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Note: unless otherwise credited, the information has been contributed by Reid R. Johnson


Ancient Order of United Workmen - A.O.U.W.
Elkader Lodge number 44, A,O.U.W., at their meeting Monday evening, installed the following officers:
P.M. W. - J. W. Shannon
M.W. - J. M. Leach
G.F. - P. C. Young
O. - G. M. Dempsie
Recorder - F. S. Davis
Financier - P. Lawrence
Receiver - C. F. Stearns
Guide - H. H. Barnard
I.W. - E. Partch
O.W. - G. Wertley
Trustee - O. F. Davis

E. Week, District Deputy G.M., performed the ceremonies of the occasion. J. W. Shannon, P.M. W., was chosen representative to the grand lodge which meets at Des Moines this month.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 3 Jan. 1878

Independent Order of Good Templars
The following officers were installed on Friday evening, who will run the independent order of good Templars for the next quarter:
W. C.T. - P. Lawrence
W. V.T. - Amelia Murdock
W.S. - Verni Mills
W. T. - Mrs. Lawrence
F.S. - Edgar Partch
W.C. - E. M. Cook
W.M. - Mattie Gilbert
I.G. - Linna Boller
O.G. - Lucy Partch
~Elkader Register, Thur., 7 Feb. 1878

Saturday evening the following officers were installed in Elkader Lodge No. 304, I.O.O.F.:
N.G. - Thos. L. Boots
V.G. - J. W. Shannon
Sec'y - M. A. Skinner
Treasurer - H. C. Grotewohl
Conductor - Marvin Cook
Warden - V. B. Parch
R.L.S. - Chas. E. Floete
L.L.S. - John Latham
R.S. to N.G. - J. F. Thompson
L.S. to N.G. - J. E. Branch
R.S. to V.G. - Thos. Bates
L.S. to V.G. - W. A. Skinner
O.G. - Wm. Latham
I.G. - Chas F. Schoch
Trustees - Marvin Cook, F. D. Bayless, H. C. Grotewohl
Finance Committee - J. F. Thompson, W. A. Skinner, J. E. Branch
~Elkader Register, Thur., 17 Jan. 1878

Fire Company Organized
At a meeting of the citizens of Elkader held in Murdock & Larkin's office, on Tuesday evening, for the purpose of organizing a fire company to operate the water works, the following officers were elected:
Chief of Fire Department - F. D. Bayless
Foreman - Fred Bosch
Assistant - A. T. Westlake
Chief Engineer - A. C. Gorgas
Assistants - Jacob Stemmer, Francis Davis II, C. Grotewold, Chas. Schoch Jr., Wm. Davis

A committee on constitution and by-laws was elected, consisting of: Henry C. Stearns, D. R. Mills, J. M. Snedigar

The old committee on water-works having made a report, were discharged. The meeting then adjourned until next Tuesday evening in the same office, when it is hoped the organization of the company will be completed.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 12 Dec. 1878


D.D.G.M. James Schroeder, of Guttenberg, was in town Saturday, and installed the following officers of Elkader Lodge , No. 304, I.O.O.F.: 
N.G., M. A. Skinner
V.G., C. E. Floete
Sect., Marvin Cook
Treas., H. H. Hagensick
~Elkader Register, Fri., 5 Aug. 1881

The following are the officers elected by Bismark Lodge, No. 110, A.O.U.W., of this place, at their regular meeting last Thursday evening, for the ensuing year.: 
P.M.W. - Fred Bosch
M.W. - Adolf Katechkowsky
Foreman - H. C. Grotewold
Overseer - Chas. Adams
Recorder - F. W. Dennert
Financier - F. Liers
Receiver - Jacob Stemmer
Guide - J. B. Schmidt
I.W. - J. A. Ready
O. W. Geo. Wolf
Trustee - A. Borman
Medical Examiners - G. Wheeland and K. F. Purdy
~Elkader Register, Thur., Jan. 6, 1881


Ancient Order of United Workmen - A.O.U.W.
Elkader lodge, No. 44, A.O.U.W.
, elected the following officers for the ensuing year on Monday evening last:
P.M.W. - O. F. Davis
M.W. - D. G. Griffith
F. - C. H. Sterns
O. - C. F. Stearns
Rec. - J. M. Leach
Fin. - H. W. Wilke
Receiver - W. A. Preston
G. - E. W. Stanton
I.W. S. A. Bass
O.W. - G. Wertley
Trustee - G. F. Stearns
Med. Ex. - K. F. Purdy and S. A. Bass
~Elkader Register, Fri., Dec. 22, 1882

Below we give a list of the officers of Bismarck lodge, No. 110, A.O.U.W., who were elected on Thursday evening of last week.
P.M.W. - Charles Reinecke
M.W. - August Uecker
F. - Wm. Mueschewsky
O. - J. G. Hagensick
Rec. - F. W. Dennert
Fin. - Aug. Borman
Receiver - J. C. Stemmer
Guide - George Wolf
I.W. - C. F. Schoch
O.W. - H. C. Grotewohl
Medical Examiners - K. F. Purdy & S. A. Bass
~Elkader Register, Fri., Jan. 5, 1883
Elkader Gun Club
Elkader can now boast of a gun club as well as other towns in the county. A meeting was held last week, and the following members enrolled:
Captain - Chas. Schoch
Secretary - J. F. Kenkle
Martin Dittmer
Adolf Katschkowsky
Herman Katschkowsky
Wm. Beer
August Falkenhainer
They will soon commence practicing at glass ball shooting, and will hold a tournament later in the season.
~Elkader Register, Fri., May 4, 1883. Home News column

