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January 3, 1895

The meeting at Groveland is still in progress, with several additions to the church... Tommy Musselman is visiting in Green Bay...It is reported that diphtheria is in the neighborhood... Mrs. Camblin and daughter spent Christmas at Jamison and had an excellent time...Newt McBride and son have rented the Kiddoo farm... M. F. Kiddoo will move to Cameron, Missouri in the near future. We are sorry to lose them as neighbors.


February 7, 1895

Mr. E. Kiddoo moved his famiyl to Cameron, Miossouri, last week; they were splendid neighbors and we are sorry to loose them. Mr. McBride is preparing to move to the same place...Mr. Thornton is somewhat crippled up with rheumatism...Since the snow fell and blockaded the east and west roads the travel is shut off so much that we have to shovel snow to get any items from the east or west...


February 21, 1895

Miss Emma Clarke, our teacher, is on the sick list, her sister is teaching in her place and will close next week...It is rumored that there are to be two or three weddings in the near future. Cupid seems to be at work in spite of the hard times...Rev. Thornton preached to the people at Grand View Sunday...The beautiful black snow is slowly going but will not leave but little water where it will do much good...Feed for stock is being consumed pretty fast, and unless the balnace of the winter should be mild will be scarce before spring...


March 7, 1895

Grace Gardner is on the sick list...Mr. Beavers has moved to the Turk farm. Wesley is now happy...Edna Turner visited Rusha Camblin last week and visited the closing exercises of Miss Emma Clark's school. Two dances this week, one at Mr. Turners and one at F. M. Buckinghams. Of course the usual amount of whiskey had to be consumed to keep it from spoiling. Some of the young ladies are beginning to be shy of those fellows and it is a move in the right direction.


March 28, 1895

The young folks had quite an interesting ciphering school at Fairview last Wednesday evening...Ira Short is recovering and will be all right in a few days...Will and Hatty Shawver visited with Mr. Camblin Sunday...Mr. Thornton took dinner with Mr. Entsminger Sunday...Mr. Sharp has been quite sick the past week but is reported better.



April 18, 1895

(Too late for last week)

N. H. Turner returned from Hopeville Sunday...Carrie Shawver began her first term of school at Fairview, Monday...The farmers are about all done sowing oats and are plowing for corn...The prospect is more hopeful than it has been of late...There are being many eggs spirited away for Easter. They anticipate a good time.


May 9, 1895

Several of the farmers have commenced planting corn...Wesley Turner visited his parents, Sunday...Rev. Necthorn, of Van Wert, preached at Grand View, Sunday, and we understand started a United Brethren church...Flora Keeran began school Monday at Grand View...Mrs. Bronson, of California, will visit Mrs. Shawver, this week...Hattie Shawver entertained Miss Burt and Miss Anderson...T. W. Kiddoo and lady visited J. McGardner, Sunday...The little folks planned a surprise on Irva and Ina Short, Saturday...Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Talbott were down in the country visiting Sunday.


July 25, 1895

Haying will begin in earnest the coming week and in this vicinity is as good as we generally have. A very large amount of timothy seed will be saved...Master Guy Higgins and sister, of Indianola, are visiting at Mrs. Orr's...Mr. Martin, from near Leon, was up this way looking for a wayward son that has left the parental roof without any means of support...Mr. Wilson and family visited in Knox township, Sunday...Wm. Gardner, of Knox, visited in this neighborhood Sunday...Rusha Camblin entertained her young friends, Winnie and Florence McBride, Sunday.



October 10, 1895

W. S. Orr has a new barn under headway...We understand O. A. Talbott has sold hs home farm and will go to town to live...Mrs. Thornton and daughter have returned from Polk county...Emma Clarke will commence school at Grandview Monday morning. Lora Burton has the Fairview school...Hugh Wilson will move four miles west of Weldon this week...John McBride has been sick the past two weeks, but is better now...Mr. Pucket and wife were the guests of Mr. Thornton's Sunday...Taffy pullings are the rage over east...Dame Rumor reports that William Gardner has skipped the country...Phil McCann was over in this vicinity visiting his best girl...Mr. Mullen is having a tedious time with his broom corn.


Hebron, October 10, 1895

Mrs. Virgil Heston and son, Lloyd, returned to their home in Fonda, Iowa...Ella Barnett returned home from Kansas last Saturday...Weldon Heston and family from Jefferson county arrived last week and will visit Henry Heston's a few weeks...A brother of Mrs. Will and his wife, who reside in Jegerson county, visited Hicks and family last week...John and Tom Key were introducing their house to a new coat of paint...Lewis Lutz has departed for his home he purchased in Missouri, and John Cannon is repairing the house and will move as soon as it is finished.


Hebron, November 14, 1895

Miss Lulu Lowe left for Des Moines last Tuesday after a few days visit with her parents...Roy Buckingham has returned from Dakota where he has been working the past two months...Lucy Hogue has been employed as teacher for Hebron school this winter...Mrs. Wm. Hicks remains quite feeble...John Key arrived at home last Saturday from Chicago...Robert Hicks and James Mitchell was over Sunday visitors with their parents last Sunday...Walter Harkens, from Woodburn, visited W. H. Heston last Tuesday.


Fairview, November 28, 1895

The election is over and past and there are not enough live Democrats left to bury the dead ones. surely Cleveland must feel like a bantam rooster among a large flock of Brahmas...John McBride is still convalescent...Mary Miller is getting better...Mrs. J. C. Short is on the sick list. ..Will Entsminger has been home for a short visit...


Hebron, November 28, 1895

Mrs. Westfall has gone to Davis city where she will make her home this winter with her daughter, Mrs. George Mitchell. Wm. Billing has rented Mrs. Westfall's farm and has taken possission...John Wallace and family from LeRoy Sundayed with Verge Wallace and wife last Sunday...Fairview school commenced last Monday with Jessie Marshall as teacher...Robert Westfall is making his home with his brother William...George Petis and wife of Weldon spent last Sunday with Mrs. Key...Ed Crist is helping George Crist gather corn this week...Mrs. Hicks has been very sick the past week...Ed Turer was the guest of Artie Neills last Saturday and Sunday.






Thursday September 17, 1908


Billie Williams who has been in South Dakota the past few weeks returned home last Friday evening.  Billie likes the west very much and we would be sorry to loose him.. Mrs Gregory and her two little sons of Osceola has been visiting her sister Mrs Hadley and her friends this past week. .Miss Hattie Mitchell left for Indianola Saturday where she will attend school.


Thursday, November12, 1908


WEDDING   Wednesday, November 4, 1908, at high noon at the residence of A. W. Mitchell in Green Bay township, Clarke county, Iowa, Mr. F. M. Chandler of Chariton Iowa, and Miss Ida B. Mitchell of Weldon, IA., were united in holy wedlock, Rev. Geo. E. Mitchell of Weldon, pronouncing the ceremony in the presence of the guests.  Miss Hattie Mitchell, sister of the bride played the wedding march.  An excellent dinner was served after the ceremony.   Mr. Chandler and sons from Kellerton, were in attendance, also an aunt of the groom.  Miss Cammilla Thompson of Weldon and Button Stevens were also there.  Presents to the happy couple were quite numerous, some being sent from Illinois.  Mr. Chandler lives on a farm near Chariton where he and his wife will soon go to housekeeping.  Mrs. Chandler is well known in Weldon and surrounding community.  For sometime she was in the service of the telephone company here in Weldon and went from here to Chariton and worked in the telephone office there for sometime. Fred and Ida start out in life with bright prospects in store for them.  May their lives be full of prosperity and plenty is the wish of many friends.  


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