Osceola Sentinel, January 14, 1904

Miss Mamie Coppock is entertaining her friend, Miss Ardell Emory, this week...The Woodmen held a public installation Monday night at their hall followed by a banquet. About 200 were present...Little Dorothy Willey is quite sick with sore throat...Millard Adams, of Osceola, spent Sunday with Andy Adams and wife...Henry Byesly and wife, of Kansas, visited friends here last week. They contemplate mvoing here in the near future...Charley Lewallen and wife came down from St. Charles Monday to visit a few days...Mrs. George Stotts is quite ill with facial neuralgia...E. R. Gardner is remodeling the interior of his house...I. N. Woods has been on the sick list for about two weeks...W. F. Westbrook has purchased the old house of Jim Robbins and moved it on his home place and will soon be ready to move back home...The Rebekahs held their installation at the hall Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Emma Hill was installing officer...Mrs. Robt Castor and children are visiting at Dr. Martin's.


Rec'd Thursday noon last week--too late for publication.

Allie Felger is barbering for Wm. Fowler...James Davenport returned to Des Moines Monday to resume his studies at the I. B. C...Mrs. Rena Duke, of Ottumwa, was the guest of her brother, Walt Harkins, Saturday and Sunday...Elsie Hollaway is working in the Woodburn bank...Mrs. H. T. Leonard entertained the ladies of the Eastern Star, Wednesday afternoon in honor of her guest, Mrs. Geo.Leonard of Perry. A six course luncheon was served at 5 o'clock...Earl Martin and Joe Manley went to Bloomington, Ill., Tuesday night.


February 4, 1904

The financial affairs of W. W. Exline who lived on the farm of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Flannery, south of Woodburn are in bad shape. He took a car load of cattle to Chicago about ten days ago promising his creditors to turn the money into his debts. But he failed to return, and it is said he wrote his wife to sell the goods and go to her mother's, Mrs.Flanney's in Creston. The Woodburn bank, Martin Bros. and J. A. Clark joined in an attachment on his stock and household goods and will thus secure the most of their accounts. A number of other debtors did not get in in time and will lose unless Mr. Exline concludes to return and settle same...Editor Stevens has bought the Wm. Grimm house and lot on Sigler street and moved into the property Thursday...Grant Harrison returned to Storm Lake Tuesday. He will move to Chariton soon. ..Martin Bros. have sold their hardware stock to Hans Oehlert and Fred Blakely. The new firm will open for business Saturday. They are good, responsible business men, worth of a full share of the business of this vicinity...Dr. Bowen is now the exclusve owner of the drug store...Will Barber has accepted a position as telegraph operator west of Creston...Rev. Gallaher, of the M. E. church, was compelled to close his meeting Friday night on account of sickness...Will Penick has bought the 60 acre farm of Fred Blakely...Charley Martin and Will Metcalf are home from Montana on a sixty-day vacation...Mrs. Robt. Carson, of Albia, is visiting her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Martin...Mrs. Emma Blanchard has gone to Chariton where she has employment...Miss Goldie Harrison spent Sunday in Chariton...Miss Mamie Mason has accepted employment with a medicine company, going with Mrs. Van Gilder, of Des Moines...Wisecarver bought twenty-one heard of horses in Woodburn Monday and on Saturday Bunk Ward bought fourteen head. This sends two car loads of our horses to other lands...Miss Mamie Zaelke was the guest of Miss Gafflin at Murray Sunday...Misses Rose and Effie Anderson visited a few days the past week with friends at Weldon...Pat Flannery, of Creston was in town Sunday...Mrs. C. A. Twyford and daughter Twyla and Miss Ena Phillips were at Osceola on Saturday...Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Chapman and Mrs. Frank Davis attended the funeral of Robt. Leavel at Osceola Sunday...Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Marquis will move next week to New Virginia where he will work at the real estate business.


