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Osceola Sentinel

February 11, 1904

Suck slick times as we have had, but last Friday was the slickest of all. E. R. Thrasher was in Osceola on that day. His sled tried to beat the horses home. As a consequence the sled bed got crossways on the sled while E. R. landed his shoulder on the doubletrees. Elmer Smith was in Woodburn the same day. He got one horse down and had lots of trouble. Fred Blakely just unhitched his team turned his sled loose and let it go down the hill by itself...Pansy Coyner is on the sick list but is thought to be improving...A sled load of young folks from Woodburn drove up to the front gate of C.L . Finck's residence one night last week and unloaded. Such a time as they had! Twelve o'clcock came only to soon...George Black is in the hands of the grip...Mumps and chickenpox are making their usual rounds. When last heard from they had put up at W. B. Coyner's and Alex Bevans' ...Mrs. Jackson has returned from her visit in Mahaska county...L. L. Martin and daughter and W. C. Freeman and wife were Osceola visitors Friday...C. E. Marquis and wife spent Sunday with the Blakely family.


March 3, 1904

Three of J. B. Marquis' childrn are on the sick list. Also Van Funck...All are under the care of Dr. Willey...Levi Cochran will move on the Darnell farm this week...Mr. McComas, of Osceola has moved on his father's farm...Mrs. Will Jobe has returned from her visit. Will is all smiles now...Our school at North Star closed last Friday. This is the second term Miss Carrie Wilson has taught at North Star. She is a good teacher. Carpenters are at work on that new house of Clyde Shinn's...Levi Martin is busy breaking colts these days...W. C. Freeman is hauling lumber from Osceola these days.


March 24, 1904

The mumps are still with us. They are stopping with George Coyner at present...Clyde and Guy Heston are having a tussel with the measles...Manning Marquis who was so very low with the pneumonia is now much better...The Daughters of Ceres met at Will Martin's last week. A jolly time was reported...Our school meeting lasted aboout thirty minutes. W. P. Marquis is director...C. L. Funck has forty little Berkshire pigs from six sows...A new baby at Mart Ewoldsons...Warren Freeman has purhcased a span of mules.


March 31, 1904

Will Wilson and family of South Dakota are spending a short time with his mother, Mrs. Staley and other relatives...Ruth Martin has been on the sick list...Mrs. Clyde Heston is sick with the measles.Sylvia Smith is also sick with the measles...Warren Freeman has the material on the ground for a new house...C. L. Funck and wife spent last Friday at the Cooley home in Liberty township...Mart Foster purchased a fine cow and calf at ...


April 28, 1904

It was just two weeks last Friday since our mail carrier on No. 4 made his full round. Two county bridges and one culberts in bad shape, either impassible or dangerous. As iti s now he goes north of the C. T Ayres corner to the Oneal corner, then west leaving abut twenty-five or thirty families without daily service. Who is to blame? Should this last long? Uncle Sam may discontinue No. 4. Oats are about all in and some of them in not very good condition...


May 12, 1904

Phil Jobe has a new top buggy. Girls, look out now. It has red wheels...Clarence Marquis and wife, of New Virginia, spent a portion of last week in this neighborhood with his parents and friends...Corn planting is now the order of the day...Wm. Ritter's youngest boy, Aaron, has been very sick with pneumonia but is now out of danger...The mail carrier has at last been able to make his regular trips. County bridges are all in good condition once again. For four weeks the route was not served at the east end...Mr. McComas, of Osceola, has been staying with his son part of last week while making some improvements on his farm...Wm. Coyner was the first man in this neighborhood to plant corn, and it is up...Mrs. Will Martin and daughter, Ruth, Mrs. Elmer Smith and daughter, Sylvia, spent last Saturday in Osceola...Wm. Ritter was called to Weldon by the death of his father. He attended the funeral...Mrs. Lea Martin's father, of Eddyville, is spending a few days with her...C. E. Robey and wife spent Sunday at the Jackson home...W. C. Freeman has commenced work on their new residence...Mr. Cartwright and family, of Smyrna, spent Sunday at the Staley home.


May 19, 1904

Mrs. J. E. Jackson is enjoying a visit by her father and brother, of Mahaska county...The McComas' are puting up a new wind pump...Everybody went to Woodburn last Friday to see the ruins of the fire...A. G. Bevans marketed hogs in Woodburn last week. $4.40 was the top...Mrs. W. P.Marquis spent last Saturday in Woodburn with her daughter, Mrs. Sweny. It was her first trip to Woodburn for over a year, she has had such poor health. Her neighbors are glad to see her out again...Sherm Baker and family spent Saturday and Sunday in Liberty township with friends.


June 2, 1904

Mrs. Jackson's father who has been visiting her has returned to his home in Mahaska county...Mrs. Howard Canney has been spending a few days with the families of J. B. and W. P. Marquis...Wm. Penick received a fall the other day while getting into a wagon. As he was getting in the team started, throwing him out backwards. He received quite a shock but will be around again in a few days.. Mrs. Elmer Smith and Mrs. Will Martin attended quarterly meeting at St. George last Saturday... A good many farmers will replant their corn. Nothing like good seed but not much of it could be found in the cribs in Clarke county...Mrs. Penick's sister who has been visiting her, returned to her home in Oskaloosa...Mr. and Mrs. Oren Woods, of Washington, D.C. are visiting Mrs. Woods' father, Mr. .L L. Martin.


June 9, 1904

Mrs. B. L. Gassick and Hellen Vannastrand, of Fairfield, and Mrs. S. H. Manatrey, of Cromwell, have been spending a few days with Mrs. C. L. Funck...All of the corn will soon by planted...Wm. Ritter and son, Walter, were in Osceola last Friday on business...Wid Black and father drove over to Indianola last week...Miss Blanche Evans, of Oskaloosa, is spending her vacation with her sister, Mrs. J.E. Jackson...A good many from here attended the children's day exercises in the Christian church at Woodburn where a splended program was given by the little folks. Special mention should be made of the flag drill by Bertha Garris' class, and also of the classes of Corda Cochran and Emma Rowley who did finely.


June 23, 1904

Our school closed Monday of this week. Instead of having school the teacher, Carrie Wilson, had the scholars come to her home and have a picnic. She furnished the dinner and all the strawberries they could eat. They report a good time...The children's day exercises we spoke of last week at Ottowa was a success. There was music, recitations, and class exercises. We would make special mention of the lady's quartett...W. C. Freeman has his new house about completed...Grandma Marquis is spending a couple of weeks with her sons west of Woodburn...Mrs. McComas has returned home after spending several days in Osceola visiting with her parents.


June 30, 1904

A pair of twin girls came to the home of Seymour McComas last Thursday. They were bright little ones but one died Friday morning. It was buried at Osceola...Mrs. L. D. Oneal has been spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Jennie Robey...Clarence Marquis and wife, of New Virginia, have been visiting W. P. Marquis and family the last few days...Grandma Marquis has returned home after spending two weeks with her sons west of Woodburn...Mrs. Staley spent last Monday at Smyrna...Mrs. J. E. Woods is on the sick list and is under the care of Dr. Willey...They say Woodburn will celebrate the 4th. One of the attractions of the parade will be the leading of two whales through the streets at 9 a.m. The bills do not say whether Stevens or Davis will lead them. It also says Ananias Bros. big show will exhibit there. Must be that Stivers and Eggleston will breakout in that road tax question again.


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