1884 & 1885

At their meeting on Thursday evening, Dec. 27th, Bismark Lodge, No. 110, A.O.U.W., elected the following officers for the ensuing term:
P.M.W. - W. Mueschewsky
M.W. - J. G. Hagensick
F. - C. W. Walser
O. - Herman Katschowsky
S. - F. W. Dennert
Fin. - H. C. Grotewohl
G. - Martin Dittmer
I.W. - Fred Kruse
O.W. Herm. Gall
Med. Ex. - Drs. Purdy and Bass
Rep. to Grand Lodge - F. W. Dennert
~Elkader Register, Fri., Jan. 4, 1884. Home News column.
The following officers of Elkader lodge No. 44, A.O.U.W., were elected for the ensuing year on Monday evening:
M.W. - G. Wertley
Foreman - D. R. Mills
Overseer - G. F. Davis
Recorder - J. M. Leach
Fin. - T. M. Davidson
Receiver - C. F. Stearns
Guide - E. W. Stanton
I.W. - N. Adams
O.W. - H. W. Wilke
Trusees - O. F. Davis, D. R. Mills & D. G. Griffith
~Elkader Register, Wed., Dec. 17, 1884


Elkader Fire Company
At the monthly meeting last Thursday evening the Elkader Fire Co. elected the following officers:
Chief - J. A. Kramer.
Asst. Chief - J. M, Jenson
Foreman - John Bahr
Asst. - D. E. Gleason
Sec. and Treas. - A. J. Carpenter

The members of the company were assigned positions as follows:
Hose Co. No. 1:
Nozzlemen - H. Benschneider, P. Cassidy
Pipemen - Jno. Everall, Joe Kramer, C. W. Walser
Hydrant - D. E. Gleason

Hose Co. No. 2:
Nozzlemen - F. Hofer, Jno. Losch, Jno. Stoops
Pipemen - Jno. Bahr, A. J. Carpenter
Hydrant - S. R. Munger

It was determined at this meeting to divide the town into 4 fire wards for the purpose of signaling the location of the fire. The river and Main Street running from the jail to the Schmidt residence are taken for the dividing lines. On the West side the district north of Main Street was labled No. 1, that south of Main Street being No. 2. On the East side the north ward will be No. 3 and the one south of Main Street No. 4. The rule for signaling is simple. After the first general alarm, the number of taps with intervals between should correspond with the number of the ward in which the fire is located. This should be repeated several times and will result in saving time to the firemen and the citizens by giving them an idea of where to go. Everyone should remember this signal and make proper use of it when the occasion arises.
~Elkader Register, Thur., March 14, 1901. Local News columns.
Order of Eastern Star - O.E.S.
The following officers of Charity Chapter No. 152, O.E.S., of this place were installed at the meeting last evening. After the ceremony refreshments were served:
W.M. - Mrs. Kate Russell
W.P. - Fred Cook
A.M. - Mrs. F. M. Landon
Sec. - Lizzie Leibrock
Treas. - A. J. Carpenter
Con. - Martha Hill
A. Con. - Mrs. F. G. Leibrock
Ada - Mrs. G. C. Wolf
Ruth - Ella Wilke
Esther - Mrs. H. D. Brown
Martha - Mrs. J. C. Stemmer [Note: see below for a correction]
Chap. - Mrs. M. E. Munger Jr.
Mar. - Mrs. H. S. Merritt
Warder - Mrs. A. O. Elvidge
Sent. - E. W. Stanton
Organist - May Landon
~Elkader Register, Thur., 3 Jan. 1901

(Published in the next weeks newspaper. The remainder of the officers were the same as reported the previous week)
Martha - Mrs. J. A. Stringer
Electa - Mrs. J. C. Stemmer
~Elkader Register, Thur., 10 Jan. 1901


At a meeting of Mystic Camp, No. 319, M.W.A., Saturday evening, the following officers were elected:
V.C. - L. E. Corlett
Advisor - Aug. Borman
Banker - Chas. Ruegnitz
Clerk - J. A. Kramer
Escort - Ed. Livingood
Watchman - Chas. Russell
Sentry - Wm. Heitkamp
Manager - J. E. Corlett
Med. Examiners - Dr. W. J. McGrath and Dr. Wm. Miller
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 12,1901

Modern Brotherhood of America
Election of Officers - At a meeting of Protection Lodge, No. 185, M.B.A., last Friday evening the following officers were elected:
Pres. - P. A. Munger
V. Pres. A. L. Peterson
Sec. - M. Cook
Treas. - D. G. Griffith
Con. - S. R. Munger
Chap. - E. R. Munger
W. - E. R. Russell
Sent. - C. N. Scovil
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 19, 1901
Knights of Pythias
Last Tuesday evening Elkader Lodge No. 2 K. of P. elected the following officers for the ensuing year:
C.C. - J. E. Corlett
V.C. - H. D. Brown
Prelate - G. H. Schulte
M. of W. - A. L. Barthel
K. of R. and S. - S. R. Munger
M. of E. - D. C. Hale
M. of F. - S. R. Munger
M. at A. - R. F. Schmidt
I.G. - W. F. Reinecke
O.G. - V. L. Gilje
Trustees - H. D. Brown, A. L. Barthel, R. F. Schmidt
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 19, 1901

Royal Neighbors of America
At a recent meeting of Fern Leaf Camp, No. 1809, the following officers were elected:
Oracle - Mrs. S. R. Munger
Vice Oracle - Emma Ruegnitz
Receiver - Kate Falkenhainer
Recorder - Mary Kramer
Chancellor - Mattie Schoch
Marshal - Bertha Grube
Inner Sentinel - Lenora Schmidt
Outer Sentinel - Hattie Johnson
Manager - J. A. Kramer
Med. Examiners - Drs. Alice Carpenter and W. J. McGrath
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 19, 1901

Fair and Track Association
The annual meeting of the Elkader Fair and Track Association was held at the court room Wednesday afternoon. The reports of the Secretary and Treasurer were read and having been audited were approved. They showed that the association was in a prosperous condition. The following officers were elected:
President - A. O. Elvidge
Vice President - E. Hofer
Treasurer - Chas. Johnson
Secretary - Chas. C. Oehring
Directors - Jos. Lamm, Jos. Kramer, J. A. Kramer, E. C. Ehrhardt and P. Meyer
~Elkader Register, Thur., November 28, 1901


