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Ancient Order of United Workmen - A.O.U.W.
Installed in Volga City, A.O.U.W. Lodge No. 144, on Wednesday evening, July 10th:
M.W. - J. Askew
F. - J. M. Landon
O. - Thos. Smith
G. - C. B. Philips
Rec. - W. H. Harton
Receiver - J. E. Smith
Financier - J. D. Brodie
T. W. - M. Lamphere
O. W. - N. Philips
~Elkader Register, Thur., 18 July 1878


The installation of Volga Lodge, No. 321, I.O.O.F., occurred on Friday evening. Marvin Cook, Charles Moulton, M.A. Skinner and C. B. MacDonald, of the Elkader lodge, and J. W. Stahl, of the Elkport, were present. The following is a list of the officers installed: 
N.G. - John Ingraham
O.G. - John B. Cummings
V.G. - Irving Phillips
I.G.  - Arden Chapman
Sec. - W. A. Penfield
R.S.N.G. - Lewis M. Goodwin
Treas. - T. M. Davidson
 L.S.N.G. - Charles Wood
Warden - Alvah R. Campbell
R.S.V.G. - P. B. Green
L.S.V.G. - H. D. Taylor
~Elkader Register, Thur., February 3,1881

The officers of Volga Lodge, No. 32, I.O.O.F., were installed by T. M. Davidson, last Saturday evening: 
N.G., Irving Phillips
V.G., A. R. Campbell
Sect., W. A. Penfield
~Elkader Register, Fri., August 5, 1881


The following are the officers of Volga Lodge, No. 321, I.O.O.F., elected for the ensuing term:
N.G. - John Ingraham
V.G. - Arden A. Chapman
Rec. Sec. - Irving Phillips
Per. Sec. - W. A. Penfield
Treasurer - T. M. Davidson
~Elkader Register, Fri., Dec. 8, 1882 (Volga City Views column)

Epworth League
At the annual business meeting of the Epworth League held at the M.E. church Tuesday evening the following officers were elected to fill the various offices for the coming year:
Pres. - Geo. Cann
1st Vice Pres. = Mrs. W. A. Smith
2nd Vice Pres. - Wm. Suse
3rd Vice Pres. - Hattie Goodwin
4th Vice Pres. - Sarah Revell
Secy. - Sadie Hawthorne
Treas. - Arthur Craig
~Elkader Register, Thur., 01 Jan. 1897. Volga column

Ancient Order of United Workmen
At a regular meeting of the Volga City Lodge No. 111, A.O.U.W., the following members were elected to fill the offices for the present year:
M.W. - J. E. Smith
For. - F. Askew
O. - T. Smith
Rec. - Geo. McCann
Finan. - J. N. Whipple
Rec. - John Lowe
G. - S. Bennington
Med Ex. - J. H. Craig
~Elkader Register, Fri. morning, 05 Feb. 1897. Volga City Views column

The election of officers of the Frances Willard W.C.T.U., of this place, resulted as follows:
Pres. - Nellie K. Smith
V. Pres. - Mrs. Mary J. Victoria
Sec. - Mrs. Clara P. White
Treas. - Mrs. Mary Hawthorn
~Elkader Register, Thur., 14 Sept. 1899. Volga City Views column

Modern Woodmen

The following are the officers of M.W.A. camp:
V.C. - Wm. Ewing
W.A. - Wm. Leal
Banker - J. Burns
Clerk - F. C. Andresen
Escort - Edw. Bissell
Watchman - Will Kraig
Manager - A. Harvey
Delegates to County Convention - H. W. White, W. Leal
~Elkader Register, Thur., 13 Dec. 1900. Volga City Viiews column

Modern Woodmen
Officers elected for ensuing year:
V.C. - J. W. Hold
W.A. - W. Leal
Banker - J. Burns
Clerk - F. C. Andresen
Escort - Ed Bissell
Watchman - Geo. Tinkham
Sentry - W. Kraig
Examiners - Drs. Craig and Ainsworth
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 19, 1901. Volga City Views column.

Modern Brotherhood of America (M.B.A.)
Election of officers:
Pres. - Aug. Adam
V.P. - Mrs. Harriet Smith
Sec. - A. W. Lee
Treas. - C. S. Adams
Chaplain - Caroline Tinkham
Watchman - A. L. Moats
Sentry - Geo. Rinkart
Examiner - Dr. Craig
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 19, 1901. Volga City Views column

The C.C.C. had a special meeting Tuesday evening and elected the following officers.
Past Pres.- A. A. Chapman.
Pres.- A. W. Lee.
V. Pres.- J. Rinkart.
Prelate- Nora Marble.
Treas.- Mrs. J. W. Hawthorne.
Clerk- Mrs. C. E. Lovett.
Overseer- F. C. Andresen.
After the nomination a supper was served to about seventy-five in the new café, where all had a social visit and had a good time. A. A. Chapman had just been to Littleport so took everything rather salty, especially his oysters.
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 17, 1903 (Volga City Views column) - [note: anyone knowing which organization this is, please contact the site coordinator]

Modern Woodmen
At the M.W.A. meeting Saturday evening the following officers were elected.
V.C.- J. W. Hold
W.A.- W. Leal
B.- J. Burns
Clerk- F. C. Andresen
Escort- Edw. Bissell
Every one present reports the oysters the finest ever served.
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 17, 1903 (Volga City Views column)

