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Unless otherwise credited the following items were contributed by Reid R. Johnson for Clayton co. IAGenWeb

Royal Neighbors of America

Palm Leaf Camp, No. 3198, R.N.A., at their meeting Tuesday evening elected the following officers for the ensuing year:
Oracle- Mrs. Effie Knight
Vice Oracle- Miss Kittie Little
Recorder- Mrs. Ina Matthews
Receiver- Mrs. Louisa Fuelling
Chancellor- Mrs. Sella Matthews
Marshal- Miss Elfreda Oelke
I.S.- Mrs. Anna Sabban
O.S.- Miss Reca Possehl
Manager- James T. Adams
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 10, 1903 (Farmersburg column)

Farmer's Stock Company
A Farmer's Stock Company was organized here last Saturday for the shipping of stock, with the following officers:
President - John Sabban
Secretary - Wm. Buckman
Manager - James Matthews
Directors - Lewis Saacks, Ernest Fuelling, Henry Kling, Henry Gerloff, Herman Hammann, Henry Walters
~Elkader Register, Thursday, March 1, 1906. Farmersburg column

Farmersburg Baseball

The Farmersburg baseball team has organized for the season of 1907 and are now ready to challenge all on-comers.
Leslie Brown, 1st base and captain
Geo. Meier, 2nd base
Stickfort, shortstop
Chas. Looby, 3rd base
A. H. Oelke, right fielder
Jas. Matthews, Jr., center fielder
H. Wilker, catcher
Will Russo, left fielder
C. F. Meier, substitute and left fielder
Otto Fuelling, pitcher
Will Looby, manager
~Elkader Register, Thur., 11 Apr. 1907. Farmersburg column

Modern Woodmen of America

At a regular meeting of Cedar Camp, No. 3246, M.W.A., the following officers were elected:
V.C. - John Sabbann
W.A. - H. A. Oelke
Clerk - Ernest Haltmeyer
Banker - Jas. T. Adams
Escort - E. A. Sabbann
Watchman - J. F. Mertins
Sentry - Bert Mathews
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 10 Dec. 1908. Farmersburg column

Hall Society
At the annual meeting of the Hall Society held Jan. 10th, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
President - A. H. Oelke
Vice President - Raymond Burnham
Treasurer - Chas. Hinsch
Secretary - H. D. Hinsch
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 19 Jan. 1911. Farmersburg column

M.B.A., Farmersburg

Charity Lodge No. 142, M.B.A., elected the following officers for the ensuing year:
President - H. D. Hinsch
Vice-President - John Sabbann
Secretary - H. A. Oelke
Chaplin - Mina Dahlstrom
Conductor - Ina Mathews
Watchman - Samuel L. Little
Sentry - Ben Zurcher
Treasurer - Anna Sabbann
Physician - G. A. Brandt
Trustees - Henry Oelke, Jr., Anna Mathews, John Sabbann
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 30 Jan. 1913. Farmersburg column

Farmersburg Band Organized
Monday evening a meeting was called to organize a band and over 40 responded. Marshal Hieden told them the purpose of the meeting and made a rousing speech for the cause. Thirty of the musically inclined then walked up and signed their names. The following officers were elected:
President - Otto Fuelling
Sec. - Professor Lewes
Treasurer - Carrol Oelke
Manager - Geo. Glawe
Vice President - George Glawe
We vouch for some good talent in the band.
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 20 Feb. 1919. Farmersburg Hints column.

Order of Eastern Star
Last Wednesday evening the Monona Eastern Star officers were invited to a 6 o'clock supper at the Haltmeyer Hotel. About twenty being present from Monona. There was 50 who partook of the banquet after which they all went to the Lodge room for the purpose of constituting our chapter and installing the officers for the ensuing year.
Worthy Matron - Mabel Mead
Worthy Patron - Harlen Mead
Associate Matron - Francis Oelke
Secretary - Sella Shales
Treasurer - Laura Shales
Conductress - Kittie Johnson
Asso. Conductress - Odelia Little
Chaplin - Belle Oelke
Marshal - Theresa Oelke
Organist - Lenora Embretson
Adah - Olga Mahnke
Ruth - Vivian Larson
Esther - Esther Hinsch
Martha - Grace Orvis
Electa - Mahalia Dahlstrom
Warden - Mary Eggert
Sentinel - Arno Oelke
~Elkader Register, Thur., 4 Dec. 1924. Farmersburg column. Condensed from a larger article.

