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Ancient Order of United Workmen - A.O.U.W.
Monday eve A.O.U.W. installed:
P.M.W. - George Barrott
G.F. - S. J. Soyster
Rec. - J. W. Stahl
R. - C. Roeder
I.W. - Jas. Gear
M.W. - Martin Garber
O. - O. D. Taft
F. - A. J. Galer
G. - E. J. Jerome
O.W. - J. R. Beddow
~Elkader Register, Thur., 24 Jan. 1878. Elkport Notes column

A.O.U.W. of this place elected officers for ensuing term this evening. Officers elect are:
P.M.W. - Martin Garber
M.W. - O. D. Taft
G.F. - W. G. Every
O. - G. Barratt
R. - C. Roeder
F. - A. J. Galer
Rec. - J. E. Jerome
G. - M. H. Galer
J.W. - B. C. Sooy
O.W. C. D. Miller
T. - M. L. Beddow
~Elkader Register, Thur., 27 June 1878. Elkport Local Items column.



The following list of officers of Elk Lodge, I.O.O.F., were installed by D.D.G.M. Schroeder, Saturday evening: 
N.G. - Mike Romig
Warden - James F. Gear
V. G. - J. W. Sahl
Con. - C. Soll
Rec. Sec. - Charles Laxson
O.G. - Henry Hoehen / Boehen
Per. Sec. - H. P. Taft
I.G. - F. T. Pilkington
Treas. - Geo. Kriebs
R.S.S. - James Flemming
R.S. to N.G. - Ed. Jennings
L.S.S. - J. W. Mulvaney
L.S. to N.G. - Geo. Parrett
R.S. to V. G. - John McAndrew
L.S. to V.G. - J. A. Thayer
Elkader Register
, Thur., 27 Jan. 1881 (Elkport locals column)



The following officers were installed in Elk Lodge, No. 345, I.O.O.F., last Saturday evening by Marvin Cook, D.D.G.M.:
N.G. - George Kriebs
V.G. - C. M. Laxson
Treas. - Chas. Soll
Sec. - F. T. Pilkington
R.S. to N.G - J. E. Corlett
L.S. to N.G. - W. J. Mulvaney
R.S. to V.G. - Ed. Jennings
L.S. to V.G. - David Laxson
W. - James F. Gear
C. - W. G. Woodall
L.S.S. - Peter Flaherty
R.S.S. - Fred Krieg
I.G. - Charles Johnson
O.G. - A. C. Walters
Elkader Register
, Fri., 14 July 1882. (Elkport Locals column)



The following are the officers elect of Elk lodge, No. 345, I.O.O.F.:
N.G. - Ed. Jennings
V.G. - J. E. Corlett
Rec. Sect. - Dave Laxson
Per. Sect. - Henry Taft
Treas. - Chris. Oehrle
The appointive officers have not yet been installed.
~Elkader Register, Fri., Jan. 12, 1883. (Elkport Locals column)



At the election of officers of Elk Lodge No. 345, I.O.O.F., Saturday evening, the following officers were elected to serve the ensuing term:
W. W. Franks, N.G.
B. Hegeman, V.G.
M. M. Webb, Sec.
Geo. Kriebs, Per. Sec.
Chas. Soll, Treas.

The following officers of the G.A.R. Post were elected Friday evening:
Jerome Goodsell, Commander
C. F. Buck, S.V.
John Sangston, J.V.
W. J. Mulvaney, Sergt.
James Flemming, O.D.
Jacob Amling, O.G.
Adolph Peick, Quartermaster
George Borrett, Chaplain
The post took in several new members and is in a flourishing condition.
~Elkader Register, Thur., December 12, 1889 (Elkport & vicinity column)



East Elkport Young Men's Club
There was a good attendance at the Young Men's Club meeting at the City Hall Tuesday evening. The following officers were elected:
Thos. Flaherty, President
Henry C. Schnepf, Vice President
Wm. Woodruff, Sec
Chas. Zapf, Treas
Another meeting was held Tuesday night.
~Elkader Argus, Wed., March 18, 1903



Young Men's Club
The Y.M.C. held its semi-annual election last Tuesday night and the following officers were elected for the ensuing term: Pres.- Henry C. Schnepf.
V. Pres.- Wm. Rutledge
Sec.- Carson Palmer
Treas.- John H. Strube
The secretary's report for 1903 will be read at the next meeting, Jan. 5th, 1904. The newly elected officers will also be installed. The officers were all re-elected but the secretary.
~Elkader Register, Thurs, December 13, 1903 (East Elkport column)

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year for Jos. Morris Lodge I.O.O.F.
N.G.- W. F. Schmidt
V.G.- Asa G. Kriebs
Sec.- Geo. Kriebs
Treas.- J. C. Beck
~Elkader Register, Thur., December 17, 1903 (Elkport and Vicinity column)

Daughter's of Rebekah

The following officers were elected to serve as officers for Elk Valley lodge No. 500.
Noble Grand- Bertha Strube
Vice Grand- Merinda Purman
Sec.- Ina Purman
Treas.- Anna Beck
~Elkader Register, Thur., December 24, 1903 (Elkport and Vicinity column)
~Note: The Rebekah's were originally the female auxillary of the I.O.O.F. but later began allowing men to join the fraternity.

