History of Clarke County

Fremont Twp.


Source: reprint of "Clarke County Historical and Biographical Record" by Lewis Publishing, 1886, p. 208.

James and John Langley were two of the four families in "Lost Camp" about six miles south of Osceola, in the present Green Bay area. In the spring of 1848 they made farms in Fremont Township, about two miles apart. The heads of these families were all vigorous men, from thirty to thirty-five years of age, with small families. Theyhad no idea of remaining here permanently. They merely wanted to get a stock of provisions and domestic animals, with which to make the long overland journey and make a start on the deserts of Utah, and perhaps they were waiting for fuller reports from those who had gone before. They remained here about three years, selling out to Ben. Woolman and Isaac Farley who came to stay in Clarke County. Woolman is living in Nebraska and Farley is now dead.

A little army of pioneers came in during 1851, almost every township receiving some permanent settlers. In Fremont township this included Dickinson Webster, living at Osceola, and Archibald Ratcliffe, now dead.

Supervisors under the township system were:

1861 - S. P. Glenn

1862 - Thomas C. Funston

1863 - Thomas C. Funston

1864 - Thomas C. Funston - With Burrows moving and no longer to be supervisor, Funston was chosen chairman a the June session.

1865 - E. H. Wiley

1866 - E. H. Wiley

1867 - John H. Thompson

1868 - John H. Thompson

1869 - S. P. Glenn

1870 - S. P. Glenn

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