February 11, 1904

Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Stedwell, of Humiston, visited relatvies here the past week. They contemplate moving to Woodburn sooon...Mrs. Tillotson and Mrs. Tom Hoshaw, of Osceola visited a few days the past week with their sister, Mrs. Charles Fischback...Mrs. Jesse Stump, of Creston, came down Wednesday of last week and assisted her sister, Mrs. Will Exline, in moving her household goods to Creston...John Woods, an employee of the Dain Manufacturing Co. came Saturday for a few days stay with his father and sister...Mrs. Dan Crowe is quite sick with pneumonia...Charley Boor returned Saturday from a visit with relatives in West Virginia...Rev. Western, pastor of the M.E. church at Norway, filled the pulpit at the M.E. church here Sunday morning and evening...Mrs. Dr. Bowen is listed among the sick...The graduating class of 1904 consists of seven members, six girls and one boy. Clyde Hill, Lena Coppock, Mamie Lowe, Clara Wing, Maud Critchfield, Corda Cochran and May Mackey...J.A. Clark was called to Bussey Monday by the serious illness of his father...Miss Hattie Nye spent Sunday in Lucas with her parents...Master Paul Cone, of Creston, has been very low with pneumonia at the home of his aunt, Mrs. Emma Lewallen...Miss Bonnie Garris, of Weldon, is visiting at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Danner, east of town.

Dr. and Mrs. Willy entertained Mrs. Willy's brother, Mr. Gould of Davenport over Sunday...Mrs. Mart White and son of Creston, came down last Friday to visit with Mrs. Julia Crosby over Sunday...Jake and Waldo Lewallen and their families expect to start to Kansas the first of next week to make their future home...Mr. Ab McGee of Chariton is in town this week looking after the shipping business...John Thomas was in Osceola Monday on business, and Henry Purdue took charge of the rural delivery for him...Mike Lyons is having a cottage built on his lot in east Woodburn. Henry Perdue is doing the work...Nineteen Masons and there wives loaded themselves on boblseds last Thursday night...


February 18, 1904

Mrs. Laurel Boss, of Chariton, came Saturday to visit her sister, Mr Darlington and family...E. L. Martin and ---- Harkens were in St. Paul a few days last week on business.... Miss Nellie Cochran, of Des Moines, came Saturday for a few days' stay among relatives...Misses Myrta and Effie Anderson were Sunday visitors in Chariton...J. A Bruffy was at Creston the first of the week...Charley Martin returned to Montana Monday having spent two weeks' vacation with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Martin...Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Burns, of St. Charles, are visiting at the Twyford home this week...Mrs. White, of Creston,is the guest of Mrs. Crosby and other relatives...Mrs. Jesse Hardin of Chariton, visited with her sister, Mrs. Will Fowler, Monday...Miss Chattie Dukes will close a three months' term of school at Red Wing Friday...Mrs. Charley Goin went Monday to Melrose for a short stay among relatives...Several school children are out of school this week on account of measles...The alumni will give a social at the school building Saturday evening February 20th. Proceeds for the class of 1904...Mrs. Hans Oehlert entertained friends at dinner Tuesday.


February 25, 1904

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bowman went to Lorimor Saturday to visit their daughter...Miss Edna Lewis, of Osceola, was the guest of Mrs. Fred Stotts Saturday and Sunday...Twyla Twyford was listed among the sick the past week...Miss Ethel Collins, of Osceola, attended the alumni social Saturday evening...A. H. Lowe and Marion Hickman were county seat visitors Saturday...Miss Weed, of Osceola, was in town Saturday and organized a class in vocal music...Mrs. T. V. Dailey is quite sick...Mrs. Mary Mikesell, of Creston, attended the funeral of W. Roberts Friday...Mr. and Mrs. Walter Young returned to their home at Hopeville Tuesday...Mrs. Emma Blanchard came home from Chariton Monday to remain a couple of weeks...Miss Emma Callahan, of Joplin, Missouri, is visiting relatives in or near town...E. L. Harrison and family have moved to their farm near Jay...Mr. Starbuck, of Tyrone, is our new agent's name. Mr. Mummia was transferred to Chillicothe, Mo...H. T. Leonard and wife entertained Clarence Marquis and wife over Sunday...Millard Merry has bought a half interest in Mr. Moss' four store...Sanford Leeps moved his family and household goods to Osceola last Sunday before breakfast.


