This is by no means a complete list of photography studios in Clarke County. As I come across references to more studios I will add them to this list. The number in the notes section refers to the reference where I obtained the information.






Boden's Professional Photography Studio  1922-? 128 W. Jefferson Osceola 1.
Calvin Cooley Photography Studio 1894 148 W. Jefferson (east half) & 154 W. Jefferson (west half) Osceola 1. second floor
Chris' Photography (Chris Robins) 1980's - 216-218 S. Main Osceola 1.
Theodore F. Clark  1895    Murray 2., 3. before R. P. Currie
Earl E. Cobun 1918 131-133 S. Main Osceola 1. Later moved to California and worked for some Hollywood studios.
Roy P. Currie 1901-?   Murray 2.
Deal's Photography Studio after 1949 101 S. Main (Masonic Block) Osceola 1. In 1979 was located at 148 W. Jefferson
Easter Studio after 1929 132 W. Jefferson Osceola 1.
Headlee Studio after 1929 132 W. Jefferson Osceola 1.
Hill Studio (F. C. Hill) 1929- 117 S. Main (W. H. Hall Building) Osceola 1.
Jeffers Studio (John Jeffers) after 1929 127 W. Washington Osceola 1.on the second floor. In 1935 had moved to 116-118 S. Fillmore
 D. R. (Doc) Robinson 1899-1916 123 W. Washington (north side of square)  Osceola  1. Ad also mentions pianos, organs, talking machines, & sewing machines
 Smith & Read Photography 1880's 100 S. Fillmore Osceola 1. produced stereographs
H. A. Smith  1920   Osceola 4.


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4. imprint on picture of Frata M. Tate as reported in Osceola Sentinel, May 15, 1986.