vice President - Mrs. Effie Rugland
2nd Vice President - Mrs. Louise Rugland
Secretary - Treasurer - Mrs. Gladys Embretson
Chaplain - Mrs. Helga Torsrud
Sergeant-At-Arms - Mrs. Rose Koehn
Historian - Mrs. Betty Orvis
Executive Committee - Mrs. Mabel Knuth, Mrs. Leona Vogt, Mrs. Ella Thompson.

Miss Ruth Engelhardt, who attended Girls State at Grinnell, gave a report on her trip
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 21 July 1949 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


-Strawberry Point-

Strawberry Point Post No. 218 of the American Legion was organized in 1920 and received its charter on July 20 of that year. Among the first members of the organization were Meron Axtell, Arthur Baumgartner, D. G. Courtnage, Fred Birrer, A. R. Dittmer, Walter Fredrick, Carl Fults, A. C. Huebsch, Ben Kleinlein, Con Kleinlein, Henry Knake, Lloyd Kramer, Dave Hamlett, Leon Olinger, J. F. Reilly, Gusta Sherman, Howard Steward, Louie Schmidt, Stanley Sargent and Elwin F. Sargent.

The legion first held its meetings in the old Opera House until it burned in 1925. When the new bank building was built, a corporation known as Legion Activities, Incorporated was formed, and the old bank building was purchased for a permanent home. Legion meetings are held in the second floor meeting hall and the first floor is occupied by Meyer’s Jewelry Store.

Present officers of the American Legion are Lyle Jones, Commander; J. J. Hotz, Vice-Commander; Richard Allen, Adjutant; Meron Axtell, Chaplain; Ben Kleinlein, Sergeant-at-arms; and A.C. Fliehler, Corporal of the Guard. The post now has 137 members.

The legion Auxiliary received its charter on April 28, 1922. It is an active organization, meeting once a month in the Legion Hall.

Present Officers are: Mrs. A. R. Dittmer, President; Mrs. Judson Elliot, First Vice-President; Mrs. Lavern Dalen, Second Vice-President; Mrs. Edward White, Recording Secretary; Mrs. D. M. Newton, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. Ben Kleinlein, Treasurer; Mrs. Mayme Alderson, Chaplain; Mrs. A. C. Fliehler, Historian; and Mrs. Calvin McCary and Mrs. Clyde Bollman, Sergeants-at-Arms.

~source: the Legion article was published in the 'Strawberry Point Centennial Thrills' booklet issued on the 100th Anniversary of the city of Strawberry Point, IA (1853-1953)
~transcribed by Terry Sargent for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

Post No. 218 of the American Legion at Strawberry Point elected the following officers at their meeting Thursday evening:
Commander - Darwin Newton
Vice Commander - Robert S. Hansel
Adjutant - Fred Reil
Sergeant-At-Arms - Don Miersen
Finance Officer - George Dunfrund
Chaplain - Meron Axtell
Historian - David Jones
~source: Clayton County Register, Thur., 14 July 1949 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Veterans of Foreign Wars

Clayton County Post No. 4565, V.F.W. installed their new officers at the last regular meeting. Installation was conducted by Boyd Huggins, past post commander. Newly elected and appointed officer installed were:
Commander - Lawrence E. Miller, Jr.
Adjutant and Quartermaster - Harvey E. Daniels
Senior Vice-Commander - Valmah E. Gossman
Junior Vice-Commander - Gerald Palas
Advocate - MaLloyd Mueller
Chaplain - Ed Leonard
Surgeon - Dr. P. R. V. Hommel
Patriotic Instructor - David Walch
Service Officer - William E. Witt
Publicity - Boyd Huggins
Terms run for one year.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 16 Apr. 1953 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


-Service Star Legion-

The December meeting of the Service Star Legion was held last Friday evening at the Woodman Hall. Officers for 1925 were elected as follows:
President - Mrs. Louise Becker
Vice President - Mrs. Julia Stebor
2nd Vice President - Mrs. Kate O'Brien
Secretary - Mrs. Claude Firman
Treasurer - Mrs. Mary Bente
Historian - Mrs. Rose Miller
Chaplain - Mrs. Eva Prouty

The secretary and treasurer reported work done during the past year. Money for State and National organizations expended as follows:

Blind Veterans Home, Baltimore, $25.00. This is a national home and Vocational Training School, training blind veterans to be self supporting.
Disabled Veterans State Hospital at Knoxville, $25.00. This hospital has 450 occupants at present.
Forget-me-not sale, $33.00. Sent for Iowa's ex-servicemen's fund.
Poppy Sale, $40.00. Local or state relief as needed.

Hostesses at this meeting were three local members assisted by Mrs. James Matthews, Sr., of Farmersburg, who is a Gold Star Member of the Elkader Chapter. After the program and business meeting refreshments were served. Ex-servicemen are always welcome at the meetings or to drop in after the meetings for coffee and sandwiches.
~source: Elkader Register, Thur., December 25, 1924 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


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