March 3, 1904

Mrs. Warren McComas returned to her home in Osceola Fridat after a week's visit with her parents, Mr. Sol Critchfield and wife...Fred Stotts and wife, Hal and Lena Clarke were Osceola visitors last week...Mrs. Logan Sweeney was visiting in the country at her fathers' Will Marquis' this week...Nellie Garris is out of school with the measles...Mr. Boyd and wife were Lucas visitors Monday. Their two grandchildren came home with them...Fred Woods and wife came last Friday to visit with I. N. Woods and daughter Mary for a week...Mr. Starbuck ,our new agent, has moved into the McClure home...Will Mackey is moving into the Fox home...Dan Perdue and daughter, of Osceola, spent Sunday at Henry Perdue's...Fred Stottts and wife are moving into the home lately occupied by Mr. Scheitler...John Thomas has been quite ill for a week or more but is some better now. His brother, Chas., is with him. Mr. Thomas has resigned as mail carrier and Frank Powell is carrying the mail until a new one is appointed...Chattie Dukes is at New Virginia visiting her sister, Mrs. Brook Johnson...E. J. Hayes has rented his farm to Mr. Parnell and has disposed of his household goods to Fred Stotts and will go back to Illinois to stay this summer. His daughter, Rilla, will stay with Mrs. Roy Herton until fall...Mrs. Hugh Duke went to St. Charles Tuesday to see her daughter, Mrs. Chas. Lewallen, who is quite ill...The farmers are hauling in oats and timothy seed which brings a good price...Mr. Ward, the horse buyer from Fairfield, bought about a car load of horses last Friday and left nearly $2,000 with the farmers...Hattie Nye, the telephone girl, spent Sunday at her home in Lucas...Boast Darnell loaded his household goods and left for Illinois Monday night. Mrs. Darnell left Tuesday morning. They will make their future home near Galesburg...Mike Lyons received a car load of rock Tuesday. He will use it for the foundation of his new cottage he will build...Lester Hanson, of Kansas, is visiting with her father-in-law, Dr. Martin, this week. The Epworth League have elected officers as follows: Bert Dukes, president; Maude Evans, first vice; Maud Critchfield, second vice; Lena Clark, department of literary work; Lena Coppock, department of social work; Edna Sturm, secretary; Elsie Holloway, treasurer; Addie Holloway, organist; Maude Critchfield, assistant organist.


March 17, 1904

Miss Ardell Emary was the guest of Miss Mamie Coppock the first of the week en route to her home at What Cheer from Omaha, where she has been visiting...J. W. Reese and famiy visited her parents at Lacona, over Sunday...The children of Mrs. A. E. Schrader are quite sick with measles...A. Bruffey and wife went to Creston Tuesday...Several of our businessmen are in Texas this week lookiong at land. Those leaving Monday were W. Harkens, E. L. and Rob Martin, C. B. McDonough and Clyde Duke...Clarence Marquis and wife of New Virginia spent Sunday north of town with his parents...Mrs. S. S. Critchfield is listed among the sick...Miss Florence Fryer, returned to Villisca Saturday on a two weeks' visit with her sister here...W. F. Walker and wife were down from Osceola Tuesday to attend to some matters of business...Mrs. W. H. Fowler and daughter, Birdie, and Mrs. Dr. Willey were shopping at Chariton Saturday...Mr. Harlin of Indianola, and Mr. Curtis of Corning, have bought the store of A. E. Schrader's estate taking possession at once...The school election held in this city Monday was a decidedly quiet affair. Only one new director being elected, N. L. Sturm, to succeed W. L. Garris...C. A. Twyford was elected treasurer...Mrs. Tilotson of Osceola spent Tuesday with her sister, Mrs. Chas. Fischback.


