History of Clarke County

Liberty Twp.


Source: reprint of "Clarke County Historical and Biographical Record" by Lewis Publishing, 1886.

In the spring of 1850 several settled in Clarke County including William Rook who settled in Liberty in May, 1850, and is now living in Washington. A little army of pioneers came in during 1851, almost every township receiving some permanent settlers. In Liberty township this included Alfred Rhodes and his son-in-law John Campbell. Campbell is now living in Nebraska. Campbell and Rhodes were involved in one of the first court cases in the county. Richard Williamson also settled in Liberty, in 1851, and yet resides there.

Supervisors under the township system were:

1861 - Robert Boden

1862 - Robert Boden

1863 - William Lafollett

1864 - William Lafollett

1865 - F. R. Stacy

1866 - F. R. Stacy

1867 - William Lafollett

1868 - William Lafollett

1869 - William Lafollett

1870 - William Lafollett

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