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The Banks of Clayton County
Misc. bank officials, stockholders & other data

The following were transcribed by Reid R. Johnson or S. Ferrall unless otherwise credited.


The first bank in McGregor was organized in 1856, by Lee & Kinnaird, which continued in existence until 1861, but was not a financial success. In 1858 a private bank was organized by H. S. Granger & Co.

The McGregor branch of the State Bank of Iowa was established Jan. 2, 1860, with sixty-four stockholders, and a cash capital of $50,000. The first officers were as follows: President Mayor E. V. Carter; Cashier, Ole Halverson; Directors, O. C. Lee, S. Merrill, D. B. Hoffman, Frank Larrabee, B. F. Schroeder, J. F. Thomson, A. C. Newcomb, E. V. Carter and G. L. Bass.

This bank continued in operation until 1863, when the First National Bank was organized, with a capital stock of $50,000. The first Directors were : William J. Gilchrist, E. V. Carter, Samuel Merrill, Ole Halverson, J. D. Dearborn. Samuel Merrill was elected President, and Ole Halverson, Cashier. Samuel Merrill resigned Oct. 30, 1867, being elected Governor of the State, and he was succeeded as President, by J. Merrill. At the same time the present Cashier, W. R. Kinnaird, was elected as an assistant. Aug. 31, 1871, Ole Halverson resigned, and W. R. Kinnaird was elected to fill his place. J. Merrill resigned July 10, 1872, and J. K. Graves was elected President. He was succeeded the following September by Frank Larabee, the present incumbent. The present Directors are: William Larrabee, Isaac Havens, J. O. Crosby, James T. Bassett, Calvin F. Bell, W. E. Odell, James N. Gilchrist, Frank Larabee and W. R. Kinnaird. IN 1864 the stock of the bank was increased to $100,000.

The Clayton County Savings Bank was established at McGregor, Nov. 20, 1869. The incorporators were William J. Gilchrist, J. H. Merrill, Ole Halverson, H. E. Merrill, C. F. Burr, W. R. Kinnaird, J. N. Gilchrist and R. Noble. William J. Gilchrist was elected President, and J. H. Merrill, Treasurer. Mr. Merrilll was succeeded in 1872 by W. R. Kinnaird. The bank continued in business until 1879, when it closed, after paying depositors and stockholders in full.

~History of Clayton County, Iowa, 1882, Chicago: Inter-State Publishing Co., 1882; CHAPTER XXXV; pg. 948-949

1907 Garnavillo Savings Bank

The stockholders of the Garnavillo Savings Bank had an annual meeting in the bank building Monday afternoon and Elected the following for the ensuing year:
Pres. - W. F. Meyer
Vice Pres. - J. A. Hempler
Cashier - Chas. Roggman
Directors - Henry Brandt, Henry Dettmer, J. A. Hempler, W. F. Meyer, Henry Schlake, Julius Tuecke, John Wirkler
~Elkader Register, Thur., 21 Feb. 1907. Garnavillo column

1907/1908 First National Bank of Strawberry Point

At the meeting of the stockholders of the First National Bank of Strawberry Point the following directors were elected:
C. H. Niederfrank
A. O. Kingsley
Lawrence Glass
H. H. Opperman
F. J. Gresler, all the above of Strawberry Point.
A. Hanson, of Oelwein
C. B. Chambers, of Oelwein

The officers elected are as follows:
Pres. - A. Hanson
Vice Pres. - A. O. Kingsley
Cashier - F. J. Gresler

The new bank has about forty stockholders among the businessmen and farmers of this section and it is expected to open its doors for business sometime during the forepart of January.
~Elkader Register & Argus, 28 Nov. 1907, Strawberry Point column.

1908 Elkader First National Bank

At the 37th annual meeting of the stockholders of the First National Bank of Elkader, Iowa, the following directors were elected: R. E. Price, Joseph Lamm, H. H. Barnard, Anton Kramer, A. J. Carpenter, Wm. Larrabee and Wm. Larrabee, Jr.