Order of Eastern Star - O.E.S.
At the meeting of Charity Chapter, No. 152, O.E.S., Wednesday evening, the following officers were installed for the new year:
W.M. - Mrs. Ella Lamm
A.M. - Mrs. Ella Merritt
W.P. - G. H. Schulte
Treas. - Mrs. S. S. Leach
Sec. - Lizzie Leibrock
Cond. - Mrs. Louise Leibrock
Asso. Cond. - Mrs. Mary Carpenter
Ada - Mrs. S. V. Corlett
Ruth - Mrs. Edna Wolf
Esther - Ella Wilke
Martha - Mrs. Lizzie Stemmer
Electa - Mrs. Mary A. Griffith
Warden - Mrs. Julia Preston
Sen. - Mrs. Lena Talley
Marshal - Jessie Blake
Chaplain - Mrs. Kate Russell
Organist - Ida Stemmer
~Elkader Argus, Wed., Jan. 14, 1903

Elkader Baseball Club Organized
The Elkader base ball club organized Tuesday evening by electing Lee Cook, manager, and George Everetts, captain. The roster or line up of the team will be about as follows: Pitcher, John Roggman; catcher, Harry Friend; 1b, Ray Hagensick; 2b, Ed. Kelleher; 3b, Alva Nichols; ss, Dan Barton; rf, Geo. Witt; cf, Capt. Everetts; lf, Frank Munger; substitutes, Geo. Niemeyer, Ed. Beer, Arthur Kramer, and perhaps Burns, of Volga City; home umpire, Harvey Clough. The boys expect to give a benefit game in a week or two, and it is hoped that all lovers of the game will extend them every encouragement. ~Elkader Register, Thur., April 16, 1903. Home News column
District Deputy J. A. Walter, of McGregor, was in town last Wednesday evening and installed the following officers of Elkader Lodge No. 304, I.O.O.F.:
N.G - Louis Zahrndt
V.G. - Wm. Grube
Treasurer - H. H. Hagensick
Secretary - C. W. Walser/Walzer (4th letter looks like S or Z)
R.S. of N.G. - John G. Hagensick
L.S. of N.G. - J. C. Stemmer
Warden - E. R. Munger
Conductor - D. G. Griffith
R.S. of V.G. - Martin Dittmer
L.S. of V.G. - Al Kimball
R.S.S. - Fred Brockmann
L.S.S. - Chris Brockmann
O.G. - W. V. Partch
~Elkader Register, Thur., July 16, 1903

Businessmen's Club
The Businessmen's Club at their annual meeting Saturday evening elected the following officers for the ensuing year: 
President - H. D. Brown
Vice-President - W. J. McGrath
Treasurer - Chas. Johnsen
Secretary - B. F. Falkenhainer
Executive Committee - H. D. Brown, W. J. McGrath, B. F. Falkenhainer, G. H. Fletcher, J. J. Kann.
The president was authorized to name a committee to bring before the club topics vital to the business interests of the town. It was also resolved that business men of the town who are not members of the club are invited to attend meetings at which any matter of interest to all is brought up.
~Elkader Register, Thur., Sept. 10, 1903

Elkader Band, 13th Anniversary
Monday evening the Elkader band celebrated the 13th anniversary of the organization. After transacting the usual business, refreshments were served and a merry good time had in which all participated with their individual specialties. Our people naturally take pride in this organization, not only because they furnish good music, but because the band boys are pleasant and accommodating, always willing to appear upon every occasion. The band now numbers sixteen pieces, all equipped with a complete set of C. G. Conn instruments. Of the original organization there remains only R. F. Schmidt and W. F. Reinecke. The following are the present members:

R. F. Schmidt, tuba
Frank Munger, tuba
W. F. Reinecke, baritone
G. H. Wilke, slide trombone
H. W. Uecker, tenor
A. Eberhart, 2nd alto
Geo. W. Munger, 1st alto
Chas. Roggman, solo alto
H. Orvie Parke, piccolo
Wm. Walther, 2nd clarinet
G. M. Snedigar, 1st clarinet
Ed. Beer, 1st cornet
Louis Muschewske, solo cornet
Otto Friend, solo cornet
L. J. Kramer, base drum
Ray Friend, snare drum
~Elkader Register, Thur., Sept. 10, 1903

Fair and Track Association, 1903/1904
The annual meeting of the Elkader Fair and Track Association was held at the Court Room yesterday afternoon. The attendance was light but all seemed enthusiastic for the new year, President Lamm presided. The report of the Secretary and Treasurer were read and approved. They show that the total receipts for the past year were $3130.07, and expenses $3129.56. It was also shown that there is about $700 unpaid warrants outstanding. In order to meet this directors were authorized to contract a loan not to exceed $800. The following officers were elected: President - Jos. Lamm.
Vice President - Ed Hofer
Secretary - J. A. Kramer
Treasurer - A. J. Carpenter
Directors - E. C. Ehrhardt, J. P. Meyer, Jos. Kramer, H. D. Brown, and Wm. Crowe
~Elkader Register, Thursday, November 26, 1903


At a regular meeting of Elkader Lodge No. 304 I.O.O.F., held on Wednesday evening, the following officers were elected for the ensuing term.
N.G.- Louis Zahrndt
V.G.- Wm. Grube
Treas.- H. H. Hagensick
Sec.- C. W. Walser
It was also decided to lease the Hagensick hall for five years.
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 10, 1903