Volga Civic League
The Civic League and friends were entertained Tuesday at the home of Mrs. J. Christelite. It was the annual election of officers which resulted as follows:
President - Mrs. Celia Gernand
1. Vice Pres. - Mrs. Roberta Smith
2. Vice Pres. - Miss Clara Kerr
3. Vice Pres. - Mrs. Sarah Corkery
4. Vice Pres. - Mrs. Mary Hungerford
5. Vice Pres. Mrs. Hattie Woods
Secretary - Mrs. Hazel Candee
Corres. Secty. - Mrs. Katherine Ainsworth
Treasurer - Mrs. Blanche White
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 11 Apr. 1929. Volga City column

Royal Neighbors of America
Volga: The installation of officers of the Royal Neighbors took place at the Royal Neighbor hall here Friday evening. The following officers were installed:
Oracle - Anna Conboy
Vice Oracle - Mary Goodwin
Past Oracle - Lela Becker
Chancellor - Hallie Blake
Recorder - Flossie Konzen
Marshall - Martha Duff
Assistant Marshall - Theresa Robinson
Manager - Ethel Crain
Inner Sentinel - Mary Rinkert
Outer Sentinel - Vallie Germar
Musician - Leta Meyers
Drill Captain - Eva Meyers
Graces - Elsie Blake, Adah Bennington and Mrs. Thos. Curran
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 14 Jan. 1932

Royal Neighbors of America
Volga City: The local R.N.A., White Rose Camp No. 5513, held an all-day meeting and installation of officers Friday. The officers were:
Oracle - Anna Conboy
Vice Oracle - Mary Goodin
Past Oracle - Lela Becker
Chancellor - Hollie Blake
Recorder - Flossie Konzen
Receiver - Alta Tompkins
Marshal - Martha Duff
Inner Sentinel - Mary Conboy
Outer Sentinel - Valeria Germar
Musician - Leta Myers
Manager - Elsa Blake
Graces - Mae Linder, Marie Otterbeck, Ada Bennington, Lera Robinson, Estella Crandall
Flagbearer - Margaret Boleyn
Installing Officer - Teresa Robinson
Ceremonial Marshal - Eva Meyers
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 26 Jan. 1933

Royal Neighbors of America

VOLGA: White Rose Camp No. 5313 held a meeting at the lodge rooms here Friday evening for the purpose of electing officers for the coming year. The result was as follows:
Oracle - Mrs. Winifred Merriman
Vice-Oracle - Mrs. Mary Goodin
Past Oracle - Mrs. Lela Becker, to continue upon the resignation of the Oracle, Mrs. Anna Conboy
Chancellor - Mrs. Hallie Blake
Recorder - Mrs. Leta Myers
Receiver - Mrs. Alta Tompkins
Marshal - Mrs. Martha Duff
Inner Sentinel - Mrs. Mary Conboy
Outer Sentinel - Mrs. Valeria Germar
Manager, 3 yrs. - Mrs. Olie Horton
Manager, to fill vacancy - Mrs. Ethel Pruess
Musician - Mrs. P. Myers
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 07 Dec. 1933

Order of the Eastern Star & the A.F. & A.M.
Temple the O.E.S. Chapter No. 85 and A.F. & A.M. No. 180 held a public joint installation. At seven o'clock a picnic supper was enjoyed by members and guests. At eight o'clock the installation ceremony began in the lodge room. Mrs. Anna Dorman was the installing officer for the O.E.S. and Mrs. Freda Smith, marshal. The officers for 1935 are as follows:
Worthy Matron - Mrs. Nellie Moser
Worthy Patron - M. F. Harwood
Associate Matron - Mrs. Hannah Blanchard
Associate Patron - George E. Dunfrund
Secretary - Mrs. Belle Davis
Treasurer - Mrs. Anna Dorman
Chaplain - Mrs. Cassy Fliehler
Marshal - Mrs. Martha McCarron
Adah - Mrs. Bess Thomas
Ruth - Mrs. Grace Esch
Esther - Miss Joyce Preston
Martha - Mrs. Harriet Harwood
Electa - Mrs. Nelle Phelps
Warder - Mrs. Ellen Mantz
Sentinel - C. B. Moser

Following the installation of the Worthy Matron, a musical number was given by the Misses Evelyn Hartman and Frances Farran, with Mrs. August Gipper at the piano. Miss Edna Carstensen gave a reading. The new Worthy Matron, in behalf of the O.E.S. Chapter No. 86, presented a Past Matron's pin to Mrs. McCarron. After the officers were installed a short intermission was held while the room was arranged for the Masonic installation. Gorda J. Gill was the installing officer and Clarence B. Moser, Marshal. Following were the officers:
Worthy Patron - Alex Schmidt
Senior Warden - M. F. Harwood
Junior Warden - George E. Dunfrund
Senior Deacon - J. H. Klingbeil
Junior Deacon - E. M. Tanruther
Treasurer - J. J. Matthews
Secretary - C. B. Moser
Senior Steward - Hugh Busboom
Junior Steward - Floyd Moser
Tyler - Robert Alderson
~Volga City News, Thur., 24 January 1935


Royal Neighbors of America
The Royal Neighbors met at the home of Mrs. Valeria Germar last Wednesday afternoon. A social time was enjoyed and election of officers was held. The following officers were elected:
Oracle - Mrs. Winnifred Merriman
Vice-Oracle - Mrs. Mary Goodin
Past Oracle - Mrs. Lela Becker
Recorder - Mrs. Leta Myers
Receiver - Mrs. Valeria Germar
Inner Sentinel - Mrs. Mary Conboy
Outer Sentinel - Mrs. Alta Tompkins
Musician - Mrs. Leta Myers
Managers - Mrs. Elsie Blake, Mrs. Nora Marble, Mrs. Cora Lowe
~Clayton County Register, Wed., 18 Dec. 1935



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