Osceola Sentinel

February 14, 1895

(Please give any item of news you may have to Rose E. Lyons, correspondent.)

Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Guthrie have a very sick child...Mrs. Mary Pahr, of Des Moines, is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Franco...Miss Cena Peterson has been on the sick list the past week... Carl Shaff is attending school at Highland Park, Des Moines...Ernest Johnson, of Osceola, came out to see his best girl, Tuesday...Mr. and Mrs. Siddens, of Afton, have moved on the Melton farm...


March 7, 1895

Charles Lewis, of Osceola, was in our vicinity, Tuesday...Ed Garrett recently departed for Illinois...Mr. Jake McDaniels is on the sick list...Gib Iimes has been elected constable in our township...Will Lyons departed for Griswold Thursday...Will Blakeney has gone to Mills county to work the ensuing year...Clark Abernathey's have moved on their farm...Mr. John Ronk is on the sick list...There was a sale at Mat Kirch's farm, Tuesday...Frank Bennett has purchased the John Little farm.


March 14, 1895

Al Browne departed for Sterling, Colorado, Monday where he will make his future home. Al is one of Madison township's best young men and will be remembered by many of his young friends...Mat Kirch and family departed for Southern Missouri Monday...Mrs. Lizzie Klein is building a new house on her farm in this township, which will be occupied by her and Mrs. Leroy Townsend from near Hopeville...Miss Cena Patterson will teach a three months' term of school in District No. 6 this spring...Geo. Day of Lorimor was in our vicinity Tuesday...Chas. Frank was elected school director in District No. 6...Mr. and Mrs. Will Oulton? have moved on the Bennett farm...Rev. John Randolph will preach at the Sonner school house Sunday, March 17, at 8 o'clock P.M.


March 21, 1895

Miss Minnie Myers is caring for a sprained ankle...Tom Saigen of Nebraska was selling fruit trees in our vicinity...


March 28, 1895

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frank's little boy has been sick with rheumatism...Miss Kittie Guthrie has been visiting her many friends in Union county the past week...Gertrude Smith will teach a three months' term of school in District No. 4 this spring...There was a party at a certain man's house in our vicinity last Saturday evening and the man and his wife were presented with three whisky bottles, that is, they found three after the crowd had dispersed and one sitting on the table, (associate with that kind of people and that is the kind of thanks you may expect to receive.)..Sunday School will be reorganized at Unio Church, March 31st at 11 o'clock a.m.


Aprl 4, 1895

Mrs. Martha Ellis is on the sick list...J. V. Knotts has returned home form Montana...Sister Flora, the lady preacher, has been holding a protracted meeting at Oak Run school house this week...Tim Morgan has gone to the western part of the state to work this year...John Burgus has returned from Elliott...Miss Mary Thornburg, of Union county, has been the guest of Mrs. Moorman...Mrs. Ocfrou was the guest of her daughter, Mrs. J. A. Ronk, several days the past week...Miss Jennie Day will work for E. Carpenter's this summer. Mattie Hindes has been visiting relatives in this vicinity the past week...Wilburt Brown visited his parents several days the past week...Charley Garrett, of Illinois, is the guest of his father, Rev. Garrett.


April 25, 1895

Miss Viola Hinds is on the sick list...Rev. Tillotson preached to a large congregation at Union last Sunday...Mrs. Jane Melton has been visiting friends in our vicinity...George Turner is very sick...George Garrett, of Winterset, visited relatives in this township last Sunday...Charley Garrett departed Monday for his home in Illinois...Mrs. Martha Green has moved to our vicinity again...Newton Ellis, of Lorimor, visited his mother in this township last Sunday...Mrs. Ella Kirsh visited her sister in Osceola last Sunday...Our township trustees are having a new picket fence made around Union cemetery.


May 16, 1895

Charley Foglesong recently visited his sister in Nebraska...Mrs. Edith Blakeney was on the sick list the past week...S. M. Shepper, of Villisca, was in this vicinity Wednesday...Mr. and Mrs. John Scholl, of Pacific Junction, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Browns...Grandpa Scholl is very ill...Mr. and Mrs. Gib Ham's little girl is very sick...J. A. Blakeney and Charles Abernathy transacted business in Winterset, Friday..


September 12, 1895

H. H. Taylor, of Waynesville, Illinois, has been visiting friends in this vicinity the past week...Ed. Pahre and Herbert, of Des Moines, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. O. H. France...Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Brown have gone to Clinton...Fred Spellerbaugh is very sick...Miss Gertrude Smith began a two months' term of school in district No. 4 Monday.


February 4, 1904

Mrs. Fin Blakely is very sick. Dr. Freel is attending her...January 25th, Roy White, son of June White, died after being sick less than one week. Cold and pneumonia being the cause. He was buried at Union cemetery. The funeral services were held at Union church January 26th in the presence of a large congregation. Rev. Scull delivered the sermon...On January 28th Grandma White was buried at Union cemetery, the body being shipped from Oklahoma. The funeral services were held at Union church at 1 o'clock, conducted by Rev. Scull, in the presence of a large congregation, after which she was laid away by her husband, John White, who preceded her to the other world some years ago. She was eighty-two years old. For a good many years they lived in Washington township. They came to Iowa from North Carolina during war times. It took them some thing like one year to get through the rebel lines. They were a little too loyal for the south, hence the exit. Uncle John, as he was called, and his wife are excellent good citizens and Christians. They raised two preachers, both present at mother's funeral. Also Mr. and Mrs. J. E. White, of Nebraska, were present. ..Chas. Kelley has rented and moved on the Green farm...According to reports the measles are in the west part of the township...We have the best sleighing here now and ice till one can't stand up all the time.


February 18, 1904

M. Zimmerman is sick...Miss Clara Woods went to Lorimor Sunday, to assist Mrs. J. Jackson with her household duties...Edith Zimmerman is sick at the home of W. K. Kamerer with measles...Dan Leahy, of Leon, reports that he has a new granson at the home of Will Baker's...Several Masons from this community attended the funeral of Mr. Cathels in Murray Tuesday...School closes at No. 8 Friday with Miss Mabel Stiffler as teacher...E. J. Carpenter's will soon move to their new home southeast of Thayer. Also Chas. Spick to their new home which they purchased last fall known as the Lias Hindes farm north of Murray.


April 28, 1904

Mrs. Shilling died April 18t and was buried Aprl 21st at Union church cemetery. The funeral sermon was preached by Elder Smith, of Murray, his text from 14th chapter of John. The sermon was an impressive and inspiring one. She was born in Germany in 1808 making her age about ninety-six years. She is the mother of Mrs. Fred Brown...Grandmother Thurman is very sick. Also Sanford Thurman's wife is quite sick at this writing...Joseph Marler , Fred McClure, Arley Jeffers and Mr. Hazelett are all having 'phones put in. They can't farm on account of wet weather so they think they will put in 'phones so they can talk.



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Clara Kirk begun school at No 3 Monday Sept. 7.

Mr Charlie Bancroft has sold his farm to Mr Davidson.

Mr Ahart Simmerman is rebuilding his barn.

Alva Simmerman has a foundation laid for a new house.

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