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Directory of Government Officials & Politicians

County & Township Level Officials

Note: unless otherwise credited the info. on this page was contributed by S. Ferrall for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

Clayton co. Officers - 1860

County seat: Garnavillo
Jno Garber, County Judge
Thos Updegraff, Clerk of District Court
Jacob Nicklaus, County Treasurer
J. Kaufman, County Sheriff
H. Emory, County Superintendent
Ezra Hurd, County Surveyor
~Iowa State Almanac, 1860


Clayton co. Township Constables
July 1867

John Herdman, for Buena Vista
J.B. Ross, for Boardman
Thomas Sargent, for Clayton
Volney Wheeler, for Cass
H.J. Scovel, for Cox Creek
A.J. Smith, for Elk
Samuel Benjamin, for Farmersburg
E.B. Lyon, for Grand Meadow
C. L. Angier, for Giard
S.J. Bevins, for Highland
Edward Wimmer, for Jefferson
M.R. Tough, for Lodomillo
Syver Johnson, for Marion
Philip Hansel, for Mallory
F.W. Richardson, for Millville
James Davis, for Mendon
Geo. W. Oathout, for Monona
Valentine Herman, for Read
John F. Jersey, for Sperry
Joseph Watt, for Volga
Charles R. Anderson, for Wagner


Clayton co. Township Officials, 1879
(Due to the number of names on this database, it's on a different page)



J.F. Thompson, clerk courts, salary $1,500
C.E. Florte, treasurer, salary $1,500
L.H. Place, sheriff, salary -fees
J.M. Leach, auditor & deputy, salary - fees & $1,900
O.D. Oathout, county supt., salary $1200
Charles Schecker, recorder, salary -fees
S.L. Peck, surveyor

Board of Supervisors

Geo. H. Schofield, 1881
A.F. Nichols, 1883
Helmerth Brandt, 1882


First National of Elkader
First National of McGregor
Lovell & Corbett, Strawberry Point, private bank


Murdock & Larkin, R.E. Price, S.K. Adams, W.A. Preston, W.C. Lewis -- Elkader
Noble & Updefraff, L.O. Hatch, W.E. Odell, Robert Quigley, Stoneman & Chapin -- McGregor
W.C. McNeil -- Monona
J.O. Crosby -- Garnavillo
Garber & Corlett -- Elkport
T.M. Davidson -- Volga City
B.W. Newberry -- Strawberry Point

~The Iowa Official Register, 1882


Clayton County officers - 1901

John G. Hempel, Auditor, Elkader, Republican
Daniel Costigan, Clerk of courts, Elkader, republican
Charles Ruegnitz, Treasurer, Elkader, Democrat
John H. Hill, Recorder, Elkader, Democrat
E.E. Benton, Sheriff, Elkader, Democrat
C.J. Adam, Supt. of schools, Elkader, Democrat
John H. Zearley, Surveyor, East Elkport, Democrat
A.A. Schmidt, Coroner, Garnavillo, Democrat
T.M. Davidson, County attorney, Elkader, Republican
H.G. Jenkins, Supervisor chairman, Guttenberg, Republican
Henry Meder, Supervisor, Mederville, Republican
J.H. Splies, Supervisor, Froelick, Democrat
~The Iowa Official Register, 1901


Clayton co. County officers - 1904

J.G. Hempel, Auditor, Elkader, republican.
Daniel Costigan, Clerk of courts, Elkader, republican
W.F. Reinecke, Treasurer, Elkader, democrat.
James F. Carroll, Recorder, Elkader, democrat.
Martin Dittmer, Sheriff, Elkader, democrat.
C.J. Adam, Supt. of schools, Elkader, democrat.
Ole Nielson, Surveyor, N. McGregor, republican.
J.H. Craig, Coroner, Volga City, republican.
B.M. Davidson, County attorney, Elkader, republican.
Henry Meder, Supervisor-Chm., Mederville, republican.
S.H.F. Schoulte, Supervisor, McGregor, democrat.
A.S. Haug, Supervisor, Elgin, republican.
~The Iowa Official Register, 1904
[transcribers note: Elgin is his postoffice, just across the Clayton co. line in Fayette co.]


Clayton co. County officers 1915-1916

John Adam, Elkader, Auditor, republican
Martin Hagensick, Elkader, Clerk of Court, democrat
Gustav J. Graf, Elkader, Treasurer, republican
Vina Katschkowsky, Elkader, Recorder, democrat
E. Bergemeyer, Elkader, Sheriff, democrat.
Carl F. Becker, Elkader, Supt. of Schools, republican.
Edw. B. Tourtellot, Elkader, engineer, republican
W.J. Beerman, Guttenberg, coroner, republican
A.J. Palas, Elkader, County Attorney, democrat
C.E. Witt, Monona, supervisor chairman, democrat
E.W. Kregel, Garnavillo, supervisor, republican
Chas. Meder, Mederville, supervisor, republican
~The Iowa Official Register, 1915/16


County Officials Salaries - 1924

The salaries of several County Officials for the year 1924 shall be for the amounts as set forth in the following schedule:
County Auditor - $2100.
Deputy Auditor - $1440
County Treasurer - $2100
Deputy Treasurer - $1320
Clerk of the District Court - $2100
Deputy Clerk - $1320
County Recorder - $1900
Deputy Recorder - $900
County Sheriff - $2000
Deputy Sheriff - $1495
County Attorney - $1700
Deputy Engineer - $1500.
County Superintendent - $1800
Deputy Superintendent - $1200
Court House Janitor - James Canada was appointed Janitor of the Court House for the year 1924 at a salary of $1020. per annum.

Ordered that all salaries as stated above be paid in twelve equal installments at the end of each month.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 17 Jan. 1924. Board of Supervisors column ~contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Clayton co. County officers 1927/1928

R.E. Firman, Auditor, Elkader, Republican
H.L. Meyer, Clerk of Court, Elkader, Republican
P.C. Buckman, Treasurer, Elkader, Republican
Bertha Stoops, Recorder, Elkader, Republican
Chris P. Larson, Sheriff, Elkader, Republican
Mary A. Meyer, Supt. of Schools, Elkader, Republican
E.W. Hahn, County Engineer, Elkader, Republican
W.J. Beerman, Coroner, Guttenberg, Republican
G.W. Hunt, County Attorney, Guttenberg, Republican
~The Iowa Official Register, 1927/28

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