Corn Husker

Source: Osceola Sentinel, December 12, 1895

Bert Pence has made a remarkable corn husking record. In eight hours and fifteen minutes he husked 110 bushels of corn; husked 563 bushels in five days and husked and cribbed 2,900 bushels in thirty-six days. This is handling considerable, and is a record that will be hard to beat. In fact, no one has yet reported work that exceeds it --Creston Advertiser

There is a mistake about that record. The Sentinel reported October 24th that Mr. E. M. Edwards husked 118 bushels 10 pounds of corn from Mr. S. C. Baird's field. The corn was weighed in Osceola. There have been many other big husking reports in our exchanges this fall but so far Clarke county holds the record.


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