The following are excerpts from the the book Recipes of Living 1997 by Fern Underwood containing biographies of Clarke County residents and is published herein with specific permission of Fern Underwood.

Also special thanks to Ken L. Baker for bringing this together.



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Name: As of: Page:
Bachman,Linda February 25 1
Baker, Ken May 22 6
Baumgart, Kris May 31 13
Binning, Verne & Glendola March 25 21
Bloom, William Leo March 4 25
Connell, Jim & Phyllis June 19 32
Davenport, Cecill & Jean April 7 38
DeForest, Jeff & Debbie May18 44
Haub, Mike January 6 50
Herron, Ruby April 18 55
Jamison, Christin Ann March 15 61
Louk, Jim and Lynn July 6 63
Lundquist, Jeanne June 5 68
Miles, Cameron Family March 27, June 21 73
Patterson, Jim January 6 80
Patterson, J.D. & Ethel February 14 84
Reasonor, Don May 14 94
Schipper, Jim & Elaine April 13 99
Scritchfield, Dale & Erma January 30 103
Second Grade Class July 6 111
Snell, Mike Family June 3 114
Spencer, Mary Linn January 18 120
Stephens, Mary January 6 123
Turner, Joyce April 12 130
UMW February 14 135
Underwood, Fern May 5 140



This is the 1997 version of Recipes for Living.  The purpose for the first one, in 1996, was not only to raise money for the budget, but additionally to provide a way to share lives, to come to know one another better, to benefit from the wisdom gained as each person has experienced life and thus to become a more closely knit fellowship that is the Osceola United Methodist Church. The encouragement to do another would seem to indicate that it succeeded.  This issue expands these opportunities, particularly with the inclusion of younger people. In fact, "out of the mouths of babes" I have gained new insights and believe readers will, as well.

The 1997 mission statement adopted by the Administrative Council is: "The Osceola United Methodist Church will minister with God's love to a diverse community of people as we grow together in the Christian faith."  Diversity in unity, or vice versa, makes us who we are.

Clarke County was featured in the Iowa Commerce magazine in the July, 1997 issue.  Jim Schipper, whose life story is included among the following, who is President of the Clarke County Development Corporation, is quoted: "People here are unpretentious-what you see is what you get.  They have an excellent work ethic, are genuine and have lots of community pride." That description applies to each of the persons who have shared their lives in the previous and following stories.

  More particularly, as it applies to the congregation, Paul acknowledged and cherished diversity; for wholeness is achieved by each person bringing his or her unique gifts and graces in participation.  He expressed it in Ephesians 4:16 in these words: "...the whole body, joined and knit together by every ligament with which it is equipped, as each part is working properly, promotes the body's growth in building itself up in love."  Wishfully, each person could know how much he or she is needed in the ministry of the church.


All who have been willing to take part in this book through sharing their lives have given to me, personally, a great gift.  I have, indeed, grown in love, understanding, and appreciation of each person who has shared a story.  Each one is truly unique and precious.  Each one has not only a story to tell, but a recipe for fruitful living. Some of the recipes are obvious, some are subtle; but in every case the stories tell of meeting and coping with life. "He, who has ears, let him hear."

Additionally, there are those who have contributed to the cost of production in order that the entire amount received from the sale of books will go directly to income to cover the budget. To all of these I express my thanks.

Will there be a 1998 version?  Only if there are others willing to participate.

Editor, Fern Underwood


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