Federal Mortality Schedule

Clarke County, Iowa

This mortality schedule was taken at the same time as the 1870 federal census. It listed by household people who had died in the year ending June 1870. I had trouble reading some of the family #s. You should always check the microfilm yourself for accuracy (T1156 roll 56).

Doyle Township

Family #

Name of person who died



Color Md/Wid. Place of birth Father foreign born Mother foreign born Month of death Occupation/ trade Disease or cause of death













82 Anderson, Clara E.  27  F   W Ohio     July doing housework consumption 
88  Baker, Birthy (?) 29 F W Md Illinois     Sep. doing housework consumption
113  Brisbin, Joseph E. 11/12 M W   Iowa     July   hooping cough
144  Castor, Elenor  1 F W   Iowa     June   diarhea
43  Collins, Margaret 19 F W Md Missouri     Sep. keeping house consumption
20?  Elliott, Annie L.  6/12 F W   Iowa     Aug.   hooping cough
87  Garrison, Wesley 69 M W Md NJ     May farmer consumption
173  German?, not named 1/12 M W   Iowa     June   inflamation of brain
120  Howell, Matthew 78 M W Md W. Canada x x June farmer inflamation of bowels
44  Johnson, James (L?) 69 M W Md Tenn     June farmer consumption
122  Kennedy, Hannah E. 6/12  F W   Iowa     Aug.   inflamation of brain
170  Service, Louisiana 15 F W   Illinoi     May   chronic rheumatism 

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