History of Clarke County

Jackson Twp.


Source: reprint of "Clarke County Historical and Biographical Record" by Lewis Publishing, 1886, p. 208.

A little army of pioneers came in during 1851, almost every township receiving some permanent settlers. In Jackson township this included John Lewis living, John Baldwin, dead, and Nicholas Jonson, whose death in 1852 was the first in Clarke County.

Supervisors under the township system were:

1861 - Barclay Burrows (chair)

1862 - Barclay Burrows (chair)

1863 - Barclay Burrows (chair)

1864 - Barclay Burrows (chair) - He moved from this township so J.H. Joy was appointed supervisor from this township in his place

1865 - William S. Lowe

1866 - Joseph Chambers

1867 - Joseph Chambers

1868 - F. C. Rowland

1869 - Simon Reese

1870 - John McDonough


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