Modern Woodmen of America (M.W.A.)
At a meeting of Mystic Camp No. 319, Saturday evening, the following officers were elected.
V.C.- W. W. Davidson.
W.A.- A. L. Barthel.
E.B.- D. C. Hale.
Escort- A. H. Wells.
Clerk- Arthur Bishop.
Watchman- Chas. Russell.
Sentry- Wm. Heitcamp. W. J. McGrath.
Manager- Jas. E. Corlett.
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 10, 1903
Modern Brotherhood of America (M.B.A.)
Protection lodge M.B.A.
, at its meeting last evening elected the following
officers for the ensuing year.
Pres.- Mrs. Kate Russell.
V. Pres.- Mrs. Geo. Lenth.
Sec.- M. Cook.
Treas.- Fred Scheer.
Con.- Ed. Cords.
Chap.- Mrs. W. E. Witt.
Watch- Chas. Scovil.
Sentry- Ed Russell.
~Elkader Register, Thur., Dec. 24, 1903. Local News page

Columbian Circles & Highland Nobles
The local court of Columbian Circles is now a part of the Highland Nobles, the two fraternal insurance organizations having been merged under the name of the latter.
~Elkader Argus, Wed., May 18, 1904


Highland Nobles
At a regular meeting of Costigan Castle No. 140, Highland Nobles, held Wednesday evening, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
Protector - Bertha Grube
Councellor - E.C. Ehrhardt
Evangel - Dora Walser
Treas. - C.G. Scchmidt
Sec. - C.W. Walser
Escort - Marg Lenth
Warden - Mattie Prouty
Sentry - Mrs. E.C. Ehrhardt
Trustee - J.K. Molumby
Physicians - Miss Alice Howard & Dr. W.J. McGrath
~Elkader Argus, Wednesday, December 21, 1904 ~contributed by S. Ferrall

Highland Nobles
Costigan Castle No. 140, Highland Nobles
held their regular meeting last Friday evening and adopted the following new members: M. Fitzpatrick, George F. Katschkowsky, Henry Berghahn, Miss Anna Johnson, Mrs. Frederica Nehls, Mrs. Augusta Zabrndt, Miss Ella Mecklenburg, John H. Friend. Supreme Protector J.L. Rose, of Des Moines, was present and assisted in the work. The Castle now has nearly fifty members.
~Elkader Argus, Thursday, May 25, 1905 ~contributed by S. Ferrall
Gesang Verein
The Gesang Verein has been resurected and reorganized with twenty one members, including Mayor Schulte, Otto Germar, J.G. Hagensick, Ray Webb, Ed Klotzbach, Dr. Jeffers, R.F. Schmidt, J.M. Jensen, Wm. Witt, Anton Kramer, Henry Koehn and others whose names we did not get. They have employed Aug. Nehls as teacher and had their first meeting in the annex of the Opera House Tuesday evening.
~Register, Thurs. evening, January 19, 1905 ~contributed by S. Ferrall, note: the Gesang Verein is a 'singing club' or choir


Despite the unfavorable weather a large assembly gathered at the hall of Elkader Homestead No. 269 of Yeomen last Monday evening to witness the public installation of officers. The program opened with music by a portion of the Opera House Orchestra, after which Mayor G. H. Schulte spoke of the grand principles of the order and extended a hearty welcome to all. Then came a song "Friendship" by a quartette consisting of Messrs. Wm. Witt and R. F. Schmidt and Mesdames G. G. White and Chas. Long. This was followed by music from the orchestra. The drill by sixteen lady members of the order was a beautiful feature of the program. Installation being in order District Deputy Will W. Hazen, of Marshalltown, Ia., assisted by Mayor Schoulte as chief Yeoman then installed the following officers:
Foreman - W. E. Witt.
M. of C. - Thos. Harvey
Cor. - H. W. Uecker
M. of A. - J. G. Hagensick
Chap. - Aug. Uecker
O. - R. F. Schmidt
W. - Mrs. R. M. Landon
Sent. - Leona Hulverson
G. - G. Bandow
Lady Rowena - Miss Alice Leonard
Lady Rebecca - Mrs. Fred Lenth

Foreman Witt appointed the following:
Black Knight - H. C. Bishop
Courier - Mrs. H. C. Bishop
Wanda - John Toutsch
Isaac - Wm. O'Brien
Leaders of Drill Team - Mrs. Grant Cooper and Mrs. Wm. Grube

After the ceremony of installation Mr. Hazen spoke on the subject of Yeomanry and illustrated the security of its policies. This concluding the program, an elegant lunch was served consisting of coffee and sandwiches, ice cream and cake, after which followed a season of social enjoyment, games, etc. It was a fine gathering, something over one hundred enjoying the festivities.
~Elkader Register, Thursday, January 18, 1906
Note: Both spellings of the surname Schulte/Schoulte were used in the paper

Rebekah Hazel Valley Lodge
Rebecca Lodge Organized - The preliminary steps were taken last Thursday evening to organize a Rebecca lodge at this place. When the charter has been received the name will be Hazel Valley Lodge, with the following officers:
N.G. - Maude Tyler
V.G. - Florence Nichols
Secy. - Bertha Grube
Treas. - J. G. Hagensick
Warden - Ameia Lenth
Conductor - Charlotte Hagensick
R.S. to N.G - Mamie Friend
L.S. to N.G. - Lydia Feldman
I. Guardian - Dean M. Prouty
O. Guardian - Leslie Bonson
P.G. - Emma Cooper
Chaplain - Dora Walser
R.S. to V.G. - Ella Crowe
L.S. to V.G. - Ida Zahrndt
Organist - Josie Friend
Trustees - Augusta Cassidy, 3 years / G. W. Cooper, 2 years / Dellia Tyer, 1 year.
~Elkader Register, Thursday, February 15, 1906
At a meeting of Hazel Valley Rebekah Lodge No. (looks like 408), last Friday evening, the following officers were installed for the ensuing term:
N.G. - Miss Maud I. Tyler
V.G. - Miss Florence J. Nichols
Recording Sec. - Mrs. Bertha Grube
Financial Sec. - Miss Cecelia Pahlas
Treas. - Mrs. Charlotte Hagensick
Warden - Mrs. Emelie Lenth
Conductor - Mrs. Emma Cooper
R.S. to N.G. - Miss Maymie Fruend
L.S. to N.G. - Miss Mary Lembke
I.G. - L. C. Muschewske
O.G. - Chas. Heitkamp
Chaplain - Miss Emma Lembke
R.S. to V.G. - Miss Ella M. Crowe
L.S. to V.G. - Miss Ida Zahrndt
Organist - Miss Mildred Williamson
At the same meeting Miss Leona Hulverson and Chas. Heitkamp were initiated into the order.
~Elkader Register, Thur., July 12, 1906

