Murray Lodges

Surprise Lodge, No 396, A.F. & A.M.

was organized under dispensation in 1879, and received its charter in 1880. The first officers were: D.D. Cathels, Worshipful Master; J. W. Jeeters, Senior Warden; S. L. Landis, Junior Warden; Wilbur Guiton, Secretary; and D. O. Dufur, Treasurer. The officers for 1886 are: R. C. Grigg, Worshipful Master; George Forbes, Senior Warden; L. H. Stuart, Junior Warden; J. W. Stiffler, Secretary; Wesley Stiffler, Treasurer. The membership is nearly sixty, and meetings are held at Masonic Hall on Saturday evening on or before each full moon.


Murray Lodge, No 487, I.O.O.F.

was instituted in December 1885, with twenty-seven members. This number is now increased to thirty-three, and meetings are held every Tuesday evening over the Star hardware store. Rev. C. W. Stuart is Noble Grand; N. C. Larson, Vice-Grand; D. D. Cathels, Secretary; C. H. Folkner, Permanent Secretary; O. E. Garrett, Treasurer.

Murray Lodge, No. 176, I.O.G.T.

was organized April 1, 1886, with thirty members, and the following officers: Rev. W.G. Robinson, Chief Templar; Mrs. L. C. Johnson, Vice-Templar; J. H. Martindale, Past Chief Templar; Rev. M. J. Sigler, Chaplain; Miss Mamie Cropp, Secretary; W. H. Dewey, Financial Secretary; Miss Ettie Callison, Treasurer; L. C. Johnson, Marshal; S. J. Callison, Sentinel; Mrs. M. J. Sigler, Inside Guard. Meetings are held every Friday evening at Odd Fellows' Hall.

Plymouth Rock Assembly, No. 1643, K. of L.

was organized in 1884, and has a membership of thirty to forty. It meets every Thursday evening at Odd Fellows' Hall.

William Dufur Post, No. 297, G.A.R.

was mustered in during March, 1884, with the following officers: H. D. Woodward, Commander; A. S. Carr, Senior Vice-Commander; R. C. Grigg, Junior Vice-Commander; J. W. Flinn, Quartermaster; Jesse Emery, surgeon; S. W. Parker, Chaplain; A. H. Sells, Adjutant; H. B. Hermance, Officer of the Day; A. Hallum, Officer of the Guard; Augustus Dufur, Sergeant Major; T. W. Day, Quartermaster Sergeant. The officers for 1886 are: A. S. Carr, Commander; A. Hallum, Senior Vice-Commander; R. M. Howig, Junior Vice-Commander; R. C. Grigg, Surgeon; C. C. Scott, Chaplain; J. H. Martindale, Quartermaster; H. B. Hermance, Adjutant; H. W. Woodward, Officer of the Day; S. Abernathy, Officer of the Guard; G. R. Snider, Sergeant Major; S.W. Parker, Quartermaster Sergeant. Meetings are held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. The present membership is fifty.

1908 picture of Dufur Post

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