March 24, 1904

Candidates on Citizens Ticket: Mayor, E. L. Martin. Councilmen 3 years, C. C. Harkin and E. E. Cline; Councilman 1 year, Wm. Carpenter. Clerk, A. A. Felger. Assessor, John Terhune...The funeral of Dr. Calvin Blythe, of Creston was held at the Methodist church Monday at 10 o'clock ...Mrs. Swisher and daughter, and Mrs. Jesse Harrison, of Osceola, attended the funeral of Dr. Blythe, Monday and visted at the Stotts home...Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Warner, of Ottumwa, are visiting in town this week...Miss Mamie Zaelka spent Sunday with her sister in Murray...W. H. Davenport, wife and daughter visited their daughter Mrs. Clarence Marquis at New Virginia the first of the week...Ed Clark, of Chariton, came Monday evening for a few days stay with his brother south of town...Mrs. Love, of Osceola was the guest of Mrs. Black Sunday...Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lewallen returned from St. Charles Monday.


April 14, 1904

Mrs. Rob Martin spent the first of the week in Ottumwa the guest of Mrs. Maud Warner...Mr. and Mrs. Aldin Wilson, of Osceola, visited a few days the past week with his father and family west of town...Miss Lillie Thomas, of Greeley, Colo., was called home Friday by the death of her father, J. O. Thomas...R. E. Lee, of Murray, spent Sunday in town...Harlow and Curtis' Shoe Sale Friday and Saturday was largely attended...Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Twyford, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon McGee, Mr. and Mrs. Gardner, Miss Mamie Mason and Ab McGee attended the funeral of Mr. Thomas at Osceola Sunday...Dr. Willey returned Monday from Davenport, where he has been visiting his parents...Mrs. Ida Uldridge returned to Chicago Sunday, after spending a few days with relatives...Miss Harlow of Indianola came Saturday and is clerking in her father's store...Misses Mamie Lowe and Pearl Wing were Osceola visitors on Tuesday...Rev. J. F. St. Clair, of Des Moines, filled the pulpit at the M. E Church Sunday morning...Mrs. J. N. Danner was at Osceola Monday consulting a physician as to an ailment.


April 28, 1904

Millard Merry has moved in the house recently occupied by Mr. Thomas...Dr. and Mrs. Willey entertained Mrs.Willey's brother, Mr. Gould and wife, of Ottumwa last Sunday...Floyd McCreary, of Albia, was an over Sunday visitor here...Mrs. Schrader, of Creston, was here last week to visit her son, Herbert, and daughter-in-law Mrs. Elsie Schrader...Will Carmicael came home last Saturday to visit his mother a few days...Marion McLaughlin's baby is quite sick...Lester Burton moved his family and household goods to Cromwell last Monday...Frank Barton moved his family in townTuesday...Henery Philips and wife of Wyoming came Monday night to see their daughter, Inna, and Mrs.Black, who are both critically ill...E. R. Gardner has rented his house to Mr. Curtis and has bought the Mrs. Cline property into which he will move in a few days...H. H. Linton, of Kellerton, former principal of the Woodburn School, visited friends in town saturday...Miss Electa Robbins, of Burlington, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Robbins...The Misses Weed, Reeves, Lewis, Cooley,Goldsmith and Felger, of Osceola, attended the graduating exercises Friday evening...School closed here Friday. Misses Mamie Zaelka and Mary Wing each began spring terms again in the district Monday morning...Miss Fryer returned to her home at Villisca Sunday and Miss Anderson contemplates entering Drake University and taking some special work in that institution...Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Gould, of Davenport, are visiting at the home of his sister, Mrs. Dr. Wiley this week, also Mrs. Willey , mother of the doctor, is a visitor...Ena Phillips is seriously ill at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Black. Dr. Stanton, of Chariton, and an Osceola physician were called in consultation with Dr. Brown and Willey. They pronounced her illness as an almost hopeless case of brain fever. She already being a sufferer of lung trouble...R. E. Lee, of Murray, spent Sunday in town with his friend, W S. Wadkins...Lafe Hood departed Sunday evening for Creston where he will visit his son a few days before returning to his home in Missouri...Mrs. J. O. Thomas has moved her household goods to Osceola where she will make her home. Her son Charley has decided to return to his work in New Mexico...Mr. and Mrs. Carson and Mr. and Mrs. Lute Carson visited Chariton relatives Thursday and Friday.


