100 Years of Iowa Medicine 1850-1950

The Society of Physicians and Surgeons of Southwest Iowa

This society was organized in 1876 at Creston. This was a large and strong organization, with physicians from Union, CIarke, Ringgold and Adair
Counties. Meetings were held for mutual advancement and interchange of thought, and were still being held in 1908.—Ide, George A., History of Union County, Iowa, Chicago, S. J. Clarke Pub. Co, 1908 pp. 105-6.




This society was organized December 3, 1902, at Osceola.
“The Physicians of Clarke County met in Osceola on December 3, 1902, and formed the Clarke County Medical Society, with constitution and by-laws to conform with the suggestions made by the committee of the A.M.A., also so as to be auxiliary to the Iowa State Medical Society. The following officers were elected: President, J. F. Aldrich, Murray; vice president, Claude M. Walker, Osceola; secretary, F. W.  Sells, Osceola; treasurer, F. S. Bowen, Woodburn. The next meeting will be held in Osceola, Iowa, on January 7, 1903."—Note found in the Iowa Medical Journal, 1.902, Vol. 8, belonging to Dr. D. S. Fairchild. (On file in Prints, Iowa State Medical Library.)

Reorganized November 5, 1903.
Officers: President, J. F. Aldrich, of Murray; secretary, J. L. Millard of Osceola: delegate, J. F. Aldrich of Murray.--Trans. Iowa M. Soc., xxii:323, 1904





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