This article was in The Osceola Sentinel Centennial Edition, Thursday, August 1, 1951.

In early 1906 an effort was made to compile a complete list of pioneer residents of Clarke County, still living here then, who had 50 or more years of residence in the county. The list grew to 80 names and was said to be practically complete.

 Adams, R.M.  Osceola  IN  1850
Barnard,Mrs. Lurania  Osceola IN 1854
Barnhill, Mrs. Lizzie  Osceola IL 1855
Barrows, Mrs. P.C. Osceola IN 1855
 Blake, Ira W. Osceola OH 1855
Bonar, Mrs. Lucinda Osceola OH 1852
Bumgardner, Mrs. H.E. Osceola OH 1855
Campbell, John Osceola IN 1855
Carder, George Washington twp. IN 1853
Carder, Mrs. George Washington twp.  IN 1853
 Coon, A.C. Doyle twp. IN 1854
Coon, Mrs. A.C. Doyle twp. IN 1855
Coon, Mrs. William Doyle twp. IN 1853
Coon, William Doyle twp. IN 1853
Davenport, W.H. Franklin twp. IA 1854
 Day, T.W. Troy twp. IN 1853
Delk, Mrs. S.B. Osceola IN 1853
Eggleston, C.B. Jackson twp. IA 1855





 Ford, Mrs. Sarah Knox twp. WVA 1855
Foster, Mrs. William Osceola IN 1851
Fowler, P.L. Osceola OH 1854
Glenn, Mrs. S.E. Osceola IN 1855
Goetchius, Geo. Osceola OH 1853
Graves, J.N. Ward twp.  IL 1854
Hamilton, W.J. Osceola  IL 1852
Harlan, V. Fremont twp. OH 1853
Hart, E. Osceola OH 1855
 Hendrick, E.M. Ward twp IL 1855
Horton, Mrs. Sarah J. Osceola IA 1854
Hunt, Emeline E. Knox twp. OH 1852
Huston, Mrs. J. Troy twp. IN 1853
Jamison, Robt. Doyle twp. IN 1850
 Jones, John Osceola twp. IN 1851
Johnson, T.A. Osceola IN 1854
Johnson, F.W. Osceola IN 1854
Johnson, W.E. Madison twp. OH 1854

 Keeran T.M. Knox twp. OH 1853
Kyte, F.M. Osceola IN 1852
Kyte, Mrs. F.M. Osceola IN 1853
 Lamson, Mrs. H.N. Osceola WVA 1853
Lewis, A. Osceola OH 1855
Lewis, Parthenia Osceola IN 1851
Lyons, A. Madison twp. IN 1854
McGuire, Mrs. C.E. Osceola IL 1856
Morrow, Daniel Osceola OH 1855
 Norton, Daniel Osceola OH 1855
Parrish, J.C. Osceola IN 1854
Paul, G.M. Osceola IN 1854
Paul, Mrs. G.M. Osceola IN 1854
Paul, W.W. Osceola b. here 1855

 Reynolds, John Osceola OH 1856
Rhodes, Hugh Liberty twp. VA 1852
Robinson, B.G. Osceola b. here 1854
Robinson, Mrs. B.G. Osceola b. here 1855
 Robinson, Mrs. Geo. Ward twp. IN 1855
Shearer, F.M. Osceola IN 1854
Shepherd, J.M. Knox twp. IN 1851
 Sherrow, Mrs. N.A. Knox twp. IN 1850
Shields, J.H. Knox twp. IN 1855
Shields, Mrs. J.H. Knox twp. IN 1855
Shields, J.H.C. Doyle twp. IN 1850
Smith, Mrs. David Osceola IN 1850

Tedrow, Mrs. Henry Jackson twp. OH 1855
Thompson, J.B.  Osceola OH  1855
Thompson, Mrs.E.L. Osceola IL 1853
Trent, T.A. Osceola IN 1854
Trent, M.E. Osceola IN 1854
Tullis, J.W. Osceola IN 1852
Twombley, James Osceola OH 1852
Twombley, I.A. Osceola b. here 1854
Twombley, J.H. Knox twp. OH 1852
 Twombley, Mrs. Lydia  Knox twp. OH 1852
Twombley, H.H. Knox twp. OH 1852
Welch, Andrew Sr. Liberty twp. IN 1851
Wells, J.B. Osceola OH 1854
Williams, Ed. Knox twp. IN 1855
Williamson, Rich.Sr. Liberty twp. VA 1852
Williamson, Thos. Liberty twp. VA 1852
 Williamson, Rich. Jr. Liberty twp. b. here 1854
Woodard, Ed Osceola OH 1854

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