Order of Eastern Star

The O.E.S. elected their officers last Tuesday evening, as follows:
Worthy Matron - Mrs. Arno Oelke
Worthy Patron - Arno Oelke
Associate Matron - Mrs. Kittie Johnson
Secretary - Miss Alice Mahnke
Treasurer - Mrs. Augusta Kruse
Conductress - Mrs. Odelia Little
Assoc. Conductress - Mrs. Mahala Dahlstrom
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 16 Dec. 1926. Farmersburg column

Order of Eastern Star
The Eastern Star held their installation last Tuesday at the Masonic lodge room. The following officers were installed:
Worthy Matron - Francis Oelke
W. Patron - Arno Oelke
Asst. Matron - Kittie Johnson
Sec. - Alice Mahnke
Treas. - Augusta Kruse
Cond. - Odela Little
Asst. Cond. - Mahalia Dahlstrom
Chaplain - Laura Glawe
Marshal - Mina Dahlstrom
Organist - Thelma Mathews
Ada - Esther Hinsch
Ruth - Vivian Reardon
Esther - Beulah Hinsch
Martha - Belle Oelke
Electa - Olga Mahnke
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 13 Jan. 1927. Farmersburg column

Royal Neighbors of America
A public installation of the officers of the R.N.A. of Palm Leaf Camp No. 3198, was given Friday evening. Deputy Mrs. Eva Baind, Installing Officer. Miss Ida Orvis of Luana Ceremonial Marshal.
Oracle - Mina Dahlstrom
Past Oracle - Nellie Beluind
Vice Oracle - Ruth Radloff
Chancellor - Theresa Oelke
Recorder - Kittie Johnson
Receiver - Augusta Kruse
Marshal - Gladys Reardon
Inner Sentinel - Laura Radloff
Outer Sentinel - Violette Gossman
Managers - Vivian Reardon, Hilma Lenth, Mabel Henkes
Faith - Helen Oelke
Courage - Amanda Henkes
Modesty - Annice Oelke
Unselfishness - Linda Klasen
Endurance - Elsie Klutzback
Flag Bearer - Belle Oelke
Musician - Thelma Mathews
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 03 Feb. 1927. Farmersburg column

Women's Club
Thursday evening the Women's Club met with Mrs. Wm. Reardon and was enjoyed by all. After the program the following officers were elected:
President - Mrs. Ina Mathews
Vice-President - Mrs. Mina Dahlstrom
Secretary - Miss Violette Gossman
Treasurer - Mrs. Wm. Reardon
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 21 Apr. 1927. Farmersburg column

Royal Neighbors of America

The Royal Neighbors elected their officers last Wednesday evening for the ensuing year:
Oracle - Mrs. Ruth Radloff
Vice-Oracle - Mrs. Nettie Behrend
Secretary - Mrs. Ed. Johnson
Treasurer - Mrs. Augusta Kruse
Inner Sentinel - Mrs. Laura Radloff
Outer Sentinel - Mrs. Sophia Benzing.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 22 Dec. 1927. Farmersburg column

Order of Eastern Star
Farmersburg Chapter No. 526, O.E.S., installed their officers Tuesday evening for the ensuing year. Hugo Oelke presided as installing officer and Mrs. Arno Oelke as installing marshal. Officers are:
Worthy Matron - Thelma Mathews
Worthy Patron - Hervey Dahlstrom
Associate Matron - Vivian Reardon
Associate Patron - Milton Monlux
Secretary - Augusta Kruse
Treasurer - Mina Dahlstrom
Conductress - Alice Mahnke
Associate Conductress - Belle Oelke
Chaplin - Olga Mahnke
Marshal - Kittie Johnson
Adah - Mahalia Dahlstrom
Ruth - Nettie Behrend
Martha - Odelia Little
Electa - Francis Oelke
Warder - Laura Glawe
Sentinel - Carl Gall
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 14 Jan. 1932

Royal Neighbors of America
Farmersburg: Last Wednesday evening the R.N.A. installed their officers. Mahalia Dahlstrom was installing officer and Hilma Lenth was ceremonial marshal. The new officers are:
Oracle - Freda McNally
Vice Oracle - Amanda Henkes
Past Oracle - Mahalia Dahlstrom
Chancellor - Thresea Oelke
Recorder - Ina Mathews
Receiver - Augusta Kruse
Marshal - Violette Gossman
Asst. Marshal - Helma Lenth
Inner Sentinel - Mabel Henkes
Outer Sentinel - Mina Dahlstrom
Managers - Elsia Kutzback, Esther Schlitter
Musician - Laura Radloff
Faith - Thelma Mathews
Courage - Sophia Benzing
Modesty - Belle Oelke
Unselfishness - Linda Klasen
Endurance - Gladys Reardon.
Juvenile Director - Augusta Kruse
Captain of Degree Staff - Kittie Johnson
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 4 Feb. 1932

Order of Eastern Star & Masons
Farmersburg: A joint installation of the Masons and Eastern Stars was held Friday evening at the Masonic hall. After installation cards and refreshments were enjoyed. The following officers were installed:
Worthy Matron - Alice Mahnke
Worthy Patron - Hugo Oelke
Asst. Matron - Nettie Behrend
Asst. Patron - Carl Gall
Sec. - Mina Dahlstrom
Treas. - Kittie Johnson
Conductress - Thelma Mathews
Asst. Conductress - Margaret Kruse
Organist - Ada Kiple
Adah - Laura Glawe
Ruth - Olga Mahnke
Martha - Odelia Little
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 3 Jan. 1935


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