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Webster Family

W. H. Ridgeway opened Clarke County's first funeral home on the northwest corner of the square.

"Mr. Ridgeway has ordered a $200 Hearse to satisfy his already large business, and accommodate the public. A need of this has been felt here for a long time, and hereafter we shall not be compelled to follow our deceased friends to the cemetery in a lumber wagon. It is being built by I. Q. Dague, and will be ready for use by the middle of next week." - Clarke County Sentinel, May 7, 1869.

Theodore B. Webster, son-in-law of W. H. Ridgeway, took over the funeral service in 1889. He moved the establishment to the south side of the square. Theodore is recorded as the first male baby born in Clarke County. He was the son of Dickinson & Louisa Jane Perry Taylor Webster and was born in Madison township on October 5, 1853.


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