Osceola Sentinel, January 28, 1904

The sleet has done much damage to the fruit and shade trees in this locallity...J. Z. McAlister has rented his farm to John Walker and is planning to move to Weldon the first of March...Mrs. John Horner and Mrs. Joe Brechtel are on the sick list... Several of the pupils are out of school on account of the mumps...C. C. Tabler bought a team in Osceola Tuesday...Oscar Judd has rented his farm here and will move the first of March to a farm near Davis City he recently purchased. Hedding Blair, wife and daughter are spending the winter in California. Mrs. Blair is in poor health...Harry Fuller, has rented the Geo. Westfall farm for the coming hear. Harry is expected to take unto himself a wife in the near future...Our telephone company is working to get the line in running order again. The heavy sleet damaged it very badly. Bane Barnett has been off on a trip to Dakota...As Uncle Sam's man bring the Sentinel throughout our neighborhood every week I thought perhaps a few items from here wouldn't be out of place...Things are very quiet in this neighborhood since the protracted meetings closed and the telephone lines are down...Some reckless person while out hunting in Jim McAlister's pasture killed one of his fine, thoroughbred cows...Mr. Hudley the assessor is making his annual visits.


February 4, 1904

John Myers and wife, who have been in California for the past year, returned Friday. After visiting for a while with their relatives and friends they will take up their abode with Mrs. Myers father, Isaac Wallace, to care for him in his declining years...Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pearcy attended the funeral of their aunt in Derby Wednesday...Uncle Robert Moyer met with quite an accident recently while knocking the ice off of the windmill. He slipped striking his head against one of the iron steps cutting a very painful gash on his forehead. He is getting along very nicely at this writing...Mrs. Austin Erb is on the sick list...Ed Cottingham died of pneumonia Friday morning, Jan. 20, 1904 aged --rty-five years. The deceased leaves a wife and two small children to mourn the loss of a husband and father.


February 11. 1904

Ellot Well's baby girl is quite sick...Al Wallace will move into his new house Tuesday...Mrs. Oscar Judd invited about twenty of her friends and neighbors on Wednesday to help her sew carpet rags. They sewed 27 pounds. All report a good dinner and a pleasant time...Mrs. Geo. Crist is sick with the grip...Charles Tabler and Frank Wallace were the only men that had grit enough to repair the telephone line Monday morning with the thermometer four degrees below zero. The other men froze out and went home...We are expecting a good attendance at the teachers' meeting at the church Friday evening. Everyone interested in school work should attend these meetings and help to make them a success...John Myer and wife moved in with Isaac Wallace Tuesday.


February 28, 1904

A terrible accident befell J. Lowe as he was sawing wood out on the Grant Kiner place east of LeRoy a few days ago. His mitten became entangled on a knot on the stick of wood which they were sawing and before he could think it threw his hand against the saw cutting off his thumb and first two fingers just below the knuckles on the right hand. His thumb fell down into the sawdust. He is suffering very much from the wound...Oscar Judd moved to his farm near Davis city this week. J. H. Tabler moves to the farm vacated by Mr. Judd...S. W. Barnett is on the sick list...John Nish started for Oregon Tuesday. Gene Nish will work for Oscar Judd at Davis City this year...The wedding bells rang out their sweet chimes last Thursday evening at 6 o'clock . At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Myers when by the solemn words spoke by the Rev. G. E. Mitchell, of Weldon, Mr. Harry Fuller and Miss Bessie Myers were made husband and wife. After congratulations were extended they were invited to the dining room where they were introduced to the many good things Mrs. Myers knows just how to prepare. This worthy young couple are both held in high esteem. They received many useful presents. Only near relatives were present. They were given a reception by the groom's parents on the following day. They will go to housekeeping the first of March on the Geo. Westfall farm. On Thursday evening about 10 o'clock about thirty of the boys gathered together to give this worthy couple a serenading. The music of the party consisted of cowbells, guns, sleighbells, horns, tin pans &c. The bridegroom appeared on the scene and invited them into the house and treated them to cigars...Mr. and Mrs. Joe Teague and son, Walter, spent Monday evening at John Horner's. Mr. Teague and son rendered some fine violin music.


March 31, 1904

Hedding Blair and wife went to Garden Grove Sunday to see Jerry Kyte who is very sick with erysipelas...Doug Myers and wife spent Sunday with John Horner and wife...Claude Barger is having a siege of the mumps. He has been bedfast for two weeks...Geo Hall and Albert Byerly have the measles...Miss Katie Coffey, of Weldon, will teach at the Kyte school house this spring...Mattie Blair went to Oskaloosa Monday to attend Penn cllege...Doug Wilson and wife visited with Harry Fuller, and wife Sunday...Charlie Burnett had the misfortune to loose a good horse recently...Frank Byerly has treated himself to a fine new carriage...Mr. and Mrs. John Horner spent Monday evening with C. C. Tabler and wife.


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