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Clayton County Agricultural Organizations
- includes the Bee-Keepers, Farmers' Club, Farmers' Institute, Farm Bureau & Farmers' Co-Op's -

various years

Unless otherwise credited, the information was contributed by Reid R. Johnson


The annual meeting of the Clayton County Agicultural Society was held at Elkader, Saturday, the 21st inst., at which time the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
President - Dr. E. Trescott

Vice Presidents -
Boardman - P. M. Potter
Buena Vista - E. C. Forbes
Clayton - T. Scudder
Cass - P. G. Slater
Cox Creek - D. Quigley
Elk - A. Kindelsperyer
Farmersburg - O. W. Crary
Giard - I. Mathews
Grand Meadow - Mr. Bailey
Garnavillo - J. S. King
Highland - J. C. Pool
Jefferson - E. Price
Lodomillo - Mr. Mattison
Mendon - H. D. Evans
Monona - Matthew Thompson
Mallory - J. W. Potts
Morasser - Mr. Clarke
Millville - P. C. Park
Read - J. W. Ames
Sperry - Mr. Campbell
Volga - John Garber
Wagner - J. Stiner

Secretary - William M. Keys
Treasurer - J. L. Gilbert

President - Michael Uriell
Secretary - F. Belfoy

~Clayton County Herald, Guttenberg, Thur., March 5, 1857 ~Note: the first listed President & Secretary appear to be the newly elected, and the last listed being the out-going President & Secretary



It is said that the past winter has been a hard one for the bees, not so much on account of the winter, but because of the scant supply of food last summer. A number of our Clayton county bee-keepers have suffered to a considerable extent.

O.W. Crary, of Farmersburg, has lost 8 out of 25 swarms; C.W. Hagensick, of Clayton Center, has lost 15 out of 17 swarms; Christ Hagensick, of Read township, has but one swarm left, and John G. Hagensick, of the same place, has lost all of his; Mr. Schroeder, of Clayton, has only one swarm left. S.L. Peck, of Elkader, has only 30 swarms left out of about 150.
~Elkader Register, Friday, April 29th, 1881 ~contributed by S. Ferrall



At the annual meeting of the Clayton County Agricultural Society, held at Morgan's Hotel, National, last Saturday, the following named officers for 1884, were elected:
President - James McGuire, Clayton.
Vice President - A. H. Oelke, Garnavillo.
Secretary - Norman Hamilton, National.
Treasurer - J. F. W. Kaiser, National.

The Board of Directors is as follows:
F. W. Stickfort, Garnavillo.
Franz Hedrick, Gem
Peter Farley, Giard
Henry Brandt, Garnavillo
W. F. Warner, Luana
Samuel Bennington, Volga City
John E. Corlett, Farmersburg
James Uriell, Read
J. E. Branch, Elkader
H. W. Turner, Wagner
T. Pohlman, McGregor
John Wirkler, National.
Freeman Bronson, National

The report of the treasurer shows a balance on hand for next year of about $100.00. The proposed amendment to the constitution was unanimously adopted. A meeting of the board of directors is to be held at the same place on December 22nd, 1883, at ten o'clock a.m., to prepare premium list and establish time for holding fair in 1884.
~Elkader Register, Fri., 30 Nov. 1883



Farmers Club and Farmers' Institute

J.D. Maurer, of Garnavillo, was in town last Saturday, attending a meeting of the executive committee of the Farmers Institute.

Garnavillo - Our Farmers' club met in regular session at Turner hall on Sunday. The meeting was well attended and several new members were taken in.
The Clayton Co. Farmers Institue will meet at Turner hall, Garnavillo, on Monday, April 2. There will be two sessions beginning at 10:00 a.m. and at 1:00 p.m. The following is the program:
Music - Garnavillo Band
Address of Welcome - J.O. Crosby
Grasses adapted to pastures and meadows of Clayton county - J.O. Crosby
Winter Dairying - M. Garber
Corn for grain and fodder - Frank Schoulte
Farm Garden - O.A. Kenyon
Shall we raise sheep and what breed? - S. Bennington
How shall we insure our farm buildings and stock? - J.E. Corlett
How shall we increase the usefulness of our Agricultural Society? - J.D. Maurer
How shall we feed our swine? - J.J. Niell

The executive committee will then present a scheme for permanent organization. The farmers of Clayton county may expect a pleasant and profitable session, and the people of Garnavillo will tender to all a hearty welcome.
~Elkader Weekly Register, Thurs., March 29, 1888 ~contributed by S. Ferrall



The Clayton County Agricultural Society had a very enthusiastic meeting at National, Saturday. Financially the society is in a healthy condition. The following officers were elected:
Pres. - Jos. Matt, St. Olaf
Vice Pres. - Henry Schlake, Garnavillo
Secretary - Henry Luehsen, Garnavillo
Treas. - H. C. Howe, Monona

Directors - Henry Brandt, Garnavillo; Henry Dettmer, Garnavillo; John Sabban, Farmersburg; Henry Gerloff, McGregor; Herman Koth, Monona; August Pufahl, Luana; Herman Scholz, Guttenberg; F. L. Williams, Postville; Henry Diers, Read; Will Kramer, McGregor; A. Huebsch, McGregor; Henry Buckman, St. Olaf; Theo. Hartwick, Giard.

