Highway Record

Book "A"

"The county was the smallest level of state government... It was divided into twelve townships--three tiers of four townships, each six miles by six miles. The township then, was contained within a grid of seven parallel lines crossed by seven vertical lines. The parallel lines were called the townshp lines and the vertical lines called the range."

Source: "The Four Trails and a Tale or Two" p. 30, by Margaret Reeves.

The townships can be identified by their township and range numbers:

 T71  R24 = Franklin Twp. T71  R25 = Green Bay Twp. T71  R26 = Knox Twp. T71  R27 = Doyle Twp.
T72  R24 = Jackson Twp. T72  R25 = Osceola Twp. T72  R26 = Ward Twp. T72  R27 = Troy Twp.
T73  R24 = Liberty Twp. T73  R25 = Fremont Twp. T73  R26 =Washington Twp T73  R27 = Madison Twp.

Highway Record Book "A" was found in the Clarke County Auditor's Office. The following records are listed under "Official Record of surveys in Clarke County, Iowa." The county surveyors listed were John Clark, A.C. Rarick, S.E. Lincoln, and R.B. Van Patten.


Land Description

Requested Survey:

Approved by:

Sec 2  T71  R24 L.N. Boggs Sacker Wyat A.J. Hood
Sec 26  T72  R24 Abner Beagle Sacher Wyat L.N. Boggs
S22  T71  R24 Sacker Wyatt L.M. Boggs Abner Beagle
Sec 13  T71  R24 Martin Hood

Wm. Scott

G.W. Glenn

Uriah Garris

Edward Johnson

Sec 12  T71  R24 Alfred Hood & Joseph Davis

G.W. Glenn

Wm. R. Mason

Edward Johnson
NE 1/4  Sec 24  T71  R24 Alonzo Williams Martin Hood Alfred N. Hood


part of SE 1/4  John Beard A. Beagle Sacher Wyatt


 N 1/4 resurveyed S. Gates & J. Beard G.P. McReynolds H. Sanders


SW 1/4  S. Wyatt & S. Hitt John Wolverton Joseph Exley


N. line run  J. Bevard L.T. Brower Joe A. Horner
N. line rerun John Newsome & W. Garris

C.W. Colt

J.F. Smith

John Garris


A. Bailey's lot 30  order of court J.D. Barnard C. Williams
north line resurveyed Mr. Kenady & others Frances Snyder Peter Baily


Sec 11  T72  R24  Abner Beagle L.N. Boggs Sacker Wyatt


Corners 2 & 3 re-established 

L.W. Boggs &




North line retraced  J.W. Hood E.T. Erb E.W. Buckingham


establish & proportion the N & S middle lineSec 2  T71  N 24W

U.R. Garris &

John Newsome

Samuel Garris Frank Newsome

no date

S line of SW 1/4  John Wolverton S. Wyatt Joseph Exley