Special district deputy C. W. Walser on last Thursday evening installed the following officers of Elkader Lodge No. 304 I.O.O.F.
N.G. - Max Goldberg
V.G. - Geo. Cassidy
Secretary - J. G. Hagensick
Treasurer - H. H. Hagensick
R.S. to N.G. - C. W. Walser
L.S. to N.G. - Grant Cooper
Warden - Henry Lenth
Conductor - L. C. Mueschewake
R.S. to V.G. - John Magnusen
L.S. to V.G. - H. C. Katschkowsky
R.S.S. - Wm. E. Witt
L.S.S. - Ole Allen
I.G. - D. M. Prouty
O.G. - Isaac McSperrin
~Elkader Register, Thursday, January 18, 1906
Thursday evening District Deputy H. A. Mallory installed the following officers in Elkader lodge No. 304 I.O.O.F.:
N.G. - Geo. Cassidy
V.G. - Louis Muschewske
Sec. - John G. Hagensick
Treas. - W. E. Witt
R.S. to N.G. - C. W. Walser
L.S. to N.G. - W. V. Partch
Warden - Henry Lenth
Conductor - Max Goldberg
R.S. to V.G. - Chas. Heitkamp
L.S. to V.G. - L. D. Zahrndt
R.S.S. - Chas Long
L.S.S. - Ole Allen
I.G. - Wm. Grube
O.G. - John Magnusen
~Elkader Register, Thur., July 12, 1906

Fair and Track Association
At the annual meeting of the Elkader Fair and Track Association held at the Court Room this afternoon, President Lamm presiding, the reports of the secretary and treasurer were read and approved. The following officers were then elected:
President - J. A. Kramer
Vice President - E. C. Ehrhart
Secretary - W. W. Davidson
Treasurer - A. J. Carpenter
Directors - Jas. E. Corlett, D.E. Gleason, Henry Wistrick, Jacob Eggiman and Wm. Becker.
~Elkader Register, Thur., November 29, 1906

Modern Woodmen of America - M.W.A.
Mystic Camp 319 M.W.A. at its regular meeting on Saturday evening installed the following officers:
V.C. - Thos. L. Harvey
W.A. - Ed Livingood
Clerk - W. W. Davidson
Banker - D. C. Hale
Escort - G. H. Fletcher
Manager - E. C. Ehrhardt
Sentry- Wm. Heitcamp
Watch - John Baker
~Elkader Register, Thursday, January 18, 1906

Elkader Baseball Club
The Elkader baseball nine has been organized as follows and are open for engagements.
Catcher - R. Hagensick
Pitcher - S. Powell
1st Base - G. Witt
2nd Base - K. Canada
S.S. - W. Witt
3rd Base - M. Hagensick
L.F. - H. Kramer
C.F. and Asst. Pitcher - J. Roggman
R.F. - E. Schmidt
Sub. - W. Dittmer
Captain - Sid Powell
Manager - Ray Hagensick
~Elkader Register, Thursday, May 10, 1906

Royal Neighbors
At a special meeting of Fern Leaf Camp, No. 1809, R.N.A., last Friday evening, the following officers were installed:
Oracle - Mrs. J. A. Kramer
Vice Oracle - Miss Emmna Ruegnitz
Chancellor - Mrs. Julia Koehn
Recorder - Mrs. Lizzie Kleinpell
Receiver - Mrs. Margaret Lenth
Marshal - Miss Mattie Schoch
Inner Sentinel - Miss Emma Hagensick
Outer Sentinel - Miss Emma Allen
Physician - Mrs. A. J. Carpenter
Manager - Mrs. Kate Dittmer
The degree staff was completed by the appointment of the Graces as follows:
Faith - Agnes Harding
Modesty - Leona Hulverson
Unselfishness - May Cook Landon
Endurance - Lena Eberhart
Courage - Rebecca Leonard
~Elkader Register, Thursday, January 25, 1906


Royal Neighbors of America
At the last regular meeting of Fern Leaf Camp No. 1809, R.N.A., elected the following officers:
Oracle - Mrs. Mell Kramer
V. Oracle - Emma Ruegnitz
Recorder - Mrs. Landon
Receiver - Mrs. Talley
Chancellor - Mrs. S. Munger
Marshall - Mrs. K. Powell
Inner Sent. - Emma Hagensick
Out. Sent. - Mrs. G. Bente
Managers - J. A. Kramer, Kate Dittmer and Mrs. Leibrock
~Elkader Register, Thur., December 20, 1906

At a regular meeting Tuesday evening the Yeoman elected the following officers:
Foreman - A. L. Lodahl
M. of C. - Wm. H. O'Brien
Cor. - Mrs. Jennie Schroeder
M. of A. - J. G. Hagensick
Physician - Aug. Uecker
~Elkader Register, Thur., December 13, 1906

Hazel Valley Sisters of Rebekah
The Sisters of Rebekah, at their last meeting, elected the following officers:
N.G. - Maude Tyler
V.G. - Ida Zahrudt
Rec. Sec. - Joey Friend
Fin. Sec. - Cecelia Pahlas
Treas. - Emma Hagensick
Trustee for 3 years - Alice Leonard
~Elkader Register, Thur., December 20, 1906

