A warehouse was the first place students in Murray attended school. Nail kegs with planks were used as benches. The teacher was Miss LAMB, a relative of Dr. George ARMITAGE. It must have been hard to keep students' attention as trains were loading and unloading freight at the opposite end of the warehouse.

According to the county history book "The first few sessions of school were held in the Baptist church. In 1875 a frame, two-story building was erected, containing two rooms. An addition was made to this in 1880, supplying two more rooms. The total cost has been in the neighborhood of $3,000. The annual expenditures are some $2,000. Five teachers are employed, and the enrollment often reaches 250. The principal for 1885-'6 was J. J. TAYLOR, who is now county superintendent."

That building was on Lyon Street between the third and fourth block and was built by Jim EMERY and Hi LAMB. Originally the upper level wasn't finished. The first teacher was "Doc TURNER." In 1881 a four year high school course was added with Miss Tina ELLIOT serving as principal. The first class to complete high school was the class of '85 which consisted of Jim ROSS, Ivy SCOTT, May DUFUR, and Edna PRATT.

In 1898 a new two story, six room brick building was constructed at a cost of $9,000. This building burned down on April 13, 1925. The last six weeks of school were held in churchs, buildings, and homes in Murray. The next fall a new building was ready for the 220 students.



This appears to be a pictures of the first Murray school.




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