Ladies Aid Society

The Hopeville Methodist ladies formed an aid society to help the church and the community. Over the years they raised money in a variety of ways. In 1908 they servied meals on election day. You could hire them to work for seventy-five cents per day in 1904. In 1905 they made and raffled a quilt to help pay for the new church building. Many years later the quilt was donated back to the Methodist Church where it is now displayed. The pattern is known as "grandmother's fan" or sometimes as "friendship fan." An important feature of this quilt is the fact that the names of many local residents are embroidered onto the quilt.

Below is a closer view of one area of the quilt. Names are embroidered on almost every fan section.

Quilt Information

The quilt was stitched and tied by the "M.E. Aid Society," in the year of 1905. The officers of the society were: Mrs. Crandall, Pres.; Abbie Chew, Vice Pres.; May Jackson, Sec.; Mrs. Taylor, Treas. The Hopeville M. E. Church was dedicated Nov. 6, 1904 by Rev. J. F. St. Clair. The Pastor was Rev. W. B. Cox. Rev. B. F. Miller was the presiding Elder. All of this information is embroidered on the quilt. The spelling and punctuation have been copied exactly as they were on the quilt. Likewise, if the name appears more than once on this list, it is on the quilt the exact same number of times.

The quilt was purchased at an auction after rather spirited bidding between the proprieters of the two grocery stores at that time in the town of Hopeville. The gentlemen were Mr. Creighton Kuder and Mr. C. I. Long. Mr. Long's wife Frances had told him that she sure would like to have the quilt. He succeeded in getting it for her, for the lofty sum of $35.00.

The community of Hopeville is thankful to the Long family for their donation of the quilt to the church and particularly to Russell and Mary Long for taking good care of it for such a long time.

The display case is in memory of Pauline and Everett German.

A. L. Ackerly, Bea Adkins, Ben Adkins, Edna Adkins, Susan Adkins, Irene Ahern, Belle Anderson, Jane Anderson, Jim Anderson, L. Anderson, Effie Armitage, Dr. G. I. Armitage, Lucile Armitage, Esther Armstrong, Laura Ashley, Mr. and Mr. E. Atwood.

Rena Bacon, Rena Bacon, R. Badger, E. E. Bane, R. B. Bartlett, Sarie Bartlett, Sid Bates, Addie Beaman, Emma Beaman, Mary Beaman, W. T. Beaman, Fannie Beck, J. T. Bingham, M. T. Black, N. E. Black, C. W. Booth, Cloyd Booth, Cloyd Booth, Pearl Booth,, Rachael Booth, Sam Booth, C. E. Bosserman, C.C. Bosworth, Florence Brennsman, E. F. Briley, J. C. Brothers, E. E. Brown, Clara Bullock, M. G. Bullock, Nancy Bullock, Tom Bullock, Dwight Burham, Lizzie Burham, T. J. Burham, W. H. Burham, W. H. Burham,Wayne Burham.

C.W.W., G. M. Canfield, Belle Castor, Grant Castor, Lizzie Castor, W. V. Castor, C. L. Chapman, Mrs. Eva Chapman, Mrs. Abbie Chew, Mr. & Mrs. A. A. Chew, Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Chew, Maud Chew, R. L. Chew, Mrs. R. L. Chew, Lena Clark, Elmer Colwell, Frances Colwell, Martha Coon, J. E. Colwell, Daisy Conway, Mary Conway, Merle Conway, A. Cook, Bessie Coon, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Coon, Frances Coop, T. B. Coop, Mr. & Mrs. G. P. Coope, J. H. Coope, Carry Cooper, Mrs. Carry Cooper, Charlie Cooper, Elsie Cooper, Howard Cooper, M. E. Cooper, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cooper, Ruth Cooper, Dalton Corbin, Dora Corbin, L. D. Corbin, W. B. Cox, A. B. Crandall, Bessie Crandall, B. M. Crandall, Edith Crandall, F. M. Crandall, Katie Crandall, Mariette Crandall, Myra Crandall, R. H. Crandall, Roy Crandall, Roy Crandall, Ruth Crandall.

C. P. Daniel, R. Davidson, C. H. Davis, Ruth Davis, Alva Davison, T. W. Day, F. Dedrick, Mrs. T. Dedrick, H. Delahoyde, W. W. Dewy, Sam Downey, Mrs. E. Dufer, G. Dunfee, Geneva Dunfee, C. . Dutton

E. B. Ellis, Grandma Ellis, Mabel Evans

Mary Fogle, Ralph Fogle, Mrs. J. D. Foster, J. D. Foster, C. Frank, Dr. Freel, D. W. French, Prudence Ann & O. T. Freeman.

Nellie Garrett, O. E. Garrett, Mrs. O. E. Garrett, B. F. Gaumer, Mrs. B. F. Gaumer, Ernest Gaumer, Irea Gaumer, Lois Gaumer, Wayne Gaumer, E. H. German, Everett German, Geneva German, Maggie German, L. E. German, Mr. & Mrs. H. Gilbert, Edgar Gordon, Mabel Gordon, N, Gordon, Ona Gordon, J. Grippe, Belle Grippe, Wheeler Grippe.