The next meeting of the board of directors will be at Morgan's Hotel, Friday Dec. 18th.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 3 Dec. 1903



At a recent meeting of the Clayton Co. Agricultural Society held at National the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
Pres. - Jos. Matt, St. Olaf
Vice Pres. - C. W. Meier, National
Sec. - H. Luehsen, Garnavillo
Treas. - H. C. Howe, Monona
Directors - Henry Gerloff, Farmersburg; J. Sabbann, Farmersburg; Gus Pufahl, Luana; Henry Buckman, St. Olaf; C. W. Walker, McGregor; Fred Williams, Postville; J. G. Reidel, McGregor; Herman Koth, Monona; H. Brandt, Garnavillo; Henry Diers, St. Olaf; H. Dettmer, Garnavillo; H. G. Jenkins, Guttenberg; William Koth, Farmersburg.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 29 Nov. 1906



At the annual meeting of the Farmersburg Farmers Commission Company, Saturday, the following officers were elected:
President - John Sabbann
Vice President - Will Moon
Treasurer - Chris F. Meier
Secretary - Wm. Voelker
~Elkader Register & Argus
, Thur., 06 Feb. 1908. Farmersburg column


1908 Annual Meeting & 1909 Officers

The annual meeting of the Clayton County Agricultural Society was held at Morgan's Hotel, National, Iowa, Saturday, November 28th. The following officers and directors were elected:
President - Jos. Matt, St. Olaf
Vice Pres. - Herb Brownson, Farmersburg
Sec. - Henry Luehsen, Garnavillo
Treas. - Alvin J. Kregel, Garnavillo
Henry Gerloff, McGregor
Gus Pufahl, Luana
C. W. Walker, McGregor
J. G. Reidel, Watson
Henry Brandt, Garnavillo
H. H. Diers, St. Olaf
Wm. Koth, Farmersburg
L. L. Pahlas, Farmersburg
Julius Pufahl, Garnavillo
J. H. Buckman, St. Olaf
Geo. Pixler, Postville
Herman Koth, Monona
Henry Dettmer, Garnavillo
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 03 Dec. 1908


1911 Annual Meeting & 1912 Officers

The Clayton County Agricultural Society held a very enthusiastic meeting at the hotel at National on Saturday, Nov. 25th, with a good attendance. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
Pres. - Jos. Matt, of St. Olaf
Vice Pres. - Herbert Brownson, National
Sec. - H. Luehsen, Garnavillo
Treas. - A. J. Kregel, Garnavillo
Directors -
Herman Koth, Monona
Henry Diers, St. Olaf
Henry Palas, Luana
W. B. Moon, Farmersburg
J. G. Reidel, Watson
Louis Brandt, Garnavillo
Aug. Backhause, Guttenberg
Arno Lenth, Farmersburg
J. H. Buckman, St. Olaf
Gus. Pufahl, Luana
Jacob, Eckle, McGregor
C. W. Walker, McGregor
Frank Kinsley, McGregor
The next Board meeting will be held Dec. 30th at the hotel at National.
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thursday, November 30, 1911



Elkader Co-Operative Commission Co.
At the meeting of the stockholders of the Elkader Co-Operative Commission Co., last Saturday, the following officers were elected for the coming year:
President - E. C. Ehrhardt
Vice Pres. - Richard Leonard
Treasurer - J. J. Kuehl
Secretary - J. F. Becker
Directors - Frank Nugent, J. E. Keleher, Peter Losch, Herman Katschkowsky, Wm. Keleher
Manager - Wm. Moran
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 05 Mar. 1914. Local News columns.

Farmersburg Farmer's Co-operative Commission Company
At the annual meeting of the Farmer's Co-operative Commission Company, held here Saturday, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
President - Wm. Moon
Manager - John Sabbann
Director - Wm. Radloff, was the only change in the Board of Directors.
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 12 Feb. 1914. Farmersburg column.