The class of 1904 consists of seven members, six girls and one boy, viz. Corda G. Cochran, subject of oration, American Authors; Lena Lura Coppock, Influence of Books; Maude Critchfield, Building of Eternity; Clyde Hill, Our Flag; Mamie Lowe, "I'm Tired of Rowing Let Me Drift; May Mackey, Out of the Bay into the Ocean; Clara Wing, Is the Foundation All?

Class colors - purple and white

Mott- We build the ladder by which we rise.

The class have labored untiringly with their last year of high school work and with the efficient work of the faculty of teachers and the courteous treatment of the board of education, the past school year has been a bright and pleasant one.


May 5, 1904

At a meeting of the school board the following teachers were elected for the ensuing year: Miss Mamie Zaelka, principle; Miss Myrta Anderson-intermediate; Miss Chattie Dukes, primary. The grammar department is to be supplied ...Mrs. Rose Hood, of Chreston, spent a few days the past week in town, the guest of Miss Birdie Felger...Miss Electa Robbins has returned to Burlington...Misses Rose and Myrta Anderson were Chariton visitors Tuesday and Wednesday...Dr. and Mrs. Bowen visited relatives at Batavia last week...Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Humiston, of Ottumwa, came Saturday for a visit with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Holloway...The funeral of Ena Philips was held at the M.E. church last Thursday afternoon before a crowded house of sympathizing friends. The remains wee taken to Sheridan, Wyoming for burial...Miss Grace Wallace was an over-Sunday visitor in Chariton...Miss Birdie Harrison, of Osceola, spent Sunday with her parents...Ed Lowery returned home from Burlington Sunday where he has been attending school...Frank Gardner of Ottumwa, visited his parents a few days the past week...Lawyer Tallman was down from Osceola Monday on business...Quite a number from this place attended the funeral of Mrs. Martha Hood at Leroy Monday...Little Ivan Perdue still continues quite poorly...Miss Maud Critchfield is visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. Warren McComas, near Osceola...The Ideal Entertainers will be at the M. E. church Friday night May the sixth, under the auspices of the Epworth League. Tney have many companies on the road and are sending us one that has never been in the state before...Dr. Bowen reports a new baby boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Lamb and a baby girl at Mr. and Mrs. Michael Viertz.


May 19, 1904

Mrs. Blythe, of Creston, visited friends here Friday... Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Jamison, of Osceola, were over Sunday visitors with the latter's parents, James Robbins and wife...Paul, the eldest child of Wayne Swisher and wife is seriously ill. He had the measles and with other complications his case is pronounced almost a hopeless one...Mrs. Andy Adams and two children and mother, Mrs. Cline, were over Sunday visitors in Chariton...Miss Ella Garris returned to her home at Weldon Friday after a visit with relatives...Harken & Son have sold the central telephone office to R. B. Martin. A new building is being erected by T. V Daily for this office the old one having been destroyed in the recent fire...Pearl Bowslby and wife, of Des Moines, are visiting relatives east of town...J. F. Barton will build a new livery barn at once. He intends building a much larger one than the one which burned in the fire...Mrs. Mary Martin, of Chariton, came Monday called by the illness of her little nephew, Paul Swisher...Miss Mattie Johnson was up from Lucas Friday seeing after her stock of millinery most of which she found in the street being moved there from the fire. She will now occupy a room in the Curtis building...Allie Felger returned to St. Charles Saturday after a few days visit with his father and sister.


