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Old Iowa Press --
Osceola Democrat; Sept. 16, 1908

- Misses Mabel Kleckner and Daisy Kennedy of Osceola were the guests of Dora Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
- Miss Grace Lockwood of Osceola agent Sunday with Miss Jennie Jackson.
- Mr and Mrs Elmer Kelly, of Mason City are here this week visitining with relatives. Mrs Kelly was Miss Kittie Wick before she was married, and grew to womanhood here.
- Grant Oliphant, whose dead body was found in Des Moines, Sunday formerly taught school here.
- Edith Benson is in Maxwell this week.
- George Coon and wife returned home from Excelsior Springs, Mo last Saturday after an absence of several months.
- Mr and Mrs Edwards of Lorimor were here Tuesday.
- Charles Allison rode his motor cycle over to Osceola Sunday.
- J A Dutton and John Sink went to Nebraska Monday.
- Ross Adams spent Sunday in Murray.
- Celina Nichols and her mother returned from Ames Friday.
- John Agans and wife had a little daughter come to live with them Tuesday.
- Murray has been covered with smoke since Monday morning.
- Sue and Anna Hoffman left for Excelsior Springs Mo Saturday evening.
- Albert Folkner is again carrying the express in this place. His many friends are pleased to note his return to health and that he is able to gain fill his old position.
- Fred Morgan, Mr. Allison's drug clerk left Monday for a visit at his old home in Cincinnati Iowa.
- Charles Fogglesong is building a two-story residence on his lots in the south east part of town.
- Murray is agitating a system of water works for this town.
- Our new Methodist minister is the Rev C S Burcette, of Dexter, Rev Allen A Thompson goes from this place to Dexter. The methodists at that place get one of the best men in the Des Moines Conference for their pastor for the next year.
- S W Tobey spent Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last at Afton attending the Soldiers reunion there.
- Henry Husted left for Iowa City Wednesday of last week to attend the University.
- Bear in mind that Murray will have her stock show and street fair Thursday and Friday, Sept 24 and 25. The speaker for Thursday will be the Hon J F Miller, of Lincoln, Illinois. And the second day, the Hon W P Hepburn, of Iowa.
- T L Millers goods are here and he is putting them in his old room and will soon open a drug store in this place
Osceola Democrat
Aug. 6, 1908


-Miss Lethia SMITH of Des Moines visited Mr. V.O. SMITH's.
-Mr. and Mrs. Bert CHEW visited in leon last week.
-Miss Oella THOMPSON of Des Moines is visiting here.
-Mrs. Dora BONE is visiting her parents at Ames.
-Mr. Marion SPRAY has a sister visiting with him.
-Mr. and Mrs. Oscar CASTOR had the misfortune to loose a new born infant last week.
-Mrs. V.O. SMITH is on the sick list.
-Verne McCUMBER son of Jesse McCUMBER a former resident here, is now visiting here with his uncle Jom MORGAN.
-Dr. CARR reports a 10 pound boy born on the 8th to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer COLWELL.
Osceola Democrat
July 2, 1908


-On Saturday morning June 27th, W.H. ADKINS, Esq., pronounced the ceremony which united in marriage Mr. William S. BURCHETT and Miss Winifred Doris GERMAN, both of Doyle township, Clarke county, Iowa. Both young people are representatives of well known and highly respected families of Clarke county and they start in life under the most favorable auspices. They will make their home in Doyle twp. where Mr. BURCHETT is an enterprising young farmer. The best wishes of a host of friends attend them. [note: more on the wedding in County Letters below]

-Married at Osceola June 29th, 1908 at 8 p.m. Lester R. WELKER of Murray and Ethel L. MOFFITT youngest daughter of H.W. and M.E. MOFFITT of Murray. The marriage was a quiet one only two other intimate friends being present to witness the ceremony. The Rev. F. EDWARDS of Osceola was the officiating clergy man. May the sunshine of a long happy life be theirs to enjoy is the kind wish of their numerous friends.