Modern Woodmen of America - M.W.A.
Saturday evening Mystic Camp 319 elected the following officers for the ensuing year:
V.C. - Thos. L. Harvey
W.A. - Ed Livingood
Banker - D. C. Hale
Clerk - W. W. Davidson
Escort - G. G. Cassidy
Watch - Wm. Heitkamp, Jr.
Sentry - F. Scheer
Manager - H. C. Bishop
~Elkader Register, Thur., December 13, 1906

Elkader lodge No. 304
, at their recent meeting, elected the following officers:
N.G. - L. C. Mueschewake
V.G. - Wm. Grube
Treas. - Wm. Witt
Sec. - J. G. Hagensick
R.S. to N.G. - Geo. Cassidy
L.S. to N.G. - Chas. Heitkamp
Warden - Henry Lenth
Conductor - Max Goldberg
O.G. - Ole Allen
I.G. - Cyrus Gurdy
R.S. to V.G. - C. W. Walser
L.S. to V.G. - W. V. Partch
R.S.S. - Chas. Long
L.S.S. - John Magnusen
~Elkader Register, Thur., December 13, 1906

Highland Nobles
At a regular meeting of Costigan Castle No. 140, Highland Nobles, held Wednesday evening, Dec. 5th, 1906, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
Past Protector - Mrs. Berth Grube
Protector - August Uecker
Counselor - Mrs. Marg. Lenth
Evangel. - Mrs. Dora E. Walser
Treas. - C. G. Schmidt
Sec. - C. W. Walser
Escort - Mrs. Mattie Prouty
Warden - Miss Alice Leonard
Guard - Louis R. Meisner
Sentinel - Stewart R. Price
Trustee, 2 yrs. - H. C. Katschkowsky
Trustee, 3 yrs. - John Stebor
Physicians - Dr. Alice Carpenter, Dr. W. J. McGrath
Organist - May Cook
~Elkader Register, Thur., December 6, 1906


Order of Eastern Star
At the regular meeting of the O.E.S., No. 152, held Wednesday evening, January 5th, 1921, the following officers were installed:
W.M. - Ella Wilke
W.P. - Herbert Smith
A.M. - Leola Kramr
Sec. - Madge Barnard
Treas. - Nettie Allen
Cond. - Ida Wilke
A. Cond. - Ruby Katschkowsky
Chaplain - Ella Stanto
Mar. - Kate O'Brein
Organist - Jessie Conrad
Adah - Virginia Witt
Ruth - G_a_e Morse
Esther - Martha Gmelin
Martha - Alta Bushing
Electa - Anna Walker
Warden - Ida Zahrndt
Sent. - Ella Schmidt

Mrs. Kate Russell was the installing officer and she was assisted by Mrs. Kate O'Brien, who served as installing marshal.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 13 Jan. 1921. Local News Notes column.

Service Star Legion
The Service Star Legion held a business meeting on Saturday, January 8, and elected the following officers:
President - Mrs. William O'Brien
Vice-President - Mrs. James Canada
Recording Secretary - Mrs. Gus. Wilke
Correspondence Secretary - Miss Zelma Robbins
Press Correspondence - Mrs. Ray Hagensick
Treasurer - Mrs. J. F. Becker
Historian - Miss Jessie Turner
~Elkader Register, Thur., 20 Jan. 1921. Local News Notes column


Elkader Band
The Elkader band at their meeting held last week at the town hall elected the following officers:
President - H. F. Jungblut.
Vice-President - Wm. Walthers.
Secretary - Hugo Gusta.
Treasurer - H. L. Swenson.
Director and Manager - Fred Jungblut.
~Elkader Register, Thur., January 17, 1924

Volunteer Fire Company
The Elkader Volunteer Fire Company held their electon of officers at a meeting last Tuesday evening at the Town Hall. The officers are:
Chief - H. M. Wolf.
Asst. Chief - Dick Opitz.
Sec. Treas. - Wm. H. Walther.
Chief Wolf made the following assignments for the ensuing year:
Truck Drivers - 1st, Wm. Allen; 2nd, Mike Eischeid; 3rd, Julien Schmidt.
Chemical Hose - Walter Berg, Eldo Meyer.
Ladders - H. L. Sewnson [?Swenson], Ernest F. Seifert.
Hose No. 1- A. A. Shultz, Archie Martin, John Jungblut, E. E. Stockman and Hugo Gusta.
Hose No. 2 - Harvey Lenth, Don Munger, C. D. Vittetoe.
Hydrant No. 1 - Wm. Walther.
Hydrant No.2 - Wm. Swartz.
Fire Police - Henry Jungblut.
Asst. Police - Stewart R. Price.
~Elkader Register, Thur., April 3, 1924

Knights of Columbus
Elkader Council, No. 2209, K.C., held their regular meeting Tuesday evening, October 7th. The following officers were elected:
Grand Knight - J. F. Maley
Deputy Grand Knight - L. M. Bink
Financial Sec. - J. J. Finnegan
Recorder - N. H. Niemeyer
Chancellor - F. J. Uriell
Warden - E. C. Fitzpatrick
Advocate -- D. D. Murphy
Trustee - Peter Feeney
Med. Examiner - Dr. W. J. McGrath
Delegates to State Convention:
J. F. Maley - Alternate, A. Eberhart
E. C. Fitzpatrick - Alternate, W. J. Roach
~Elkader Register, Thur., 9 Oct. 1924

