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Grand Army of the Republic
Clayton co.

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GAR - "Pride and glory and honor, all.  Live in the colors to stand or fall."

Strawberry Point

At the organization of the Grand Army of the Republic Post in this place last evening, fifty-five of the boys who wore the blue were present and joined the organization. Brigadier General Sherman was present to assist in starting the Post. The following officers were chosen:
Com., A. B. Moreland
Sen. Vice Com., P.W. Keith
Jr. Vice Com., Edwin Smith
Adjutant, K. W. Kingsley
Quartermaster, G. Cooley
Surgeon, J. J. Stringer
Chaplain, J. D. Inger
Officer of the day, I. L. Cole
Officer of the Guard, H. R. Eaton
Sergeant Major, A. T. Little
Quartermaster Sergeant, V. A. Balluff
~Source: Strawberry Point Press,Thursday, December 6, 1883 [Vol. X Issue: No. 38]
~transcribed by Terry Sargent

Strawberry Point G.A.R. Post

This post shall be known as Strawberry Point Post No. 259, Department of Iowa, Grand Army of the Republic.

Sec. 1. The regular meeting of the Post shall occur on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, at their Hall at Strawberry Point Iowa.
Sec. 2. The hour of opening shall be as follows: From September 1st. until April 1st. at 7 o’clock P.M. and 8 o’clock P.M. for the remainder of the year, and each session shall close at 10 o’clock P.M. unless prolonged by a majority vote of the members present.

Sec. 1. All persons mustered into this Post shall pay muster fee of one dollar, which shall accompany the petition.
Sec. 2. The regular dues of this Post shall be fifty cents per quarter, payable and subject to penalties as prescribed by the rules and regulations.
Sec. 3. Comrades joining this Post on transfer cards shall pay the fee of 50 cts. which shall accompany the application.

Sec. 1. Each comrade of this Post in good standing shall, when sick or disabled receive the care of its members. Provided always that such sickness or disability is not caused by intemperance or immoral conduct.
Sec. 2. When watchers are needed by a sick comrade, it shall be the duty of the adjutant to detail comrades for that duty in the order their names appear on the roll of the Post, and a comrade having performed that duty shall not be again called upon, until his name is again reached in its regular order, and any comrade so detailed shall act or furnish a substitute.
Sec. 3. The Post Commander and Adjutant shall constitute a relief committee, whose duty it shall be to look after any comrade reported sick or in need of relief by this Post. They shall keep themselves posted as to the condition of such disabled comrade during his disability, and provide watches as provided by Sec. 2 of this article.
Sec. 4. Any member of this Post who is six months in arrears in the payment of his dues shall be prohibited from voting, shall be ineligible to any office in the Grand Army of the Republic, and shall be reported “suspended” in the quarterly reports to Department Headquarters, until such dues are paid. While so suspended the Post shall not be subject to the per capita tax on such member, and he shall not be counted in the representation of the Post in the Department of the Encampment; nor, of the Department in the National Encampment. Provided, however, that when a comrade is unable by reason of sickness, or misfortune, to pay his dues, they may be remitted by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at a regular meeting of the Post, but by the remission of dues the Post shall not become liable for the payment of his per capita tax, nor shall he be counted in the representation to the Department or National Encampment.
Sec. 5. If a comrade shall be one year in arrears for dues, he shall be dropped from the roll, and reinstated only by the Post which dropped him, by a two-thirds vote, by ballot, of all the members, present, and voting, at a regular meeting, upon payment of a sum to be prescribed by a two-thirds vote of the members present, and voting, at a regular meeting; said sum not be less than the amount charged as muster-in-fee. If elected, he shall be re-obligated, provided, that he may be re-obligated in any Post within his jurisdiction he may reside, upon the written request of the Post reinstating him.
Sec. 6. The provisions of Sections 4 and 5 of this article shall not apply to any comrade in the service of the United States, and on duty at a distance from the Post of which he is a member.

The Quartermaster shall before entering upon the duties of his office give a bond with approved security of $300, for the faithful performance of his duty.

Roberts’ rules of order shall govern in all cases when applicable and when they do not conflict with the rules and regulations and law of the order.

These by-laws may be altered or amended at any regular meeting of this Post by a two-thirds vote of the members present. Provided notice of such alteration or amendment shall have been given at the previous regular meeting.

~source: “By Laws” of Strawberry Point G.A.R. Post 259 was published in the Strawberry Point Press, Strawberry Point, Clayton County, IA on February 7, 1884 [Vol. X No. 47]
~transcribed by Terry Sargent

1904, Decoration Day, Strawberry Point
Headquarters Henry Howard Post, No. 259,
Dep’t of Iowa, Grand Army of the Republic,
Strawberry Point, Iowa, May 11th, 1904
General Order No. 1,
Series of 1904

All members of this Post will report for duty at 10 o’clock a.m. sharp, on Monday, May 30th, at the W.R.C. hall to participate in the services of Decoration Day.
By order of
J. C. BARNES, Commander
G. COOLEY, Adjutant

The comrades of the G. A. R. named below are detailed to decorate the graves of deceased soldiers:
M.E. Knight, Noble’s Cemetery
Nicholas Meyers, Cox Creek Cemetery
Geo. W. Wait, County Corners Cemetery
A.T. Little, Read Cemetery
Isidor Fliehler, St. Sebald Cemetery

List of graves to be decorated, flags and wreaths will be furnished by Adjutant G. Cooley, on Saturday, May 28.

