Hopeville Histories

A little army of pioneers came in during 1851. Among the arrivals of that year was the Hopeville colony, in Doyle Township, composed of the following persons: David Newton and Thomas Gregg, yet living in the county; William Keplinger, William R. Osman, J. B. Nunn, E. G. Lamson, M. R. Lamson, and William Prior, all dead; Amos Lamson, now in Dakota, and Allen Darnell, living in Missouri.

Source: reprint of "Clarke County Historical and Biographical Record" by Lewis Publishing, 1886.

According to the 1906 Iowa Official Register (the Red Book) Hopeville's population in 1900 was 145. In 1905 it had dropped to 136. In 1906 Hopeville still had a post office.


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