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Clayton county Creamery Directory

Osterdock Creamery, undated, photographer Dean S. Mallory
Osterdock Creamery, undated
~photographer Dean S. Mallory
~contributed by Judy Holthaus, granddaughter of the photographer

Opening day at the Strawberry Point creamery, 1908 - photo postcard

Opening day at the Strawberry Point NE Iowa Creamery
December 4, 1908


1894 Clayton co. Creameries

Office# Located at or near Name of Creamery
or Cheese Factory
Proprietor, Secretary
or Manager
P.O. Address of Proprietor, Sec'y or Manager Shipping Station Product Manufactured Operated by individual, co-operative or stock company Separator (S), Gathered cream
Both (B)
225 Communia Communia Creamery H. Wistrick, Sec'y Communia Littleport Butter Co-op S
276 Edgewood Bear Creek Creamery H.F. Beyer Edgewood Edgewood Butter Ind S
454 Edgewood Farmers' Co-op Creamery R.J. Greer, Sec'y Edgewood Edgewood Butter Co-op S
277 Edgewood Fidelity Creamery H.F. Beyer Edgewood Edgewood Butter Ind S
204 Elgin (name not given) F. Shupbach Elgin, Fayette co Elgin Cheese Ind  
184 Elkader Elkader Creamery Jo. Lamm Elkader Elkader Butter Ind S & GC
299 Farmersburg Farmersburg Co-op Creamery Co. C. Hinsch, Sec'y Farmersburg Farmersburg Butter Co-op S
171 Garnavillo Garnavillo Co-op Creamery Co. E.W. Kregel Garnavillo Garnavillo Butter Co-op S & GC
135 Giard Giard Creamery A.O. Elvidge & Co. Decorah Froelich Butter Stock S
456 Guttenburg Farmers' Creamery Co. (not given) (not given) (not given) Butter   S
163 Highland Highland Creamery Association G. Gregerson, Sec'y Volga City Volga City Butter Co-op S & GC
457 Littleport (name not given) John Waddings (not given) (not given) Butter   S
23 Luana Luana Farmers' Co-op Creamery R.M. Fonda, Sec'y Luana Luana Butter Co-op S
241 McGregor The McGregor Creamery Wm. Troutfetter, Sec'y McGregor McGregor Butter Stock S & GC
458 Nyburg Clermont Valley Creamery Co. J.H. Sheehan, Sec'y Clermont Clermont Butter Co-op S & GC
459 Nyburg Clermont Valley Creamery Co. J.H. Sheehan, Sec'y Clermont Clermont Skim station   S
138 Osborne (name not given) A.O. Elvidge & Co. Decorah Osborne Butter Stock S
309 Osterdock Osterdock Creamery Co. E.A. Bush, Sec'y Osterdock (not given) Butter Stock S & GC
92 Read Read Creamery Co. H.W. Wilkie, Sec'y Elkader Elkader Butter Stock S
137 St. Olaf Osseau Creamery Co. Ossian Creamery Co. Decorah St. Olaf Butter Stock S & GC
38 Strawberry Point Strawberry Point Farmers' Creamery Association Jas. Newberry, Sec'y Strawberry Point Strawberry Point Butter Co-op S
247 Volga City Farmers' Creamery Chas. Massey, Sec'y Volga City Volga City Butter Co-op S
69 Watson Blue Grass Creamery Co. John Koch, Sec'y Watson Monroe Butter Co-op S

~source: Eighth Annual Report of the State Dairy Commissioner to the Governor of the State of Iowa, for the year 1894; F.R. Conaway, state printer, 1895
~info. extracted by S. Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb


Volga Creamery, 1901

Volga: The creamery meeting Monday was largely attended. The following officers were elected:
Pres. - C. Bennington
Secy. - Adam Olinger
Treas. - J. Crain
Directors - M. Duff, C. Oldfather, H. Dohrer, A. Moats, J. Leete
~Elkader Register, Thur., 10 Jan. 1901 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