And at the subsequent Directors meeting the following officers were elected:
Pres. - R. E. Price
Vice Pres. - Wm. Larrabee
Cashier - A. J. Carpenter
Asst. Cashier - G. M. Gifford

We understand that both Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Gifford received a substantial increase in their salaries in view of the fact that the past year has been the most prosperous in the history of the institution.
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 16 Jan. 1908

1908 Strawberry Point State Bank

Tuesday the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Strawberry Point State Bank was held and the following directors were elected:
T. Dunning, Geo. Wheeler, L. F. Carrier, Chas. Roberts, W. Pollard, B. W. Newberry, and Dr. E. C. Rawson

A meeting of the board was held at once and officers were elected as follows:
Pres. - Chas. Roberts
Vice Pres - T. Dunning
Cashier - J. M. Pollard

The bank now has over forty stockholders.
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 16 Jan. 1908. Strawberry Point column

1913 Elkport Savings Bank, Stockholder's Elect Officers

The stockholders of the Elkport Savings Bank held their annual meeting Tuesday. The usual dividend was declared and a nice sum left in the surplus fund. The following officers were elected:
President - H. H. Hagensick
Vice-Pres. - F. J. Kriebs
Cashier - George Kriebs
Asst. Cashier - Vera L. Younkman
Book Keeper - Anna Costigan
Directors - D. D. Murphy, J. F. Becker, P. J. Cain, F. J. Kriebs, F. J. Uriell, Geo. Kriebs, H. H. Hagensick
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 22 May 1913. Elkport and Vicinity column.

1919 Clayton County Bankers' Association Officers

Forty-four bankers from Clayton county attended the banquet and election of officers of the Clayton County Bankers' Association, held at the Bayless Hotel Tuesday evening. The following officers were elected:
President - F. J. Uriell
Vice President - H. C. Andreae
Treasurer - J. F. Becker
Secretary - F. S. Richards
~Elkader Register & Argus, Thur., 17 Jul. 1919

1921 County Bankers Association

The annual meeting of the Clayton County Bankers Association was held at the K.C. Hall in Elkader on Tuesday evening, July 19th, and there were 85 members present. At 7:00 o'clock all sat down to a dinner that was served by the Elkader Civic Improvement Club and after the dinner a smoker and business session was held. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year:
President - F.M. Orr, Monona
Vice-Pres. - W.F. Daubengerger, McGregor
Secretary - J.F. Maley, Elkader
Treasurer - M.G. Hagensick, Edgewood
At the meeting a County Protective Association was organized and a Vigilance Committee will be appointed in each town for the protection of the banks. The fall meeting will be held at Guttenberg in October.
~Monona Leader, July 28, 1921

1932 Central State Bank & Trust, Elkader

The first annual meeting of stockholders of the Central State Bank and Trust company of Elkader was held on the third floor of the bank building Tuesday afternoon, at which time the original members of the board of directors were re-elected unanimously, as follows:
H C. Pahlas, W. J. McGrath, Phil. Miller, Max B. Bishop, Geo. H. Schmidt, C. F. Murphy, Chas. Meder, H. L. Swenson, A. J. Johnson, all of Elkader, and Geo L. Gifford of Elkport

The board of directors organized by electing the following officers:
Chairman of the Board - Dr. W. J. McGrath.
President - H. C. Pahlas.
Vice President - A. J. Johnson.
Vice President - H. L. Swenson.
Vice President - Chas Meder.
Councel - C. F. Murphy.
Cashier - Harold J. Kriebs.
Asst. Cashier - E. F. Seifert.
Asst. Cashier - Marjorie Richardson.
Asst. Cashier - Kathryne Humphrey.
Bookkeeper - Delores Niemeyer
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 14 Jan. 1932

1932 Farmers Savings Bank, Garber

GARBER: The annual meeting of the Farmers Savings Bank took place last Tuesday afternoon. The same officers were re-elected as follows:
President - M. W. Lovett
Vice President - E. C. Jennings
Cashier - Henry C. Schnepf
Asst. Cashier - Mrs. Hattie Schnepf
Directors - M. W. Lovett, E. C. Jennings, M. J. O'Conner, August Lundt, P. J. Cassidy, J. M. Kainz, H. C. Schnepf
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 21 Jan. 1932

1935 Garnavillo Savings Bank

Garnavillo: The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Garnavillo Savings Bank was held in Turner Hall, Monday afternoon, and elected the following directors:
Wm. Allyn, Alfred Wirkler, Henry Schlake, Alvin Kregel, Chas. Roggman, Herb. Wirkler, and W. B. Kuenzel

The directors appointed the following officers:
President - Chas. Roggman
Vice President - W. B. Kuenzel
Cashier - Herbert Wirkler
Assistant Cashiers - Helen Dettmer and Arnold Roggman
~Clayton County Register, Thur., 28 Feb. 1935

1936 Farmers State Bank, St. Olaf

St. Olaf: The Farmers State Bank had their yearly meeting on Monday, and the following officers were elected:
President - K. K. Stearns
Vice-President - L. J. Palas
Cashier - Fred Orvis
Assistant Cashier - A. J. Larson
Directors - K. K. Stearns, L. J. Palas, Gunder Rugland, O. L. Embretson, Seth Clark, H. H. Diers, Wm. Fuhrman

~Clayton County Register, Thur., 21 Nov. 1935



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