Civil War Recruits

Source: from reprint of "Clarke County Historical & Biographical Record", Lewis Pub., Chicago, 1886. p.227+

Clarke Guards

In 1861 there was no railroad in the county, but the news of the fall of Sumter was but two or three days in spreading everywhere among the people. Iowa was only required to send one regiment and the governor had so many offers that Clarke County was not asked to furnish troops immediately. In May, 1861, however, a militia company was raised with great enthusiasm, Samuel P. Glenn, being Captain, to be ready to offer its services on the first intimation that they would be accepted. The company was known as the Clarke County Guards, and drilled every Saturday, for a number of weeks. On the first of July, orders were received from Des Moines, to assemble and report at Burlington, for organization and assignment. On the 4th a grand celebration was held at Osceola and the company was organized for service.

Company B, Sixth Infantry

Previous to this, and because it was supposed the company was too large for all to be received, a number of the volunteers went to Chariton, Lucas County, where they were received as a part of Company B, Sixth Infantry. These were:

Sgt Edwin F. Alden   Crp. David S. Sigler  Crp. John H. Keplinger 
Crp. William C. Fitch  Crp. George B. Brown  Musician, Addison J. Skelly 


Green C. Adkins Jesse L. Adkins Miles Atwater Otis Burbank
William L. Brown William H. Brandon Charles J. Cheny James S. Cain
Newton J. Gordon Edwin R. Godfrey Charles H. Griggs Charles H. Harvey
James H. Hess Valentine Harland Lemuel G. Knott Elijah J. Kent
Alonzo Ketchum Zarah M. Lanning  Jacob L. Miler Andrew Miller
Kellogg Poisell Lewis B. Ridgeway Orisn S. Rarick John M. Sayer
James E. Thomas       


These were mustered into the service no sooner than the full company from Clarke County, which became Company F, Sixth Infantry. This band of patriots set out with teams July 9, for Eddyville, Wapello Conty, whence they proceeded by rail to Burlington, arriving on the evening of the 11th. They were mustered into the service of the United States, July 17, by Lieutenant Alexander Chambers, U.S.A. This being the first company from Clarke County their names are considered worthy of record in ths place.


Capt. Samuel P. Glenn  1st Lt. Calvin Minton 2nd Lt. John T. Grimes


Abraham C. Rarick  Elihu Gardner Edwin R. Kennedy
Jerry Rhodes George W. Hess  


 John Diehl John W. Kling Zephaniah F. Delany Jackson Wiggins
Moses T. Johnson Nathaniel Thrasher Francis M. Kyte  Andrew Byers

Musicians - Samuel Early & George Gutches

Wagoner - Henry C. Stewart


Samuel Applegate  Colman Barber Ira A. Bare Joseph N. Ballou
Robert Buell Robert Balis George Babington Edward Chambers
Thomas Carson Andrew B. Dilley Isaac Day Charles Daho
Homer Dodd Abraham Ford Elim Ford James Fouch
Thomas P. Gray William J. Hamilton Benjamin H. Hilling Samuel Hindman
Bladen A. Harrison Jeremiah Hanks John M. Hunter Samuel Hart
Jonathan L. Hagerty Caleb Jeffers Thomas H. Kirkpatrick Edwin R. Kennedy
George W. Lamb Grundy Lock William J. Love James Mitchell
James Mardis David McBride William S. Moore Charles W. Miller
James T.R. McCully  Oren S. Medcalf Austin May David McFarland

 D.F.M. Musselman Thomas A. Nelson Hervey D. Owen Harrison Owen
William Pagett Alfred G. Romine Adam C. Rarick William H. Stewart
Abram T. Stark  Peter P. Shuck John G. Scoville David Shearer
Abner W. Sharp  Alexander Stewart Henry Terry Clark Tripp
Aaron Vanscoy  Oliver P. Wilson Vashni Webster William J. Wilson
Hugh West John P. Willeby James H. Weaver Joseph Weinneger
Henry C. Zink       

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