The following are excerpts from the the book Recipes of Living 2001 by Fern Underwood containing biographies of Clarke County residents and is published herein with specific permission of Fern Underwood.

Also special thanks to Ken L. Baker for bringing this together.


Edited by Fern Underwood


F & M Publishers

Name In 2001, as of:
Introduction September Page
Barr, Kathy July 1
Binning, Mark and Vicky August 9
Bys, Rev. Ivan Message 13
Cochran, Lowell and Gloria May 18
Coffey, Mark and Tammy May 25
Cutshall, Bob and Cathy August 29
Dinham, Teri July 33
Dolecheck, Leland and Sandra August 38
Ehler, Kris August 42
Ehrhardt, Jeff and Lori Family June 48
Eis, Dick and Betty April 52
Haider, Rev. Cliff family July 63
Halvorsen, Kurt and Deleth September 72
Hardisty, Marvin and Joyce March 76
Jacobsen, Clymene August 81
Jacobsen, Terry and Sheryl September 84
Johnston, Joe and Teri September 89
Kuczma, Rev. Adam Autobiography 92
Mateer, Peggy May 106
Murr, Tom Editorial 110
Poore, Glen and Maurene Family August 112
Spencer, Dr. Richard Family August 118
Wallace, Lisa April 125
Wishon, Randy and Ronda June 127




Letter from the editor:

Thank you for being interested in Book #6 of Recipes for Living. It is possibly the last in the series, but I say that each year. Scheduling becomes increasingly difficult, the project is very time consuming, and it is easy to say, "That’s all."  Then I begin to think of how wonderful it has been to have people share their lives. In these five years, there have been approximately 150 whom I, and perhaps you, have come to know in a way that would not have been possible otherwise.

I treasure the stories of those who are deceased.  Rereading them brings back so many memories!  Some families regard this as the beginning of a book of their own memorabilia. There is a possibility that the stories will be a resource for children and grandchildren.  Those who, like myself, have lived a long time tell how life used to be, and perhaps young people who are caught up in the fast pace of this ever-changing world can catch a vision of what their forebears found to be truly important- integrity, commitment, courtesy, friendship, faithfulness to responsibilities, and high moral standards.  These qualities characterized the lives recorded in these books.

How did it all begin?  Ideas don't usually come to me in a flash but they evolve, and I realize that I have been writing life stories for many years. But perhaps the spark that set them going was when Janice Nannen remarked in the King's Daughters Sunday School Class that Melvin Goeldner should write his autobiography.  That was on a Sunday in 1995.  On Monday I sent him a postcard to suggest the possibility.  He received it on Tuesday.  Wednesday morning I went to his and Alverda’s home, expecting to try to persuade him, and was greeted with, "Where are your tools?"  I came home to get them.  He was not only ready but had the name of the book, all the chapter headings, and a good idea of what each would contain.  Those of us who knew him know there was only one Melvin. His became a separate book and what is included under his name in the Recipes for Living book is about him.  But writing his story may have been the impetus for the series.

The title seemed to suggest itself.  Recipe books are popu1ar but what about a recipe for how to live?  The recipe can be found in every story. All will deal or have dealt with trauma. How did they do it?  Where did they find the inner strength to cope?  In the first book was an unidentified person whose story was done apart from the series.  It was an assignment by her therapist, who was still trying in her adult years to help her overcome the effects of sexual abuse perpetrated upon her as a child.  She said that she might have been able to deal with it better if she had known there were others who had similar experiences. Perhaps the story she told, which she gave permission to use anonymously, will be a help to others.

This has not been a singular effort.  If you had not told your stories or bought the books, they would not have been written and the church would not have netted to date over $12,000. With the exception of the use of the Rissograph, there has been no cost to the congregation because F & M Publishers (Fern Underwood and Mickey Thomas) have borne the expense of the professional work.  Dr. C.E. and Margaret Tindle have bought the paper.  Mike Boldon and Martha Snell have donated the time and cost of selling.  Jan Lloyd and Joy Tokheim have contributed hours to proofreading and correcting punctuation. Additionally, I am so grateful for the meticulous work of Darrell Reynolds and Ed Buesch at the Osceola Sentinel Tribune for the attractive finished product.  I am so grateful!  I have been more blessed than anyone by this project!


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