Elkport Stock Commission
The Elkport Stock Commission Company held their annual meeting and election of officers Saturday. They declared a dividend of $4.50 to each stockholder. The officers elected were:
Pres. - W. J. Boehm
Vice Pres. - Christ Lau
Sec. - P. A. Phelan
Treas. - Wm. Costigan
Manager - A. W. Hohman
Directors - Bert Oldham, John Kuehl, Fred Krieg
~Elkader Register & Argus
, Thur., 12 Mar. 1914. Elkport and Vicinity column



Clayton County Farm Bureau Association
The Annual Meeting of the Farm Bureau Association was held in the Court House Saturday afternoon February 8th, about sixty men were present. The following officers and directors were elected:
President - L. S. Fisher, Lodomillo
Vice. Pres. - Wm. C. Monlux, Wagner
Secretary - C. A. Benson, Highland
Treasurer - J. L. Cords, Cox Creek

Directors - J. E. Kelleher, Boardman
G. H. Elvers, Cox Creek
C. J. Meder, Clayton
H. A. Axtell, Cass
J. C. Wahls, Farmersburg
L. H. Brandt, Garnavillo
George Pixler, Grand Meadow
Gilbert Meyer, Giard
Dan Boland, Highland
Wm. H. Miller, Jefferson
J. A. Henry, Lodomillo
Roy Koth, Monona
Rufus Kinsley, Mendon
George Lembke, Read
M. H. Eder, Sperry
George Tieden, Volga
Wm. Henkes, Wagner
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 13 Feb. 1919

Elkport Farmers' Co-op
The Elkport Co-Operative Commission Co. held their annual meeting at the opera house last Saturday and the following officers were elected for the coming year:
President - Wm. Boehm
Vice President - Chas. Brookmeyer
Secy. - Pat Phelan
Treas. - Wm. Costigan
Directors - Wm. Frietan, Alex. Hansel
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 6 Mar. 1919. Elkport column


1921 Life Members

The Clayton County Agricultural Society is one of the oldest organizations in the state, being organized in 1860*, sixty-one years ago. It is backed by the most reliable men of the county, its officers and directors are made up of reliable farmers and business men from all over the county, and it also has a large list of men who hold life membership in that society. Below we are publishing the names of those holding life memberships:

W.F. Daubenberger, McGregor
J.A. Ramage, McGregor
Albert Clemens, McGregor
John Kramer, McGregor
J.H. McLaughlin, McGregor
F.G. Bell, McGregor
G.R. Turner, McGregor
Robert Liebner, McGregor
Henry Reeves, McGregor
J.F. Daubenberger, McGregor
C.F. Kramer, McGregor
Frank Kinsley, McGregor
August Werger, McGregor
A.R. Sherman, McGregor
E. Amelia Sherman, McGregor
John Lenth, McGregor
H.C. Brownson, McGregor
John Schmalfeld, Farmersburg
W.B. Moon, Farmersburg
Ernest Walter, Farmersburg
Arno H. Oelke, Farmersburg
C.W. Oelke, Farmersburg
Ernest Fuelling, Farmersburg
Will Henkes, Farmersburg
Henry Klinge, Farmersburg
Wm. Looby, Farmersburg
Henry Oelke, Jr., Farmersburg
Arno C. Lenth, Farmersburg
H.W. Thompson, Farmersburg
Will H. Voelker, Farmersburg
Arthur J. Kregel, Garnavillo
J.H.H. Stiehl, Garnavillo
Chas. F. Henning, Garnavillo
Geo. Kuhlman, Garnavillo
E.C. Wirkler, Garnavillo
W.M. Allyn, Jr., Garnavillo
E.W. Kregel, Garnavillo
H.D. Kregel, Garnavillo
Elmer H. Brandt, Garnavillo
Arno. W. Kregel, Garnavillo
Henry Luehsen, Garnavillo
A.G. Backhaus, Garnavillo
Elmer C. Meyer, Garnavillo
L.H. Brandt, Garnavillo
A.H. Stickford, Garnavillo
Theo. C. Meyer, Garnavillo
H.H. Dettmer, Garnavillo
Alvin J. Kregel, Garnavillo
E.C. Kaiser, Garnavillo
Geo. J. Vowald, Guttenberg
E.W. Tuecke, Guttenberg
Carl J. Schultz, Monona
Herman Koth, Monona
Wm. Walter, Luana
Phil Walter, Luana
J.L. Eno, Luana
Gus Pufahl, Luana
J.H. Kaiser, St. Olaf
Jos. Matt, St. Olaf
A.F. Kramer [no residence given]
Jake Eckle [no residence given]
Lon Matt [no residence given]
~Monona Leader, July 28, 1921 ~contributed by S. Ferrall

*Transcription note: it appears the organization existed prior to 1860, see above for 1857 meeting (s.f.)



