Clarke County War Casualties


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Name State Date War Branch
1 Paul E Adams  IA
WW II Army
2 Norman Radean Bettis  IA 1/31/1969 Vietnam Army
3 John K Black Jr IA 4/5/1945 WW II Army
4 Max P Brim  IA 6/25/1943 WW II Army AF
5 Paul Leland Carder ★ NE 10/11/1918 WW I Army
6 Stanley P Carson  IA 12/31/1944 WW II Army AF
7 Everett E Culbertson  IA 9/19/1944 WW II Army
8 John W Dinham  IA
WW I Army
9 Herron M Eckels Jr IA 10/12/1952 Korea Army
10 Charles J Frame  IA
WW II Army
11 Jacob L Green Jr IA
WW II Army
12 Anthony William Handley ★ AR 2/8/1968 Vietnam Marines
13 Ralph E Hinders  IA 9/13/1944 WW II Army
14 George C Horton  IA 7/30/1944 WW II Army
15 Eugene H Jones  IA 7/17/1943 WW II Army AF
16 John W Kelley  IA 7/30/1918 WW I Army
17 Donnell F McBride  IA
WW II Army
18 Rolland E McNeal  IA
WW II Army
19 Murrel E McNichols  IA 10/5/1944 WW II Army
20 Louie O Parrish  IA
WW II Army
21 John Wallace Pence  IA 12/7/1941 WW II Navy
22 Walter W Petersen  IA
WW II Army
23 Walter Rolland Puckett  IA 10/10/1918 WW I Army
24 Donald L Reeves  IA 3/29/1945 WW II Army
25 Charles R Seitz  IA 9/7/1944 WW II Army
26 Clarence Thornton  IA 9/26/1918 WW I Army
27 John Pearl Weakland ★ NE 10/24/1918 WW I Army
28 Clarence E Wilkins  IA
WW II Army
29 Theodore E Willhite  IA 3/11/1944 WW II Army AF
30 Joseph W Young  IA
WW II Army


★ indicates a related location match, for example, born in or lived in or attended school in Clarke county, Iowa





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