Henry Howard Post earnestly requests all places of business to remain closed from 10 a.m. to 12 m., and from 2 until 4 p.m., on Decoration Day, Monday, May 30th. All citizens are requested to attend and participate in the exercises at the cemetery in the forenoon and at the Opera House in the Afternoon.

The services on Memorial Sabbath, May 29th, will be held this year at the Congregational Church, the other churches uniting in the services. Henry Howard Post will attend in a body, according to custom. There will be special music and the memorial sermon will be given by Rev. F. A. Dean. A cordial invitation is extended to the public to be present.

Rev. F. A. DEAN,

~Source: The Mail-Press, Vol. 31 No. 13, Strawberry Point, Iowa, Thursday, May 19, 1904. A copy of it was found on microfilm (The Mail Press Jan 7, 1904 – May 31, 1906) at the Iowa State Historical Society in Iowa City.
~Contributed by Terry Sargent, great grandson of George W. Waite, who is mentioned in the article. George W. Waite joined the Henry Howard Post 259 at Strawberry Point, Iowa in 1883.

1904 Post Officers
Henry Howard Post No. 250 G.A.R. held its election of officers Tuesday afternoon and the following were elected:
Com.- J. C. Barnes
Sr. V.C.- M. E. Knight
Jr. V.C.- J. J. Stringer
Adj.- G. Cooley
Chaplain- E. L. Foote
Quartermaster- B. Hanson
O. of D.- A. Treadwell
O. of G.- H. Marquardt
Serj. Maj.- Wm. Smith
Q.M. Serj.- T. J. Scott
Delegate- A. T. Little
Alternate- A. S. Haskins
~source: Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 24, 1903 (Strawberry Point column) ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson



The following officers of the G.A.R. Post were elected Friday evening:
Jerome Goodsell, Commander
C. F. Buck, S.V.
John Sangston, J.V.
W. J. Mulvaney, Sergt.
James Flemming, O.D.
Jacob Amling, O.G.
Adolph Peick, Quartermaster
George Borrett, Chaplain
The post took in several new members and is in a flourishing condition.
~source: Elkader Register, Thur., 12 Dec. 1889 (Elkport & vicinity column) ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb



Elisha Boardman Post, Grand Army of the Republic
A number of the soldiers and sailors of the late war, who reside in this vicinity, gathered at Odd Fellows Hall, on Tuesday evening, for the purpose of forming a Grand Army Post. After the usual preliminaries, Comrade Herman Karberg, of Dubuque, mustered in those present, and it was voted to take the name of the Elisha Boardman Post, in honor of the late Capt. Boardman. The following officers were chosen and installed:
Commander - T. M. Davidson
Senior Vice Com. - J. M. Leach
Junior Vice Com. - B. G. Griffith
Officer of the day - T. G. Price
Surgeon - C. H. Sterns
Adjutant - Thos. Boots
Chaplain - Geo. Wolf
Quartermaster - Chas. Hartman
Officer of the guard - E. W. Stanton
Sergt. Major - O. F. Davis
Q. M. Sergt. - Jas. Boots
The post starts out with nineteen names on the muster roll, which is believed will be largely increased. A special meeting will be held next Wednesday evening.
~source: Elkader Register, Fri., June 8, 1883 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

Elisha Boardman Post No. 184, G.A.R., held a meeting Saturday afternoon, at which the following officers were elected and appointed:
Com. - J. H. Hill
S.V. Com. - T. M. Davidson
J.V. Com. - Chas. Robbins
Adj. - D. G. Griffith
Q.M. - Geo. Wolf
Surg. - Fred Steen
Chap. - Wm. Monlux
O.D. - James Litchfield
O.G. - Aug. Doher
S.M. - W. V. Partch
Q.M. Peter Larson
Delegate - T. M. Davidson
Alternate - D. G. Griffith
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 12, 1901 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

At a meeting of E. Boardman Post, No. 184, G.A.R., Saturday afternoon, the following officers were selected for the ensuing year:
Com.- J. H. Hill
S.V. Com.- T. M. Davidson
I.V. Com.- Chas. Robbins
Chap.- M. Klingman
Adj.- D. G. Griffith
Q.M.- Geo. Wolf
Surg.- F. Steen
O. of D.- James Litchfield
O. of G.- Aug. Dohrer
Delegate- T. M. Davidson
Alternate- D. G. Griffith
Q.M. Sergt.- Peter Larson
Segt. Maj.- W. V. Partch
~source: Elkader Register, Thur., December 10, 1903 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

At a meeting of Boardman Post No. 184, G.A.R., on Saturday last, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
Commander - T. M. Davidson
S.V. Com. - W. V. Partch
J.V. Com. - Chas. Robbins
Chap. - M. Klingman
Q.M. - J. H. Hill
Adj. - D. G. Griffith
Surg.- Fred Steen
O. of D. - Jas. Litchfield
O. of G. - J. A. Dohrer
Q.M.S. - Peter Larson
Delegate - M. Klingman
Alternate - J. H. Hill
~source: Elkader Register, Thur., December 6, 1906 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

At a meeting of Boardman Post G.A.R. last Saturday afternoon the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
Commander - T. M. Davidson
S.V. Com. - S.V. Partch
J.V. Com. - Chas. H. Robbins
Chaplain - M. Klingman
Q.M. - J. H. Hill
Surg. - Fred Steen
O. of D. - James Litchfield
O. of G. - J. A. Dohrer
Adj. - D. G. Griffith
Q.M.S. - Peter Larson
Delegate - M. Klingman
Alternate - J. A. Dohrer.
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 10 Dec. 1908 ~transcribed by Reid R. Johnson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb


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