United Lodge, No. 212, A.F. & A.M.

was organized in Ottawa. The charter is dated June 5, 1867, and was given to E.M. Law, Worshipful Master; J.F. Wright, Senior Warden, and C. Thomas, Junior Warden. The lodge was removed to Woodburn when A.C. Carson was master. Their hall is rented in the Thomas Johnson building. The present membershp is twenty-eight. The officers for 1886 are: W.D. Patterson, Worshipful Master; M.T. Martin, Senior Warden; J.A. Bruffey, Junior Warden; L.H. Rowley, Secretary; R.R. Blanchard, Treasurer.


Davenport Post, No. 385, G.A.R.

was organized March 28, 1885, with Daniel Perdue, commander; James Humiston, Senior Vice-Commander; Thomas Holloway, Junior Vice-Commander; John Newsome, Chaplain; M.T. Martin, Surgeon; H.R. Duke, Quartermaster; Sam. Walker, Adjutant; L.H. Rowley, Officer of the Day; James Carson. Officer of the Guard; William Johnson, Quartermaster Sergeant; and W.D. Patterson, Sergeant Major. The other charter members were: William Hooker, R.J. Level, J.D. Shinn, J.W. Dukes, William H. Johnson, J.C. Mackey, B.H. Manley, William Lewallen, J.H. McCune and St. Clair Powell. Since the organization the following have been mustered: J.C. Rowland, A.E. Erb, Benj. Lee, John Blackstock, G.H. Mirksell, R.W. Roberts, C. Barber, Thomas Lake, Ira Boyd, Joseph P. Parkins and Erastus Horton. By transfer card these have been received: George Baker, J.A. Clark, Thomas McMann and T.P. Curtis. The officers for 1886 are: Daniel Perdue, Commander; Thomas Starkey, Senior Vice-Commander; Thomas Holloway, Junior Vice-Commander; John Newsome, Chaplain; William Johnson, Quartermaster; H.R. Duke, Adjutant; George Baker, Officer of the Day; J.M. Dukes, Officer of the Guard; L.H. Rowley, Sergeant Major; W.D. Patterson, Quartermaster Sergeant; M.T. Martin, Surgeon.

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