Ward Twp. News Articles

OSCEOLA SENTINEL excerpts of Ward news .

February 14, 1895

Frank Switzer has gone to Truro to learn telegraphy with his uncle, C. L. Holmes...Miss. Ollie Reeves' school closed Friday. Miss Eva Reeves, of Warren county, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Trotter, and other relatives...Mr. Carter and family visited near Union church Tuesday.


June 9, 1904

Report on school taught in district number nine, Ward township, for month ending June 4th.

Number of pupils enrollled, ten; boys three; girls seven.

Average daily attendance, nine.

Cases of tardiness, none;

Absence, eight.

Names of those neither absent nor tardy; Iona and Anna Smith, Ora and Elsie Green, and DeForest Tilotson.

On the last day, a pleasant time was had by all. Having brought their well filled baskets they spread their dinner together. After a bountiful feast, they spent the afternoon in the woods. On returning to collect books, etc. and bid good-by to school room, the table being still spread with good things a jolly time was had finishing up the scraps. The pupils presented a beautiful present to their teacher as a token of their friendship.

Effie Bechtel, teacher.