May 26, 1904

Mrs. Altie Baker, of Omaha, is the guest of Mrs. A. E. Darlington this week...Dr. Willey and wife enjoyed a visit recently with the Doctor's mother and cousin, Mrs. A. D. Willey and Mrs. Bowling, from Ottumwa...Miss Lizzie Bruffey went to Creston Saturday where she will remain. Miss Lena Clark has taken charge of the Johnson millinery store...Miss Grace Wallace returned Friday from a visit with her parents at Norwood. She will continue as telephone girl for Rob Martin's central phone office...Henry West and wife attended the funeral of little Paul Swisher Saturday...Mrs. Dr. W. B. Willey left Saturday for Ottumwa for an extended visit with her brother...Miss Nellie Casey, of Jamison, spent Sunday in town with friends...Miss Gertrude Sullivan left Friday for St. Louis, where she has a position...Pearl Bowlsby and wife returned to their home in Des Moines Saturday...Rod Gray, of Weldon, was in town Tuesday visiting relatives...The school board met Saturday night and elected Miss Casey, of Jamison, as teacher of the grammar department...James Barber was up from Chariton Monday on business...R. V. McKeever spent Sunday at his home in Osceola...Henry Perdue and wife took their little son, Ivan, to Des Moines the first of the week to consult physicians as to his illness...Mrs. Swisher and Mrs. Marion Harrison, of Osceola, attended the funeral of Pearl Swisher Saturday...Mrs. W. H. Johnson from Osceola, is visiting old friends in town.


June 2, 1904

The annual exercises in connection wth the observance of Memorial Day were held by our citizens on that day. A good program was rendered at the M.E. church and never before in the history of the city have these exercises been carried out in a more appropriate manner...Miss Laura Knotts, of Lucas, was the guest of Gordon Mcgee and wife this week...Waldo Lewallen and family have returned to Woodburn to live, having sold their farm in Kansas...Mr. and Mrs. H.T Leonard are among Des Moines friends this week...Fred Stotts and wife were Creston visitors the first of the week...O. H. Woods and wife, of Washington, D. C. ------relatives at this place. Mrs. Fred Woods, of Osceola, is also a visitor...Mrs. Ola Becker, of Osceloa, was the guest of Mrs. Lukenbill Tuesday...Clarence Marquis and wife are down from New Virginia on a visit...Ed Hayes, of Galesburg,Ill, has returned to Woodburn for a brief stay...Most of the teachers from here are planning to attend the teachers meeting at Smyrna Saturday...Mrs Alice Cone and two children returned to their home in Creston Saturday. Her mother, Mrs. Geo. Baker, accompanied them...J. E. Lockwood, of Chariton, was a visitor to town Friday...Miss Blanche Powell, who has been in Lorimor for the past two months with relatives, has returned home...Mrs. T. V. Dailey is enjoing a visit with her sister, Mrs. Geo. Heath and niece from Wanpum, Wis....Harkens & Son have purchased the Telephone Exchange at Russell and intend moving there at once...Mrs. Maggie Litsey has returned to her home in Creston, after an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. Crowley...Mrs. Critchfield was a county seat visitor Saturday...Mrs. James Terhune is recovering from her illness.