St. Olaf Co-Operative Creamery, 1903

A meeting of shareholders of the newly organized Co-Operative Creamery Co., of St. Olaf was held at that place Friday and Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws were adopted. It is expected to begin operations about Feb. 1st. Officers of the company are:
Pres. - Louis Pahlas
Treas. - K. K. Sterns
Sec. - G. R. Engelhardt
Directors - Jacob Eggiman, Henry Lembke, Jacob Larson
~Elkader Argus, Wed., January 21, 1903 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


1906 Clayton co. Creameries

Office # Creamery Name Name of Proprietor, Secretary or Manager P.O Address of Proprietor, Secretary or Manager Name of Buttermaker Type of Creamery
149 Little Turkey Creamery (Little Turkey, Chickasaw co.) H.R. Carpenter Elkader Henry Mikkelson Stock
163 Elkader Creamery H.R. Carpenter Elkader Harvey Clough Stock
164 Fidelity Creamery H.F. Beyer Edgewood Ed. Whipple Individual
165 Elkport Creamery, Elkport H.F. Beyer Edgewood J.S. Watson Individual
166 Farmers' Co-op Creamery Co. A.A. Kishman Farmersburg I.D. Hendershott Co-operative
167 Farmers' Creamery Co. H.H. Kuhlman Garnavillo O.H. Schumacher Co-operative
168 Farmers' Co-op Creamery Co. James Humphrey Luana J.A. Barker Co-operative
169 Littleport Creamery (Littleport) H.F. Beyer Edgewood F. Sherman Individual
170 Communia Creamery Co. (Communia) J.W. Meyer Elkport Peter Klink Individual
171 Monona Creamery (Monona) H.R. Carpenter Elkader John Foss Stock
172 Osterdock Creamery (Osterdock) H.R. Carpenter Elkader A.H. Peacock Stock
173 J.D. Bickel Produce Co. M.V. Bickel McGregor R.M. Pressey Stock
174 St. Olaf Co-op Creamery Co. G.R. Engelhardt St. Olaf J. Frisby Co-operative
175 Farmers' Creamery Association O.C. Gladwin Strawberry Point H.J. Evans Co-operative
176 Farmers' Creamery Association A.E. Olinger Volga City Watson Shack Co-operative
177 Blue Grass Creamery (Watson) John Geraghty McGregor F.A. Fiet Co-operative
230 Globe Creamery (Luxemburg, Dubuque co.) Joe Friedman North Buena Vista Anton Smith Co-operative
237 Holy Cross Creamery (Holy Cross, Dubuque co.) Leo Sweeney North Buena Vista J.P. Crippes Co-operative
569 Ft. Atkinson Creamery Co. (Ft. Atkinson, Winneshiek co.) H.R. Carpenter Elkader H.B. Fortney Stock

~source: Twentieth Annual Report of State Dairy Commissioner to the Governor of the State of Iowa for the year 1906, by H.R. Wright, Food & Dairy Commissioner, printed 1907
~info. extracted by S. Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

Blue Grass Creamery, Watson, 1906

The annual meeting of the Blue Grass Creamery Co., held at Watson last Monday was well attended. The patrons expressed themselves as well pleased with last years business. The following were the officers elected for the new year:
President - Wm. Schmitt
Secretary - John Geraghty
Treasurer - John Killen
Director for three years - H. J. Weithorn
~Elkader Register, Thur., January 11, 1906. Monona column ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson

Luana Farmers' Creamery Co., 1906

At the annual meeting of the Luana Farmers' Creamery Co., held at Luana last Monday, the following officers and directors were elected for the ensuing year: President - Louis Englehardt.
Vice President - G. F. Pufahl
Secretary - James Humphrey
Treas. - F. M. Orr
Directors - W. J. Miller and Harry Moon
~Elkader Register, Thur., January 11, 1906. Monona column ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Volga Creamery Association, 1921

The Creamery Association elected officers for the ensuing year on Monday January 3rd.
President - L. J. Tenny
Vice-President - John McCrea
Secretary - Adam Olinger
Treasurer - Geo. Leete
~Elkader Register, Thur., 6 Jan. 1921. Volga City News column. ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Osterdock Farmers' Creamery Company, 1922

