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Clayton co. Landmark

Motor Mill on the Turkey River

The Motor Mill was built north of Communia on the Turkey river in 1864 by John Thompson at a cost of $50,000.

Old Mill on the Turkey River

The photo of Motor Mill (above) was on the front of an old notepad that my grandmother (who lived in Elkader), sent to my mother in the 1960's..... Paul Moritz


Motor on the Turkey River - undated
Motor Mill
Photo by L.A. Zearley, Garber, Iowa - undated

~contributed by Michael F. O'Brien from his personal collection


Motor Mill - ca 1998
Motor Mill ca 1998
The bridge is now gone*, but the rock piers still exist.  The building is very stable.

~contributed by Alan F. E. Thiese from his personal collection

*update: the bridge was rebuilt in late 2012


Two other photos of Motor Mill are in the NE Iowa Hills Pictoral Directory on page 2 & page 4.


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