The lodge officers for the C.C.C. elected for the ensuing year are as follows.
Pres.- Mrs. L. Liddy
V. Pres.- Mrs. M. Wiley
Clerk- H. L. Gifford
Treas.- E. Enderes
Prelate- Mrs. John Osborne
Overseer- F. J. Liddy
I.G.- Louis Beckman
O.G.- Wm. Peick
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 24, 1903. (Littleport column) [note: anyone knowing which organization this is, please contact the site coordinator]

Modern Workmen of America
The lodge officers for the M.W.A. elected for the ensuing year are as follows:
V.C.- Wm. Reimer.
W.A.- Chas. Reick.
Banker- E. Enderes.
Clerk- F. T. Pilkington.
Escort- Geo. Olinger.
Watchman- Warren Hughes.
Sentry- Wm. Peick.
Physician- Dr. G. W. Barber.
Manager- Thos. Madden, Jr.
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 24, 1903. (Littleport column)



Young Men's Club
At their meeting Tuesday evening the "Young Men's Club" elected officers for the ensuing term as follows:
Pres. - J. H. Strube
Vice Pres. - Chas. Kreig, Jr.
Sec. - E. C. Strube
Treas. - W. L. Rutledge
Board of Trustees- Henry Waterman, H. C. Schnepf and Garfield Thein
The club is in a very prosperous condition and now have 168 volumes in their new library. They should be given every encouragement.
~Elkader Register, Thursday, January 11,1906. Elkport and Vicinity column

M.B.A., Littleport
The M.B.A. lodge held their meeting and installation of officers last Thursday evening. The following officers were installed:
Pres. - F. C. H. Reimer
Vice Pres. - Fred Gossman
Sec. and Treas. - Mrs. J. J. Liddy
Conductor - Geo. Meyer
Chaplain - Mrs. A. J. Nading.
Watchman - Wm. Reick
Cent. - Aug. Bendschneider
Physician - Dr. Donaldson
If officers have anything to do with a camp, surely this camp has a good foundation. Brothers F. Sheer, Max Meyer, Henry Jungblut, Sr., and Henry Jungblut, Jr., of Elkader, were visitors during the installation.
~Elkader Register, Thursday, January 18, 1906. Littleport column



M.B.A., Elkport
The Modern Brotherhood lodge last week elected the following officers:
Pres. - Dr. F. J. Kriebs
Vice Pres. - Mrs. M. M. Hanneman
Secretary - Chas. J. Kitcher
Treasurer - Asa G. Kriebs
Chaplain - Mrs. L. Krieg
Conductor - Jacob Schweikert
Watchman - Mrs. M. Schuepf
Sentry - Mrs. Anna Beck
Examining Physician - Dr. Kriebs
~Elkader Register, Thur., December 20, 1906. Elkport and Vicinity column

Modern Workmen of America
The Elkport Camp M.W.A. held a meeting Thursday evening and elected the following officers:
V.C. - George J. Roeder
Advisor - Henry Schnack
Clerk - Dr. F. J. Kriebs
Banker - Conrad Schnepf
Escort - D. C. Beck
Watchman - R. C. Strube
Sentry - Jacob Rentschler
Manager - George Kriebs
~Elkader Register, Thur., December 20, 1906. Elkport and Vicinity column



Opera House Company
The Elkport Opera House Company held their annual meeting at the Opera House Monday and elected the following officers:
President - Chas Brandtman
Vice-President - Albert Zapf
Treasurer - Geo. Kriebs
Manager of Dances and Shows - Geo. Downey
Managers of Picture Shows - Elmer Hughes, H. Beeh
Board of Directors - Alto Behrns, Robert Hafner, A. C. Reuschel, A. W. Reuschel, A. W. Hohman, Asa G. Kriebs
~Elkader Register, Thur., 13 Jan. 1921. Elkport column



Royal Neighbors - Littleport
The Royal Neighbors at their regular meeting Dec. 9th elected the following officers:
Oracle - Martha Towle
Vice Oracle - Martha Behrens
Chancellor - Katie Dinan
Recorder - Minnie Brich
Receiver - Rosa Bachelder
Marshall - Anna Reichert
Inner Sentinel - Lenora Beckman
Outer Sentinel - Julia Meyer
Manager - Minnie Winch (Three-Year term)
Physicians - Drs. Brown and McGrath
Organist - Ella Becker
~Elkader Register, Thur., 11 Dec. 1924


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