Secretary's Annual Report of the
Osterdock Farmers' Creamery Company
For the year ending January 1st, 1922

G.W. White, President
H.A. Mallory, Vice President
John White, Secretary and Treasurer
Carl Wilkinson, Buttermaker

W.A. Noack, John Troester, Frank Harbaugh
H.H. Borcherding, J.W. Hansel

Patrons Who Received Above $700.00 for Butter Cream

Palmer & Ross $825.50
Ed Tinkey & Son $777.92
F.W. Palmer $752.90
Geo. W. White $769.74
Henry Monarend $728.22
Wm. Mararend $728.23
D.S. Mallory $1338.79
Mrs. Mary Moser $877.97
Frank E. Hyde $$765.53
John White $761.19
Ernest Niehaus $786.86

~Annual report found in Mallory family papers, contributed by Judy Holthaus


Clayton County Soon May Have Two New Creameries
April 1922

Elkader, Ia., April 17 - There is a possibility of two new farmers' co-operative creameries being organized in Clayton county. Farmers in North Buena Vista held a meeting last week at which A.W. Rudnick, dairy manufacturing specialist from Ames, explained the creamery proposition in detail.

A committee reported 50 men had been procured who would buy shares at $50 each and that more than 600 cows had been pledged to support a creamery. Grounds have been donated for the building and steps now are being taken to complete the sale of stock. An organization has been perfected and incorporated under the name of Star Creamery company, of North Buena Vista and George Hefel was chosen as president; George Vandeharr, vice president; Frank Schroeder, secretary and Matt Ruden, treasurer. Directors are Joe Spiellbauer, Burt Tucker and the officers.

Farmers from around Mederville still have the creamery bug buzzing thru the air. They have not progressed as rapidly as the North Buena Vista farmers in this respect, but are on the fence. At a meeting last Tuesday committees were appointed to sound out the farmers on the proposition. They reported 147 shares of stock sold at $25 each at a meeting last Thursday. A committee consisting of John Moyna, Alf Allbrecht and Arthur Dittmer will investigate the proposition a little further and give their final report at a meeting to be held in the near future.

Roy Combs, Clayton county agent, is elated over the prospects of getting two new creameries started in Clayton county. It is the result of several months hard work thru his office.
~Waterloo Evening Courier, April 18, 1922 ~contributed by S. Ferrall


Elkader Farmers Creamery Co.

The board of directors of the local Farmers Creamery Co. reorganized last week by electing:
President - A. C. Storbeck, succeeding Jake Walz
Vice President - George Rothmeyer
Secretary & Treasurer - R. C. Lemka
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 18 Feb. 1932 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Garnavillo Creamery Co.

Garnavillo: The annual meeting of the Garnavillo Creamery company was held at the Turner Hall Saturday afternoon. The following officers were elected:
President - A. G. Backhaus
Vice President - W. L. Schulte
Secretary - A. D. Mueller
Treasurer - R. A. Milewsky
Directors - A. W. Kregel, E. F. Kaiser, C. F. Henning, F. M. Hohman, W. H. Schumacher.
Buttermaker - F. W. Hessel
Asst. Buttermaker -Howard Hessel
~Clayton County Register, Thur., February 11, 1932 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Littleport Farmers Co-Operative Creamery Co.

Seven of the old directors and three new ones were elected at the annual meeting of the Littleport Farmers Co-Operative Creamery Co. in Littleport last week Wednesday.

The directors re-elected at this meeting are: Ray Stence, O. J. Mierson, Ed. Hakert, L. J. Klink, Merritt Nading, J. C. Beck, Ed. Meese.