Peoples Electric Service Organization
The stockholders of the Peoples' Electric Service Company held their annual meeting at the Woodman Hall, Monday, Oct. 13th. The following officers and directors were elected:
President - W. C. Tegtmeier.
Vice President and General Manager - J. H. Tegtmeier.
Secretary-Treasurer - F. S. Coleman.
H. H. Diers.
Wm. Allyn.
Wm. Fuhrman.
F. S. Coleman.
J. H. Tegtmeier.
Clara Tegtmeier.
W. C. Tegtmeier.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 16 Oct. 1924
Farmers Mutual Telephone Co.
The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Clayton County Farmers Mutual Telephone Company was held at the Town Hall, Monday afternoon, October 6th. The following officers were elected:
President - W. J. Roach
Vice President - H. H. Diers
Treasurer - W. A. Baars
Secretary - J. J. Finnegan was appointed last spring and holds office till Jan. 1, 1925.
John Stillbaum
Ole Embretson
John Olinger
W. G. Bente
H. Possehl.
George Kurdelmeyer
A. F. Buckman
Carl Lenth
Wm. Finley
~Elkader Register, Thur., 9 Oct. 1924

Elkader Fair Association
The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Elkader Fair was held in the court room yesterday afternoon. The meeting was called to order by W. C. Monlux, president of the association. The reports of the secretary and treasurer were read and adopted. The following directors were elected:
W. C. Monlux, Wagner township
H. H. Diers, Read township
Theo. Meyer, Garnavillo township
Oscar Benson, Highland township
Max B. Bishop, Elkader
Ernest F. Seifert, Elkader
George Schmidt, Elkader
Dan Barton, Elkader
John Stallbaum, Elkader
George Tieden, Elkader
W. C. Reimer, Elkader
Fred Sneider, Elkader
Roy Combs, Elkader
Sam Erickson, Gunder
L. J. Palas, St. Olaf

After the annual meeting the Board of Directors elected the following executive committee and officers:
W. C. Monlux, President
Max B. Bishop, Vice President
J. J. Finnegan, Secretary
H. L. Swenson, Treasurer

Executive Committee:
W. C. Monlux
Max B. Bishop
Ernest F. Seifert
D. L. Barton
George Tieden
~Elkader Register, Thur., 30 Oct. 1924


Modern Woodmen of America
The local camp, No. 319, Modern Woodman of America held their election of officers last evening at their hall. The officers will be installed at the next regular meeting on Jan. 7, 1925. Following are the officers:
D. E. Livingood - Counsul
Don Munger - Advisor
D. C. Hale - Clerk
R. C. Lemka - Banker
George Ehrhardt - Escort
Dr. Hommel - Med. Ex
Emil Gossman - Watchman
Wm. Heitcamp - Sr. Sentry
George Kuehl, Manager
~Elkader Register, Thur., 4 Dec. 1924
Order of Eastern Star
The local chapter of the O.E.S. held their election of officers last evening at the Masonic Lodge Rooms. Miss Christine Schmidt was received into the order. After the work refreshments were served. The installation of the newly elected officers will take place the first Wednesday in January. The officers for 1925 are as follows:
Worthy Matron - Mrs. Ruby Katschkowsky
Worthy Patron - H. D. Brown
Assoc. Matron - Mrs. Jessie Dittmer
Treasurer - Mrs. Nettie Allen
Secretary - Mrs. Bertha Stoops
Conductress - Mrs. Jessie Conrad
Assoc. Conductress - Mrs. Virginia Witt
~Elkader Register, Thur., 4 Dec. 1924


Elkader Knights of Columbus, Tenth Anniversary
Sunday was an important day in the history of the local council of the Knights of Columbus, for they were celebrating the tenth anniversary of the inception of the council. Members from the councils at Ossian, Waukon, Oelwein, Cresco, New Hampton and Charles City were in attendance to witness the exemplification of the three degrees for sixteen candidates of the order. The exemplification of the degrees in the afternoon was followed by a banquet and program in the evening at which some addresses of a high order were heard. A pleasing feature of the banquet was the reception of a spray of red carnations presented by Elkader lodge, No. 72, A.F. & A.M., in commemoration of the tenth anniversary.

Elkader council No. 2209, Knights of Columbus had its inception July 25, 1920, when 26 members of the order from various parts of the county met here and decided to apply for a charter for a local council. The charter was granted the following October and the growth of the local council has been a steady one since that time.

The first officers of the council were:

John Maley, grand knight
C.D. Gleason, vice grand knight
F.J. Uriell, chancellor
J.F. Fitzpatrick, recorder
J.J. Finnegan, financial secretary
M.F. Stence, treasurer
R.C. Quinn, lecturer
D.D. Murphy, advocate
A.J. Cassidy, warden
Dr. W.J. McGrath, medical examiner
Leo P. Boland, inner guard
J.P. Liddy, outer guard
J.K. Molumby, J.J. Quinn and E.C. Fitzpatrick, trustees
The present officers are:

M.J. Poull, grand knight
E.A. Johanningmeier, deputy grand knight
J.J. Finnegan, chancellor
Harold Downey, recorder
E.A. Burlingame, financial secretary
D.J. Raftis, lecturer
D.D. Murphy, advocate
Michael Downey, warden
Dr. W.J. McGrath and Dr. J.W. Hudek, medical examiners
Don Schneider, inner guard
Wilbur Walz, outer guard
W.J. Roach, Peter Feeney and E.J. Walz, trustees

But few changes have been made in the official personnel. the council has but one past grand knight. The honor of holding office for the longest period of time belongs to J.J. Finnegan, who served as financial secretary for nine years and is at present the chancellor of the council. M.J. Poull has made an able grand knight and the order has prospered during his regime. Candidates taking the work here Sunday afternoon were:

Leo C. Miller, Elkader
Walter A. Downey, Elkader
John P. Humphrey, Elkader
M.F. Dinan, Elkader
Cecil J. Moyna, Elkader
Francis J. Feeney, Volga
Lloyd F. Schoulte, McGregor
Woodrow H. Schulte, Garnavillo
Francis X. Schaefers, Clayton
Augenius G. Berns, Guttenberg
Cletus F. Berns, Guttenberg
Edward W. Kipp, Ossian
Fred Luman Fisher, Edgewood
Fred Fink, Strawberry Point
Paul A. Olinger, Strawberry Point
Rev. V.J. Peters, Dubuque

