Clarke County, Iowa Lookups

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Who's Who in Iowa (1940) - [see index for names ] Mona.

"1922 Farmers Directory"- Karen

"Biographical and Historical Record of Clarke County, Iowa. " Includes general county history and biographical sketches.
Jon Arnold

"Clarke County Iowa Birth Records Book I & Book II, 1880-1897" compiled by Celia Luce Davis
Celia Luce Davis

"Webster Funeral Home Records" (1900-1954), published by Clarke County Genealogical Society. Several volumes.
Brenda White

"Iowa Historical Library" or "Iowa Genealogical Society" located in Des Moines. Toni Ford

"Woodburn, Iowa: Life in a Railroad Town", 2 volumes. - out of print
Facebook page manged by the authors of Woodburn, Iowa: Life in a Railraod Town
Information from the book and later resesarch are contained on the page

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