The three additional directors: G. C. Ruegnitz, J. J. Wiley and Ralph Behrens

Officers of the creamery were re-elected as follows:
President - J. J. Wiley
Vice President - Ed. Meese
Secretary - G. C. Ruegnitz
Treasurer - L. J. Klink, succeeding C. C. Pust
Buttermaker - Wayne Hunter
~Clayton County Register, Thur., February 18, 1932 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Luana Creamery

Luana: At the annual creamery meeting held Monday the following officers were elected:
President - Carl Erb.
Vice President - R. V. Pearson.
Secretary - Emmet Schutte.
Treasurer - C. Davenport.
Directors - Herman Gruel and Walter Knuth were replaced by Rudolph Bugenhan and Gus Lenth.
The creamery directors now are: W. F. Landt, Hubert Miller, Walter Garms, Carl Schultz, Gus Lenth, Rudolph Bugenhagen.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 14 Jan. 1932 ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Mederville Farmers Creamery

Members of the Farmers Creamery at Mederville held their annual business meeting and election of officers on February 5th at Mederville. The meeting was called to order by W. G. Bente, vice-president. Reports of the secretary, Earl Hubbard, were given and approved. The following officers and directors were elected for the ensuing year:
President - Gregor Debes
Vice President - Mike Leonard
Secretary - Earl Hubbard
Directors - M. S. Alderson, Ed Berns, John Leonard, Lester Stahl, Albert Behrens, and Gregor Debes
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 14 Feb. 1935. Condensed from a larger article ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Garber Creamery

The annual creamery meeting was held Saturday, Feb. 16. Those elected to offices are:
President - Mark Thein
Vice-President - Morse Bowman
Secretary - James McLane
Walter Johnson will no longer be the butter maker.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 21 Feb. 1935. Garber column (Condensed from a larger article) ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Luana Farmers Co-Operative Creamery Company Fifty Year Anniversary
September 1940

The golden business anniversary of the Luana Farmers Co-Operative Creamery Company will be observed next Wednesday with an appropriate day long celebration, starting at 10 a.m., with an inspection tour of the creamery building and drawing to a close in the evening with a dance in the town hall at Luana. The creamery was founded February 16, 1890, by 87 farmers who were the first stockholders. They signed up at $2 per cow, subscribing 785 cows. The first officers and directors were Wm. Warner, president; W.H. Russell, secretary; Wm. Scott, treasurer, and Mr. Schwartz, buttermaker.

In the 50 years the creamery has been in operation, the number of patrons has grown to 350 and nearly a million pounds of butter is manufactured a year. Cream is collected on 16 routes from a radius of 16 miles, with some of the trucks traveling nearly to St. Olaf and Marquette. The haulers gather cream three times a week in the summer and twice a week in winter.

In 1925 a modern brick and tile building was erected. The main building is 100 feet long and 40 feet wide, housing the store room, boiler room and refrigerator room. In addition the plant also has a testing room, receiving room and office. It took but four years to retire an indebted ness of $21,000, which was incurred by the erection of the new building and the purchase of new equipment.

Elliott Nelson, buttermaker for the last six years, points out that "most of the butter is shipped in 60 pound cartons to the Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. at New York with the local trade being supplied under our own brand name." In 1900 only 200,000 pounds of butter were make. Mr. Nelson has the assistance of an able staff, composed of H.J. Sebastian, Myron Dettman and D.J. Bollman.

Present officers of the creamery are Joseph Walter, president; Lloyd Pearson, vice president; C.A. Riveland, treasurer; D.J. Bollman, secretary. Directors are Gus Lenth, Fred Schrader, Wm. Sebastian, Henry Oldag, Wm. Radloff and Arno Miller.

~Postville Herald, September 11, 1940 ~contributed by S. Ferrall


Luana Creamery Co. Officers 1943

New officers of the Luana Farmers' Cooperative Creamery Company were elected at the annual meeting in Luana. Willis Lamker was named president, succeeding William Landt. Other officers chosen were:
Vice-president - Lloyd Pearson
Secretary - Howard Easton
Treasurer - C. Adrian Riveland
Directors - Fred J. Schrader, Arno H. Miller, Harva Miller, Elmer Mohs, William Kugel and Henry Wagner.
The creamery manufactured 939,000 pounds of butter during 1942 and $228,698.50 was paid for butterfat.
~Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, Sunday morning edition, January 10, 1943 ~contributed by S. Ferrall


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