Osceola Sentinel

February 28, 1895

Probate Causes

Estate of Ethel May Spurlin. Guardian allowed $100 compensation, ordered to account for money on hand at six per cent interest.

Estate of Ira Smith, deceased.

Estate of S. A. McHale; Allowance granted as prayed.

Civil Cases

O.B. Hall vs. Bennett Garrett

F. M. Tygart vs. S. F. Ins. Co.

Iowa State Bank vs. L. McKinney; decree of foreclosure granted

R. M. Adams vs. John C(B?)urnes ;Jury returned a verdict for plaintiff

A. A. Healy vs. Chas Eden; On hearing judgment returned for defendant.

T. A. Guthrie vs. Mrs. Belle Kirsch. Sale and new deed to T. A. Guthrie approved.

Mrs. Lina Emm vs. John Emm; report of distribution approved. Referee discharged.

Seth Richards vs. R. S. Findlay; Plaintiff's motion for judgment against garnishee dismissed with costs taxed to plaintiff.





In the case of A.W. Swanson vs Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R.R. Co. The jury returned a verdict for the defendant. Most everyone will remember the circumstances connected with this case, Swanson losing an arm by being caught under the train. He worked on the street paving there.


In the case , Mary Neff vs Alvin Neff a decree of divorcement was granted.


Osceola Hardware vs Frank Gigray a verdict was returned in favor of the Plaintiff allowing the sum of $56.13. The suit was the outcome of trouble over a furnace.


In the case of the Redpath Chautauqua Bureau, a corporation vs Henry Stivers the case was called for hearing and a cost bond ordered in the sum of $200.00 allowing plaintiff thrity days to which to file bond. The case was continued.


The grand jury adjourned at 10:10 Wednesday morning.

The grand jury was discharged Wednesday morning at 10:30 after having returned a bill of indictment against Dr. F. Sells, charging assault with intent to committ rape.

State of Iowa

Clark County

We, A. A. Eggleston and James May being duly sworn, on oath say that the report circulated, as we are informed by W. S. Hedrick that there was a tub full of beer in J. M. Clevenger's livery barn at any time, and that I, A. A. Eggleston was disposing of the same to different parties for the said Clevenger, that James May was present in said barn on any occasion drinking beer, is all false and untrue; that we never took a drink of beer of any kind together in our lives; we never knw of J. M. Clevenger having any beer or other liquors in his barn or elsewhere; that we believe said story was circulated with the intent to hurt the said Clevenger in his canidacy for the office of sheriff, and that said report is false and untrue.

1. A. Eggleston

2. James May

Subscribed and sworn to before me by A. A. Eggleston and James May this 14th day of Spetember, 1908.

W. N. Temple

Notary Public



State of Iowa

Clarke County

I, Clayton Williams, being duly sworn depose and say:----

That about two or three weeks ago I told certain parties that there had been a tub of beer in J. M. Clevenger's barn I further state that the said story concerning the presence of this beer in J. M. Clevenger's barn and the disposal thereof was told to me by J. H. Keeran and that he stated to me that he had received his information from W. S. Hedrick. Further deponent sayeth not.

Dated this 14th day of September, 1908

Subscribed in my presense and sworn to before me by the said Claon Williams this 14th day of September, 1908

R. M. Lewis

Notary Public

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