~Telegraph-Herald and Times-Journal, Dubuque, Iowa, Thursday evening edition, October 16, 1930
~transcribed for Clayton co. IAGenWeb by S. Ferrall


Elkader O.E.S.
The newly elected officers of the Order of the Eastern Star will be installed at a special meeting Monday Evening, Jan. 18th. The officers are as follows:
Worthy Matron - Mrs. J. Alvin Druyor
Worthy Patron - F. E. Sharp
Associate Matron - Mrs. Albert Allen
Associate Patron - H. M. Wolf
Conductress - Mrs. Nelly Peery Price
Associate Conductress - Mrs. George Bente
Secretary - Mrs. Fred Wistrick
Treasurer - Miss Ella Stanton
Marshal - Mrs. John Bahr
Chaplain - Mrs. Anna Lusk
Pianist - Miss Marjorie Richardson
Ada - Miss Ruby Lange
Ruth - Mrs. F. E. Sharp
Esther - Mrs. Joe Winkler
Martha - Mrs. E. R. Withell
Electa - Mrs. Frank Bente
Warder - Mrs. Loraine Sickle
Sentinel - Miss Helen Griffith
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 14 Jan. 1932. Society column

The officers of the Order of the Eastern Star for the coming year were installed with an impressive ceremony at the lodge rooms Monday night with about sixty-five members and friends present. Mrs. W. C. Dittmer was the installing officer and Miss Ida Wilke the installing marshal. The following were installed as officers: [note: names as above]
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 21 Jan. 1932. Society column
Elkader Municipal Band
The Elkader Municipal Band elected its officers and director for the 1932 season at the annual meeting in the basement of the opera house last Monday evening, as follows:
President - H. F. Jungblut
Vice President - M E. Shultz
Sec - Treas. - Wm. Walther

Committees appointed by the president were as follows:
Investigating - John Jungblut, Richard Wolf, David Griffith
Auditing Committee - John Jungblut, Leo Walther, L. O. Wall

Fred Jungblut was engaged as director for the year 1932, by the band members.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 14 Jan. 1932


Elkader Band
Henry Jungblut was re-elected president of the Elkader Municipal Band at its annual meeting. Other officers of the band are: Vice-president, Merlin Schultz; Secretary-treasurer, Wm. Walther. The band desires new members and anyone interested should get in touch with any of the officers.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 17 Jan. 1935

Elkader Little Theatre Guild
At its second meeting in the high school building on Monday evening, the Little Theatre Guild elected:
President - Mrs. E. C. Fitzpatrick
Vice- President - M. E. Passmore
Secretary - Mrs. M. L. Knutson
Treasurer - H. K. Roggensack

Following the business meeting Supt. J. Dale Welsch talked briefly on the
organization of a play. The group will meet weekly alternately on Mondays and
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 24 Oct. 1935

Fern Leaf Camp No. 1809, Royal Neighbors of America
The meeting of the Royal Neighbors was held Saturday afternoon at the lodge rooms at which time installation of officers took place. A new member, Miss Rachel Esmay, was initiated into the local camp at this time as a beneficiary. Officers installed were:
Oracle - Winnifred Merriman
Vice-Oracle - Mary Goadin
Past-Oracle - Lela Becker
Chancellor - Bessie Dohrer
Recorder - Leta Myers
Receiver - Vallie Germar
Marshall - Martha Duff
Asst.-Marshall - Theresa Robinson
Inner Sentinel - Alta Tompkins
Manager - Nora Marble, Elsa Blake, Olie Horton
Faith - Marie Otterbeck
Courage - Helen Boleyn
Modesty - Mae Linder
Unselfishness - Lera Robinson
Endurance - Ora Esmay
Flag bearer - Bertie Baars
Musician - Mrs. P. Myers
Clayton County Register, Thur., 10 Jan. 1935


Drum and Bugle Corps
The local drum and bugle corps held its annual election last Thursday evening with the following results:
Commander - Leigh Mathews
Vice-Commander - G. H. Schmidt
Adjutant - J. F. Maley
Finance Officer - N. H. Niemeyer
Quartermaster - Ben Leonard
Historian - M. E. Passmore
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 7 Nov. 1935

(Note: This info was contained in the same article reporting the installation of Elkader American Legion Officers.)

Elkader O.E.S.
The election for 1936 officers of Charity Chapter No. 152, Order of the Eastern Star, was held Wednesday evening. The following were elected:
Worthy Matron - Mrs. Joseph Winkler
Worthy Patron - F. E. Sharp
Associate Matron - Mrs. LeRoy Bandow
Associate Patron - Dr. H. D. Brown
Conductress - Mrs. George Kruse
Associate Conductress - Mrs. Leroy Johnson
Secretary - Mrs. H. J. Conrad
Treasurer - Mrs. Fred Wistrick

The worthy Matron will appoint the various other officers at a later time.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 11 Dec. 1935

Fern Leaf Camp No. 1809, Royal Neighbors of America
Fern Leaf Camp 1809 of the Royal Neighbors of America held its annual election of officers last Wednesday evening. The following were elected:
Oracle - Mabel Behn
Vice-Oracle - Gertrude Bailey
Past Oracle - Goldie Huggins
Chancellor - Flora Walters
Recorder - Milda Meyer
Receiver - Leona Downie
Marshal - Clara Leonard
Assistant Marshal - Charlotte Jewell
Inner Sentinel - Augusta Shultz
Outer Sentinel - Mayme Muench

Appointive officers are:
Flag Bearer - Clara M. Leonard
Faith - Geneva Huggins
Unselfishness - Martha Kruse
Endurance - Lena Meyer
Courage - Una Lemke
Modesty - Lola Elvers
Juvenile Director - Gertrude Colvin
Assistant Juvenile Director - Elsie Downey
Manager - Pearl Huggins.
~Clayton County Register, Wed., 18 Dec. 1935. Society columns.


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