Marriage licences issued:
-Charles MARSHALL, age 24 & Bertha BETTERTON, age 18
-W.S. BURCHETT, age 19 & Winnie GERMAN, age 17
-L.R. WELKER, age 22 & Ethel MOFFIT, age 20
-Samuel C. DRADEN, age 29 & Sealia HARRIES, age 29

Hopeville: -Sanford BURCHETT, his sister Lelie, Ray GERMAN and his sister Winnie went to Osceola. Mr. BURCHETT & Miss GERMAN were married while there.
Osceola Democrat
Dec. 6, 1907
My Note: Look at the age differences in some of these men and women!!

Marriage Licenses this week:
-Marion VANLANINGHAM, age 60 & Vashti BEVARD, age 47.
-Carl SHIELDS, age 37 & Fae STUDER, age 18.
-William H. KELLER, age 21 & Jennie FOLGER, age 19.
-Carl W. TURK, age 20 & Sylvia HENDERSON, age 20.
-L.D. JOHNSON, age 77 & Mrs. Ida TAYLOR, age 45.
-Frank PAINTER, age 32 & Mae COX, age 32.
-Frank BRYANT, age 37 & Bessie PENISTON, age 18.
Osceola Democrat
Dec. 6, 1907

-Dr. J.F. ALDRICH, formerly of this place, now of Shenandoah, was here on professional business.
-O.E. GARRETT has 300 bushels of hand picked Jeniton apples in his cellar. They sell for $1 a bushel.
-Faith EDGAR died at Scotts Bluffs, Nebr. She was born in this place 4 years ago and was a very bright child.
-Will DANIEL went to Chicago with two of the best loads of feeders he ever shipped out of Murray. He will exhibit them at the Fat Stock show, then sell them.
-Ralph BROWN visited his family here.
-Jess RIES & wife spent Thanksgiving with her family.
-A.B. MILLER visited his former home Lincoln, Ill.
-Perry ARMITAGE & family of Afton ate turkey with his brother's family, Dr. A.I. ARMITAGE. Perry is county attorney of Union county.
-Phil FOWLER was here on business.
-Mrs. A.P. WATTS and R.M. GARRETT of Osceola, and O.E. GARRETT Jr. & family of Creston ate Thanksgiving dinner at the home of O.E. GARRETT Sr. There were 4 generations represented at this home on that occasion.
-Ross ADAMS is visiting here.
-C.J. BHABLE & family ate Thanksgiving dinner with M.R. and Mrs. Elmer BROWN.
Old Iowa Press --

Osceola Democrat; Aug. 6, 1908

-O.E. GARRETT returned from Excelsior Springs last Thursday. He visited over Sunday with his mother Mrs. A.P. WATTS at Osceola.
-M.I. SOLL and family and Will AGANS and family are camping on Grand River this week.
-Dist. superintendent MILLER held quarterly conference at this place Monday.
-Peter BUTLER had the misfortune to fall from a load of lumber last Monday. He was seriously hurt. It was a narrow escape from being killed.
-F.E. BISHOP was in Osceola Sunday.
-Mr. and Mrs. N.C. HOFFMAN and Mrs. Mayme HASTY and Veda HASTY left here for Kansas City. They will visit there for a short time and then to Colorado.
-J.W. STIFFLER and wife left for the west Wednesday. Mrs. STIFFLER goes on account of her health.
-Frank WHITEHEAD and wife are proud over the advent of a son born to them Monday.
-Ralph MARTINDALE and family spent Friday at Thayer lake.
-Tuesday morning during a thunder shower lightning struck 4 horses belonging to Henry JACOBE, living 8 miles north of this place. It killed 2 of them and injured 2.
Here is a picture of that 10 lb baby born 6 August 1908, with his grandmother Colwell.  Posted by Jeanne Gaumer
Jeanne Gaumer:: Richard J. Colwell born 8 August 1908 to Elmer and Lora Gaumer Colwell. Elmer and his parents came from Canada, lived in the Donald Piearson house and had a grocery store in Hopeville that was later Symonds grocery store. The Colwells went back to Canada about 1909 and had 5 more sons.



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