June 9, 1904

Harland Bowman has returned from Burlington where he has been attending business college. His brother who was also in school was unable to return with him on account of sickness...Miss Cecil Collier, of Osceola visited Mrs. Fred Sttts a few days the past week...Oscar Felger and wife, of Afton, were among relatives and friends here the first of the week...Mrs. Lloyd Tillitson, of Osceola, visited her sister here Saturday. Her little nephew and niece, Frank and Amelia Fischbach, accompanied her home for a visit...Mrs. Ayers came Saturday from Lorimor for a visit with her parents , G.U. Bowman and wife....Mrs. Lizzie McAllister of Weldon was the guest of Mrs. F.E. Stotts Sunday...Mrs. Willey, mother of Dr. W. B. Willey, came Saturday from Davenport for a visit...Mrs. Will Evans, of Lucas, was a Sunday visitor at the home of Ernest Evans...Mrs. Lillie Perry returned to her home in Groveland Monday after a few days visit with relatives...Mrs. Eva Combs, of Des Moines, and Mrs. Mary Moore, of Osceola were guests of Mrs. Rachel Darlington this week...Misses Corda Cochran and Lenore Collins were Osceola visitors Monday...Mrs. Rena Duke of Ottumwa is visitng friends and relatives here...H. T. Leonard and wife returned from Des Moines Tuesday for their household goods. They will reside in the capital city...Earl Martin was in Afton Tuesday on business...Tom Southward and family will soon leave for Lucas where he has accepted a position in the Big Hill mines...Miss Addie Haw, of Illinois, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ernest Evans this week.


June 16, 1904

J. H. Cochran has been elected councilman to succeed C. C. Harken...Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Cline are the parents of a ten and one-half pound daughter...H. W. Clark and R. R. Clark attended the funeral of Clell Wiant in Osceola last Wednesday... Mrs. Rena Duke returned to her home in Ottumwa Sunday...Roe Lewis, of Osceola, spent Sunday with F. E. Stotts and wife...Mrs. Will Boyd and children, of Lucas, were over Sunday visitors in town, the guests of Mrs. Ira Boyd...Lloyd Duke, who has been attending Drake university, visited relatives here the past week...Clayton Harkens, of Russell, spent Sunday in town...Mrs. McDonough was the guest of Miss Anna Shockling at Osceola Sunday...Con Harkens, who has been in school at the state university, is spending his vacation at home...Miss Brittian, of Indianola, is the guest of Miss Leah Harlow this week...Mrs. Myrtle Hogg arrived from Omaha Tuesday for a two weeks' visit with her sister, Mrs. Earl Martin...Mrs. S. S. Critchfield is enjoying a visit with her sister, Mrs. Payne and daughter...Walter Harkens was in Russell Tuesday on business...H. W. Clarke was in Des Moines the first of the week...Miss Oral Willey went to Lucas Tuesday to receive violin instruction of Prof. Hopkins...Misses Altie Carson and Ruby Shinn were Monday visitors with Mrs. Dora Kent at Cleveland.


June 23, 1904

Miss Birdie Atherton, of Ottumwa, was a guest of Misses Anderson Saturday enroute to Council Bluffs for a visit...Allie Felger, of St. Charles, came Monday for a few days stay at home...H. T. Leonard and wife departed Friday for Des Moines where they will reside...Tom Bruffey, of Creston, is among friends here this week...J. E. Lockwood, of Chariton, was a guest of Miss Rose Anderson Sunday...Misses Shockling and Squire, of Osceola, were over Sunday visitors with O. B. McDonough and wife...Mrs. James Spencer and grandma Danner visited their neice, Mrs. Pearl Bowlsby, in Des Moines last week...Nellie Russell Garris visited relatives at Osceola Saturday...Mrs. J. N. Miller, of Clarinda, will arrive the last of this week for a visit with her parents, B. F. Anderson and wife...Dr. Walker, of Osceola, spent Sunday with Dr. W. B. Wiley...Mrs T B. Curtis is entertaining company from Knoxville this week.


printed in the June 30, 1904 Osceola Sentinel but credited to the Woodburn Record.

Matt Grouchy, of Osceola, was in the city today. Mr Grouchy has recently purchased the Holland Blakely bakery and was making arrangements with H.C. Schrader to handle his goods here....Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Tallman are proud over the arrival of a fine 6 1/2 pound boy baby, who came this evening, June 23rd and has been named Mansel Ralph.


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