Anna Hanson, Cessie Hanson, Clyde Hanson, Georgia Hanson, Pete Hanson, W. H. Havard, Bert Hawk, C. W. Hawk, C. W. Hawk, Frank Hawk, J. A. Hawk, Jane Hawk, J. S. Hawk, Ray Hawk, Mrs. Laura Hines, Mr. & Mrs. E. E. Homewood, E. Homewood, Mrs. E. Homewood, Laura Homewood, L. M. Homewood, Mary Homewood, Susie Homewood, C. Hoops, Ella Hoops, Mrs. Hoops, Ethel Hoover, Grace Hoover, H. J. Hoover, Mrs. J. H. Hoover, Etta Huff

Mrs. E. A. Jackson, Grace Jackson, Jennie Jackson, J. M. Jackson, Lowell Jackson, May Jackson, A. Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Mrs. Andrew Johnson, E. J. Johnson, Erma Johnson, Gerald Johnson, J. T. Johnson, Minerva Johnson, R. H. Johnson, R. C. Johnston, Sara Johnston, S. F. Johnston, Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Jones

Alma Katzenbarger, Clyde Katzenbarger, Edith Katzenbarger, Emma Katzenbarger, Fanny Katzenbarger, Iva Katzenbarger, J. Katzenbarger, M. A. Katzenbarger,

Alice Lafferty, Exy L. Lake, H. Lamb, R. A. Lambertson, Dora Landes, Mrs. John Landes, W. A. Lanham, Alice Lawrence, O. Lawrence, Mae Lent, A. E. Lipsett, Anna Lipsett, Curren Lipsett, Lestia Lipsett, Ruby Lipsett, C. R. Lochrie, Dell Lochrue, Ella Lochrie, Frank Lochrie, James Lochrie, W. G. Lochrie, C. I. Long, Earl Long, Frances Long, May Long, W. D. Long, Delia Lynn, Mr. & Mrs. John Lynn

Wm. Marks, J. W. Marlwe, J. T. McCarty, Dalton McCutchan, J. E. McCutchan, J. H. McCutchan, Laura McCutchan, Lissa McCutchan, Maggie McCutchan, L. McGuire, Gail McLean, Nellie McLean, W. L. McLean, Mrs. W. L. McLean, Frank Mickle, A. B. Miller, B. F. Miller, J. T. Miller, Mrs. J. T. Miller, T. L. Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Miller, A. J. Mitchell, Ida Mitchell, Lester Mitchell, Abbie Morgan, Frona Morgan, Frona Morgan, Ingabelle Morgan, L. A. Morgan, S. Morgan, Mrs. Dell Myers, Mrs. R. H. Myers.

Rev. Newland, Mrs. Newland

Glen Palmer, Mr. & Mrs. H. Palmer, Mary Palmer, E. J. Parker, F. A. Parker, Lena Pearson, Della Pennock, J. M. Pennock, Margaret Pennock, Opal Pennock, Stella Pennock, W. W. Pennock, Lena Pearson, Mabel Perdue, Opal Perdue, Alice Pike, Alice Pike, B. F. Pike, Cora Pike, Harry Pike, Harry Pike, Lizzie Pike, Maurice Pike, Jim Poil, C. Purcell, Saloma Purcell.

Cleda Rayburn, DeMoss Rayburn, Grant Rayburn, Nora Rayburn, Mr. & Mrs. J. O. Reynolds, May & Nellie Ridinger, Mr. & Mrs. S. M. Ridinger, W. H. Riggle, H. R. Rilea, Hahn Rilea, May Rilea, Frank Rollstin, Fida Rollstin, Essie Rogers, Susie Rogers.

Mr. & Mrs. D. L. Schaible, Fred Schmidt, E. F. Schott, A. H. Sells, Eva Sells, Mrs. Sells, Gladys Shaftstall, Jane Shaftstall, S. S. Shaftstall, S. S. Shaftstall, Frances Shields, Mrs. L. A. Siple, Aaron Smith, Audrey Smith, Bell Smith, Bessie Smith, C. S. Smith, Charley Smith, Clyde Smith, Dell Smith, Ed Smith, Earl Smith, Earl Smith, Edna Smith, Fern Smith, Harold Smith, Harold L. Smith, Harry Smith, Jane Smith, Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Smith, L. C. Smith, Mrs. L. C. Smith, Rose Smith, Ruth Smith, S. M. Smith, S. R. Smith, V. O. Smith, Wm. Smith, Alice Smock, J. J. Smock, Mrs. M. E. Soll, N. T. Soll, Etola Stark, Irene Stark, Susan Stark, Leo & Alma Steammen, C. C. Stemen, Martha Stemen, C. H. Stierwalt, J. W. Stiffler, Nellie Strubhar, Guy Swab, Mary Swabb.

Edna Taylor, Eldora Taylor, E. W. Taylor, Jim Taylor, Martha Taylor, Roxana Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. S. L. Taylor, M. L. Temple, Mrs. & Mrs. B. Thomas, Rev. A. C. Thurlow, Austin Thurlow, Edna Thurlow, Ella Thurlow, Floy Thurlow, Hugh Wayne Thurlow, S. J. Thurlow, S. Thurlow, Mrs. S. Thurlow, Stella Thurlow, S. W. Tobey, Sara W. Tobey, Lula Tygart.

Flora Vawter,m Mary E. Vawters, Cloe Vincent, G. A. Vincent

Cordius Walker, Martha Walters, Beulah Watson, Dell Watson, Eathel Watson, John Watson, Rebecca Watson, Frank & Ray Welker, Joanna Welker, Sylvester Welker, A. J. White, Bert White, John White, Martha White, G. E. Willard, Mr. & Mrs. A. C. Wilson, Alta Wilson, Beulah Wilson, Eliza Wilson, S. L. Wilson, F. E. Winans, Martha Winans, Milo Winans, Mrs. C. A. Woods, HM. Wray


Thanks to Candace (Davis) Brown for furnishing the pictures and information on the quilt.

Graphics courtesy of: Christian Media

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