Post Offices in Clarke County

This is a list of the post offices in the county since the county was established. The township where it was located is listed when known. There were probably others not listed. The name of the first postmaster is listed. More than one postmaster will be listed when a post office was closed and reopened.

Balaka - 1865-1865 (Fremont)

Aaron Harlan

Jack Creek 1893-1894 (Grn Bay)

Thomas J. Mason

Murray 1869-  present (Troy)

Bartlettville 1853-1860  (Franklin)

Jerome Bartlett

Jackson 1858-1860

James T. R. McCulley

Nortonville 1869-1876  (Fremont)

Isaac Tharp

Bell 1857-1859  - Jacob Decker

Jamison 1882-1938  (Fremont)

G. O. Thompson

Oakland 1868-1869  (Murray)

J. J. Weidenhammer

Faith 1890-1891 

Jay 1889-1902 (Liberty)

Benjamin F. Wolverton

Osceola 1851- present (Osceola)

Folger 1893-1899 (Fremont)

James W. Drennen

Lacelle 1857-1869  (Knox)

Solomon Thomas

Henry Hedrick

Ottawa 1855-1874 (Woodburn

Lindsey Coppock

Freehold 1854-1855  (Knox)

Jacob L. Chenoweth

La Harp 1877 (never operated) 

Washington A. Sawyer

Prairie Grove 1852-1899  (Wash.)

Greenville P. Dodd

John C. Smith, Cyrus L. Beeman

Glenns 1851-1864 (Smyrna

J. H. Kinier

La Porte 1855-1869  (Madison)

James Hall

Riley 1857-1870  (Knox, Doyle)

Riley Sanders

Green Bay 1861-1882 (Leslie

David H. Johnson

Abraham Leffler

Leslie 1882-1906 (Knox)

Fletcher Bisby

Shelby 1864-1902  (Grn Bay)

Esau Buckingham

Groveland 1886-1901 (Knox)

John Miller

Phillip Miller

Liberty 1856-1903  (Liberty)

Jacob Proudfoot

Smyrna 1864-1902  (Franklin)

J. H. Kinier

Hickory Point 1853-1856 (Liberty

John Lambert

Middleport 1888-1891  (Liberty) White Breast 1851-1858  (Grn Bay)

Hopeville 1851-1919  (Doyle)

David Newton

Milford 1855-1869  (Liberty)

Joseph Norris

Samuel Tash

Woodburn 1874- present (Jackson)

Sources: "Bicentennial Picture Book", Clarke County Historical Society, 1976.
"Postmarked Iowa: A List of Discontinued and Renamed Post Offices:, Guy Reed Ramsey, J.B. Publishing Co., Crete, Nebraska 1976.

1899 Post Offices in Clarke County

Source: 1899 Iowa Official Register (the Red Book), p. 338. (* indicates money order office)

 Folger  Groveland  *Hopeville  Jamison
 Jay  Lacelle  Liberty  *Murray
 *Osceola  Smyrna  *Woodburn  

1905 Post Offices in Clarke County

Source: 1905 Iowa Official Register (the Red Book)

 Hopeville Leslie Jamison
Murray Osceola Woodburn



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