MHS Basketball


Source: 1941 Memories yearbook belonging to Willene Chew Davis and scanned by her daughter Candy Davis Brown.
1st Row L-R: Darrel Shields, Dale O'Neall, Dene Holmes, Lyle Parker, 
Loraine Davis & Dale Burchett
2nd Row L-R: Carl Woods, Loren Miller, Allen Butler, Lloyd Ryan & 
Clarence Orfield
3rd Row L-R:Willene Chew, Dorothy Taylor, Marie Fox, Dolores Booth, 
Virginia Garrett and Marcheta McCormick
4th Row L-R: Jean Carns, June Walter, Evelyn Adams, June Farr, Irma Burgus
& Rose McCormick

1940-1941 boys' schedule and scores

1940-1941 girls' schedule and scores