Guttenberg Farmers' Co-op
The Guttenberg Farmers' Co-Operative Commission Co. held their annual meeting at the town hall and business of importance was transacted. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
President - Anton Heitman
Vice President - Ed Niehaus
Secretary and Treasurer - C. J. Adams
Directors - Elmer Schroeder, Charles Harnisch.
~Elkader Register, Thur., 11 Feb. 1926. Guttenberg News column

Elkader Co-Operative Commission
The stockholders of the Elkader Co-Operative Commission company held their annual meeting in the court room yesterday afternoon. The following directors were elected:
O. H. Larson, succeeding Henry Leonard
Wm. A. Baars, succeeding George Taake

The directors holding over are:
J. E. Kelleher
Geo. Lemka
George Rothmeyer
Art Buckman
Phil Miller

Chris J. Meyer is livestock manager and G. A. Sabban is elevator operator and bookkeeper. From the report of G. A. Sabban, manager, we note that during the year 1925 the company shipped 259 cars of livestock, as follows: hogs - 16,506; calves - 1,666; sheep - 508; cows - 908. The total amount of business transacted during 1925 being $472,180.32. County agent Roy Combs addressed the stockholders on "Co-Operation," and H. L. Swenson, cashier of the First National Bank, gave an interesting talk on "Boosting Your Company."
~Elkader Register, Thur., 25 Feb. 1926



Cox Creek Twp. Farm Bureau
The annual meeting of the Cox Creek township Farm Bureau was held Tuesday afternoon in the hall at Mederville. Following a talk by County Agent A. Roy Combs the following officers were elected:
Pres. - Wm. G. Bente
Vice Pres. - Warren Hughes
Sec. - Treas. - Lewis Tieden
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 6 Jan. 1927

Garnavillo Shipping Association
Members and patrons of the Garnavillo Shipping Association held their annual business meeting Saturday afternoon, January 8th, in the Opera House at Garnavillo. The following officers and directors were elected to serve for the ensuing year:
President - J. H. Kaiser
Vice President - A. H. Stickford
Secretary - E. C. Kaiser
Treasurer - A. G. Backhaus
Directors - Theo. Meyer, Harvey Hamann, Alfred Pufahl, Frank Hohman, Leo Schulte
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 13 Jan. 1927

Farmer's Co-operative Commission
At the annual meeting of the Farmers Co-Operative Commission held at the town hall here on Saturday afternoon, the following officers were elected for the coming year:
President - Anton Heitman
Vice President - Ed. Niehaus
Secretary & Treasurer - C. J. Adam
Directors - W. H. Borcherding, Verni Muehring
The company now has 132 members.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 10 Feb. 1927. Guttenberg columns

Elkport Commission Company
The Elkport Commission Company held its annual meeting Saturday. The secretary's report showed that the company shipped 84 car loads of stock of which 30 were double-deck cars. The total value of which was $180,000. The following officers were elected for the coming year:
Pres. - Wm. J. Boehm
Vice-Pres. - John Schnack
Sec. - Harold J. Kriebs
Treas. - William Costigan
Directors - Alton Rizer, Ben Wessel, Wm. Hansel, Herman Kruse, John Kuehl
Shipper - L. A. Zearley
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 10 Mar. 1927. Elkport column



Millville Farmers Co-Op
MILLVILLE: At the last meeting of the Farmers Cooperative Commission company the following officers were elected to serve the coming year:
President - John Schielz
Vice President - D. C. Graybill
Directors - Herman Kickbush, Chas Troester
Secretary - Ervin Kickbush
Treasurer - Ervin Kickbush
Shipper - Ervin Kickbush
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 29 Dec. 1932



Monona Farmers Co-Op
Monona: The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Farmers Co-operative Commission company was held Saturday afternoon in the city hall. Reports were given which showed the company to be in good condition. Officers elected for the ensuing year are:
President - Arthur F. Kaiser
Vice President - Joe Tayek
Secretary - Wendell Baskerville
Treasurer - Frank L. Jarms

Patrick J. Ryan and Rudolph A. Garms were elected directors to succeed themselves and Edwin J. Kliefoth succeeds George L. Bruns. Other directors are Harold C. Klinkel, Alvin Marting, Elmer Wiethorn, John A. Lenth, Walter W. Kaiser, and Alfred E. Ferguson.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 14 Feb. 1935. Monona column.

Bee-Keepers Association
At a meeting held Friday evening, Sept. 27th, at the Farm Bureau office, Elkader, a group of the county bee-keepers of this county met and perfected a county organization known as the Clayton County Bee-Keepers Association. Officers elected were:
President - Wilbert Harnack of McGregor
Vice-President - Amel Weller of McGregor
Secretary/Treasurer - Reuben David of Monona

Executive Committee - Wilbert Harnack, Amel Weller, Jack Miller and Ben Schultz, of McGregor. Reuben David, of Monona, was elected to serve and transact any business of the association.
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 3 Oct. 1935. Condensed from a larger article.


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